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2:01-- =paps=: Thanks Fieldzy
1:45-- =FIELDZY=: Melbourne server up.
1:39-- =FIELDZY=: Replays in downloads Paps
12:19-- =paps=: Can I please get tonights rF2 server replays?
6:50-- ZED: Track looks really close
6:49-- ZED: «link»
21:09-- =paps=: Zandvort TONIGHT!! :P
10:13-- =paps=: iS There anyway we can tell if some o'the randoms are CHEATING/HACKING on the ARMA-exile server (?)
22:41-- =FIELDZY=: Phillip island race 1 «link»
22:02-- =FIELDZY=: Great race last night guys.
22:01-- =FIELDZY=: Greta race last night guys.
7:27-- =FIELDZY=: Here is the link rf2 update coming Monday «link»
6:51-- =Chill=: geez i might not be either
6:01-- =paps=: I won't be racing tonight guys, :(
23:48-- =FIELDZY=: One week to go rf2 dx11 just posted on studio-397 yeh
11:09-- =FIELDZY=: «link»
11:09-- =FIELDZY=: How close is sim racing to real life.https://drracing.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/how-close-is-close-enough/
11:08-- =FIELDZY=: How close in sim racing to real life.
19:44-- =Chill=: how to use multiple drives in steam «link»
4:02-- =Spacko=: have you guys seen this «link»
3:38-- =DOCKY=: Keen for an Easter shoot tonight boy's
8:52-- =DOCKY=: Pew Pew pew later on?
23:25-- =FIELDZY=: For all Aussie Supercar racing for 2017 here is the link «link»
7:54-- =paps=: Do we have no EXILE server up At the Moment?
8:28-- =paps=: PEW..
8:27-- =paps=: Pew.pew
8:26-- =paps=: pew!..
3:01-- =paps=: points are UP! O.O
11:44-- Adsta: Happy birthday to your son. (I hope that wasn't to elaborate for some. :| 0
8:15-- Adsta: Ooooh, double figures for Zed v2. Do us a favour Zed v1, don't introduce him to sim racing, one zippy Zed is enough. Hopefully he'll discover girls first, we'll be safe then. I know he'll have a good birthday, they say I act like a 10 y/o and I have fun. :D
4:55-- =FIELDZY=: Happy birthday little ZED:D
3:44-- ZED: My boy's 10th birthday, I'll try and be there for race 2.....good luck all. ;)
8:04-- =paps=: pewpewpew :P
3:22-- =paps=: Points are up! :)
1:46-- ZED: Race 2 Kenny and I were no more than 3 car lengths the whole race.....fair fast and feisty racing.....Stevoe leading with 4 laps left got swamped by us 2 and SS, went from first to 4th in the last 2 turns...no touches anywhere.
0:50-- ZED: Racing was very close last night.....great fun

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"HOG is a community oriented online gaming team that provides online organized sim racing and shooting.  We host and supply servers for both rFactor and Assetto Corsa sim racing, and ARMA military simulators.  Hardcore Online Gaming provides the best in custom content for our members.  We create custom mods and tracks for rFactor 1 and rFactor 2.  We create custom maps and scenarios for Arma 3.  We create an enjoyable atmosphere to get the most out of your hobby.  If you're into casual or serious simulation racing for trophies and prizes, or military simulation, then you've come to the right place.  Our quality servers are quite capable of running "door handle to door handle" with members from all over the world.  =HARDCORE= is the one stop shop for gamers, from rookies to pros."

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