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9:49-- =Knuckles=: woohoo
13:23-- Bill Kilowatts: got it thanks for your help gents, Ulee I deleted the existing rsm rfmod from content and it downloaded the proper one from the server, that was my issue after getting all the updated AL files :)
11:56-- Ulee Deway: Thanks to Nucks, we worked it out. Not sure how it actually worked, but it works.
7:46-- Ulee Deway: Is there a list of tracks that we need for server 2 besides Paps' list here in chat? I see Gardner Circuit is now on the server and that was not in Paps' list.
3:49-- =paps=: rfmod for Server2 - «link» ..updated 6.29pm yesterday by Knucles
3:32-- =FIELDZY=: Which server gt3 or v8 n legends?
3:15-- Bill Kilowatts: have we got a link for the updated rfmod its messing with me still, only thing I have that seems out of line
1:28-- =FIELDZY=: Aussie legends had an update that might be why. I update mine and could get in.
0:37-- Ulee Deway: I'm getting the "Package Not Available" message on rFactor 2 Server 2. This is the message that brings back bad memories. :_(
8:16-- =paps=: thnx K.nucks
8:05-- =Knuckles=: server updated
8:02-- =Knuckles=: i'll update the rfmod to include the latest version of sydney...
8:00-- =Knuckles=: downloadable content is always active but it only works if the track or car maker has included a download link in the track or mod, it's not something we can control
5:51-- =paps=: I'll see if we can active the Servers 'Downloadable content' option Bill...it'll no doubt make this process alittle easier in the future,
18:00-- Bill Kilowatts: so I think the rfmod file is looking for the ver 080 not ver 090 of Sydney mosport park, and it can't fill the gap from the server, I have all the AL files and RSM off steam and all the tracks, RSM mod file from downloads won't install because of the track version I have from the workshop, is downloadable content active on the server?
21:12-- =paps=: Oh and I think the RSM v8s are also on Server2,
21:11-- =paps=: Hope this helps. :)
21:11-- =paps=: The tracks on server2 are - Symmons Plains, Adeliade, Bathurst, Phillip Is, Eastern ck, Hidden Valley, & Barbagallo. all are the latest versions, and all are available on steam.
15:21-- =Dashman=: in our downloads section Bill. RF2 tab...packages tab and you'll find the aussie legends.zip. This contains all the latest aussie legends. thanks to Knucks.;)
14:29-- Bill Kilowatts: must be missing a track or legend, still got an issue with server 2, someone got a list? :)
9:03-- =paps=: Gt3 server back too just the GT3s and Hockenheim.
6:16-- Bill Kilowatts: cheers Paps
6:01-- =paps=: GTE's are pay for!..for about 17bucks, WELL worth it though Bill. (!)
5:59-- =paps=: The NEW S397 GTE's have been added to server1. And the Hockenheim track is available on steam.
5:57-- =paps=: First up!
5:56-- =paps=: Yeah mate you and me both!..I'll sort some links for whats on server[s] and post them as soon as can buddy.
3:59-- Bill Kilowatts: hmmm the "package not available" bug has struck me again, am I missing something.... both servers :S
10:38-- =Kunkie=: YEAH, ALL UP
10:38-- =paps=: sO.Oooo... any joy?
10:34-- =Kunkie=: ahhh! shouldnt have made any difference to moving files, you can set things going then disconnect/reconnect as many times as you want to a terminal without issues, i logged out as soon as i saw someone else in there
10:32-- =Dashman=: It was to do with updating! I was trying to update it when you booted me out. Might have fucked up as i was moving files when I got booted:P
10:29-- =Kunkie=: it looks like someone is doing something with the TS on the server, unlikely to do with the update
9:39-- =paps=: I think the server TS needs the update as well.
9:34-- =paps=: Shit!...I updated my TS and now can't seem to connect to Hardcore[ts] :_(
8:32-- =Knuckles=: aussie legends added to aussie server
21:59-- =Knuckles=: fvr removed, RSM v8s on server 2 all aussie tracks including new QR

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