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6-12 21:30:38 =paps= I'm hearin ya.
6-12 9:12:17 =UleeDeway= it is always the same issue, right =paps=?
6-12 5:03:37 =paps= lol@Ulee
6-12 0:56:24 =UleeDeway= Been holding off really trying AMS2 or ACC until the TCR series in RF2 was over, so the time is now.

But also want to do some more trucks and ARMA. Just need to make the time now. :D
5-12 1:18:13 =Fieldzy= Bathurst 2021 yeh
4-12 8:04:20 =Fieldzy= Sunday race is 40 mintues. You will need to do a pit stop to add 15 litres of fuel and 4 new tyres. So get some practise in.
4-12 3:46:35 GBarnier What a finish for the TCR’s.
4-12 3:42:52 =Fieldzy= New link
4-12 3:42:23 =Fieldzy= «link»
4-12 3:22:36 GBarnier Link is missing the .au
4-12 2:26:40 =Knuckles= site link not working fields
4-12 2:26:01 =Knuckles= surely it's time to just call it and race gt3. they seem to just keep getting closer and closer and calling it v8 supercars still
3-12 12:18:36 =Fieldzy= Good read about it. As Roland Dane said stop the bullshitting
3-12 12:16:55 =Fieldzy= «link»
3-12 7:53:52 =Fieldzy= Been watching bathurst. Just watch some incar of new mustangs and showed paddle shifting. Then the driver relies he wasn’t useing the shifter and quickly changed to using it.
3-12 4:50:19 GBarnier :(
2-12 9:51:11 Blaktop Can't make it this week, I start at work on Sunday....have fun.
2-12 7:11:11 =Fieldzy= Server being updated won't be long all will be up n running soon.
2-12 4:34:18 =Fieldzy= Ok I’ll set the server up tonight
2-12 3:49:00 GBarnier Sounds good
2-12 3:48:28 =paps= *thumbs up*
2-12 2:16:18 =UleeDeway= Sounds good to me!!!
2-12 0:26:42 =Fieldzy= Do we want to push TCR to bathurst this Sunday for a 40 minute race to end the year on a high. Then we can setup some test servers for next year. Please vote
28-11 11:53:53 =UleeDeway= What a way to finish out the 2021 WTF Series. Awesome fun and a pretty good turnout.
28-11 8:11:45 =paps= No qualy tonight...straight to race at 7.30 pm?
28-11 3:17:50 =paps= Ooh!...was it? I hadn't noticed!! :D
28-11 1:59:21 =UleeDeway= Says the guy with the fastest lap. ;)
28-11 1:01:05 =paps= so gee'd up for tonights race after that little practice session last night.. :P
27-11 6:33:08 =Fieldzy= Forget the last message please
27-11 6:29:06 =Fieldzy= The nur track for sunday is changing to the none paid version. Some guys don't have the paid one and for 1 race $20 not worth it
27-11 5:15:08 =Fieldzy= No I just started them up 2 days ago because of the updates.They have improved a lot. Just thougth those that have them to fire them up again like I did. No swtich from RF2.
27-11 5:11:57 GBarnier Are we considering a series with AMS2 or ACC? I dont have either and not that keen on learning a new sim, but if they are better than RF2, they are on sale in Steam right now.
27-11 2:40:33 =Fieldzy= Anyone up for some ams2 n acc practice tonight. To see what the updates have done.
25-11 7:19:29 =Fieldzy= tonight about 7.00
25-11 6:18:04 =Fieldzy= i'll put a online server up with ams2 with our password. just go to the multiplayer in ams2 to find.
25-11 4:28:17 =paps= I have both but haven't really driven either of them, would be keen to have a run with either or both over the Christmas break. :P
25-11 0:29:09 =Knuckles= automobilista is easy for server setup setup too. basically same as rf1
24-11 23:48:49 =UleeDeway= Oh, is Fieldzy, looking at new options? or additional options? Maybe a good time to try some stuff over the next couple of months. I like it.
24-11 22:20:35 =Fieldzy= AMS2 is great aswell and there is an update coming soon to make it even better. Give it a go. It surprised me.
24-11 22:18:41 =Fieldzy= Can now run acc on 60fps and it looks good.
23-11 12:55:07 =UleeDeway= Race is on Sunday this time guys.
23-11 4:26:11 =Fieldzy= Alpine it is. Ps I did give fuel numbers early but good that someone else confirmed.
23-11 3:55:34 =UleeDeway= Yes thanks Blaktop. In the few laps I did I found the Alpine easier to drive as well, on a default setup at least. We want to have to stop, so the easy answer would be to use the Alpine.
23-11 3:50:17 =paps= Thanks for testing the fuel run Blacky, ;)
23-11 3:45:07 Blaktop I vote for the Alpine (but then I'm a wuss....it's easier to drive...hahaha)
23-11 3:44:28 Blaktop Got 6.5 laps in the Alpine, gave up inthe Porsche after 2 laps....used about 16 litres out 115 so the Alpine will have to stop and the Porsche won't. And the Porsche is 20km/h faster.
23-11 1:38:13 Blaktop I'll do a full tank in both cars and see what happens....(I need the practice)
23-11 1:37:23 Blaktop I did 4 laps in the Alpine and only used half a tank of fuel even though the setup said a full tank was only 2 laps and the fuel light was on for 2.5 laps.
22-11 21:24:46 =paps= I'm going to give this a crack, not fussed about what car to drive, I'd be happy just to be on track again.
22-11 10:34:49 =UleeDeway= Not really comparable are they. You would think that two GT4 cars would at least be in the same ball park. I am happy to run either. I have not tested the Porsche enough, and will not have time before the weekend. So whatever everyone wants to run is fine by me.
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