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11:25-- =UleeDeway=: Hope to see you on track soon =Rat=
8:08-- =Rat=: evening lads..im coming back to race, block keep speeds low..take ya pick...
5:53-- GBarnier: :)
5:40-- =UleeDeway=: Paps is currently catching up it looks like!!!
22:55-- GBarnier: I will be available at times today if anyone is wanting to get setup for the Alaskan convoy tonight.
9:48-- GBarnier: :-*
9:41-- =paps=: 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed LIVE Stream - «link»
9:47-- GBarnier: ok
9:06-- =UleeDeway=: I'm on the way now, but it may be 8pm before I get online.
9:02-- =UleeDeway=: Why I oughta!!!
9:24-- GBarnier: Would be good to see you back on track ZED
2:03-- =UleeDeway=: Excellent news
11:23-- ZED: We'll all have to wait n see, gotta sort a couple things first...I'll be tryin':D
5:23-- =UleeDeway=: Hey ZED, getting ready for next weeks race?
5:06-- =paps=: A few///????...Like a 100+laps last night at Leman O.O
5:00-- GBarnier: Hey ZED
4:48-- ZED: Been doing a "few" hahaha laps at Paps place
4:46-- ZED: Hey all ✌️
21:19-- -=[FDG]=-Goanna: FDG WTCC Rnd 4 raceday, Qually at 8:30pm AEST
11:36-- GBarnier: True dat.
8:28-- =UleeDeway=: Still sounds like more fun than working. ;)
23:07-- GBarnier: Ha ha … saw you coming Ulee :P Actually, was just making some progress up the Dalton Hwy and Paps was watched for a while through the friends list and we chatted, so no convoy last night.
10:51-- =UleeDeway=: Just got home and everyone's gone. :O
9:19-- =paps=: lol..
9:15-- =UleeDeway=: ah gez, now paps has joined him
9:00-- =UleeDeway=: Oh no, GB is truckin and I am still at the office!!! :(
7:42-- =paps=: good fun last night boys.
5:26-- =Fieldzy=: 2 x 25 minutes race tonight
0:34-- GBarnier: No worries Ulee
10:13-- =UleeDeway=: Sorry can’t make it tonight GB
4:05-- =paps=: aaaahhh...YES!
3:14-- GBarnier: So, does that mean we are down for a Shippin’ Saturday :D
2:40-- =UleeDeway=: We do miss your vids =paps=. It was epic to say the least. Must do again.
2:01-- =paps=: Hell yeah,..was great fun GB, I must get my recording software up and running for this..need to share some of these very funny moments we find ourselves in. :P
0:23-- GBarnier: Epic long haul last night, and not without ‘incidents’ :D
9:09-- GBarnier: So its Freightin' Friday?

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