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8:13-- =paps=: cheers mate.
7:13-- =Lildave=: Version 1.5 Paps.
7:12-- =Lildave=: Vallalunga
7:11-- =Lildave=: «link»
7:01-- =paps=: Hey dave do you have a link for Vallalunga?
7:00-- =Fieldzy=: Here is the gte pack you need «link»
6:59-- =Lildave=: sorry mate, found em.
6:57-- =Fieldzy=: alpine and porsche
6:56-- =Fieldzy=: «link»
6:56-- =Fieldzy=: Link are in forum
6:47-- =Lildave=: Which GT4 car is it?
6:43-- =Fieldzy=: I'll be on tonight about 6.00 QLD time if anyone needs help with getting on the servers.
5:15-- =paps=: Thanks Fieldz.
2:00-- =Fieldzy=: The gte have new tyres n physic I’ll put them on and the free gt4 as well.
1:58-- =Fieldzy=: Copy will do some servers this afternoon when i get home
1:38-- GBarnier: Woods, I don’t mean all the steam cars, just the ones you posted and suggested in the forums :D
1:25-- GBarnier: The unicorns are telling me I should get back to racing, not sure I can trust them? Fieldzy, may put up all the free steam cars up on one server with a track we all know so we can jump around and test different cars (Bathurst has always been a good test track for me). Then put any purchased cars/packs on separate servers for those that already have them to test?
9:55-- =Fieldzy=: Guys tell me what you want on the rf2 servers for testing.
9:39-- GBarnier: :D
9:12-- =paps=: He did..
9:06-- =UleeDeway=: =Adsta= was nearly in tears without you there last night GB. Going on and on aboot it too. Like a little school girl. gez.
7:44-- =paps=: lol@Fieldz :P
7:24-- =Fieldzy=: Keep on them mate you'll see unicorns and rainbows for sure :D
7:06-- GBarnier: Not getting any better yet, couldn't even turn on the computer the last couple of days. Drugs help.
6:05-- =paps=: Hope your feeling better soon GB, We be missing you at Hardcore Haulage. :|
8:21-- =Fieldzy=: only the cat is free. the mini n hyundai and ford focus and track wwms is pay. pack is $23.50
7:09-- =paps=: So,.. what out of the newly released stuff is free and what do we pay for? I think it gave me the cathermn, the bttc is pay for.. but the mini and the new track?
6:55-- =Adsta=: :D
6:47-- =paps=: Yes..
6:38-- =Adsta=: Tuesday Night Truckin'? Seeing as Wednesday is a holiday for us Brisso's.
21:21-- =Fieldzy=: Heads up the update takes some time. When you start your game it will take some time. So allow yourself some time ok
21:12-- =Fieldzy=: Here's the link «link»
20:29-- =Fieldzy=: Well rf2 update is here and what an update it is. Btcc now has Ford Focus n Hyundai so now there is 4 cars. Real road 2.0 now track surface in affected by cloud cover heat and tyre wear n grip is affected due yo it. Much more check out the studio 397 forum..
10:06-- =Fieldzy=: I have only put the wtf server up at the moment. I will do the others tomorrow moring.
10:50-- =paps=: good fun in the ol'Datto tonight gents. :P
5:11-- =Lildave=: vallelunga? Haven't raced there since rF1. Just downloaded it from ISR.

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