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10:36-- =Fieldzy=: morning
10:35-- =Fieldzy=: Steam download 1 hour should have waited till mornibf to download
10:35-- =Fieldzy=: 24 GB WTF
10:32-- =Fieldzy=: So it is the vietnam dlc ?
9:20-- =paps=: done!! :D
9:19-- =paps=: take my money..
9:12-- =paps=: O.O
13:15-- =UleeDeway=: «link»
11:30-- =UleeDeway=: Seems a bit one sided doesn't it.
7:42-- Blaktop: Interesting GB, hopefully they'll redo the dysfunctional UI.... :P
3:58-- GBarnier: «link»
1:24-- =Bill Kilowatts=: having some system issues, some parts are under warranty so it's taking longer than it should, hope to be back soon :S
1:51-- =Fieldzy=: Please read the next race format.
1:44-- =Fieldzy=: Server up for next round GTE Ferrari vs Chevy.
10:00-- =Fieldzy=: it's only text lol
9:58-- =paps=: Opps...FULL CaPS bro!! :P
9:56-- =paps=: CHEERS MATE.
8:45-- =Fieldzy=: Server is being updated won't take longh.
7:38-- GBarnier: Vroom vroom
7:29-- =Fieldzy=: 2 hours to race start
19:58-- =Fieldzy=: Hey anyone heard from Dashman. All okay? Been awhile.
6:42-- =Fieldzy=: Race night this Sunday all
9:13-- =Spacko=: Good place to have a party «link»
7:19-- =paps=: :P
7:19-- =paps=: «link»
9:14-- =paps=: Sorry had to go Ulee. :(
8:31-- GBarnier: I just got home from the ANZAC day March and Corp function, not sure that I will turning the computer on tonight.
5:44-- =paps=: yeah seen that Ulee, good price hey!
3:14-- =UleeDeway=: Sounds like a good excuse for another ARMA reunion night to me then. Sorry, Fieldzy I know you had a blast last time.
2:22-- =Fieldzy=: Guys I will be not racing Sunday sorry family event.
3:22-- =UleeDeway=: «link»
7:52-- =Fieldzy=: Race night boys chance of showers
7:51-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll change the indy cars tomorrow ulee ok
2:08-- =UleeDeway=: Last week after the racing, Paps and I jumped on the ARMA server for a bit and were surprised to be joined by Mr. Kunkie. Had to show him how things worked again, but he quickly got up to speed ;) . Perhaps we can do the same tonight after the race?
8:13-- GBarnier: Bugga!
7:29-- =Fieldzy=: That a shame

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HARDCORE SIM GEAR 2 months 2 weeks ago #5793

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Just a look at what I've been doing while I've been not present.


scroll down for some vids including:

Hardcore Blasters
Hardcore Sim Gear
Hardcore Speedball
Blaster Supplies
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HARDCORE SIM GEAR 2 months 2 weeks ago #5794

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Very cool
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HARDCORE SIM GEAR 2 months 2 weeks ago #5795

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Looks like things are still going well. Lot of hardcore work by the looks of it too.
Pronounced "You Lead The Way" for obvious reasons. aka Les Wilson

Don't think I did it, but if I did, I don't know what I did. :S
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