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7-5 10:36:10 =Fieldzy= morning
7-5 10:35:57 =Fieldzy= Steam download 1 hour should have waited till mornibf to download
7-5 10:35:04 =Fieldzy= 24 GB WTF
7-5 10:32:26 =Fieldzy= So it is the vietnam dlc ?
7-5 9:20:03 =paps= done!! :D
7-5 9:19:29 =paps= take my money..
7-5 9:12:36 =paps= O.O
6-5 13:15:37 =UleeDeway= «link»
6-5 11:30:19 =UleeDeway= Seems a bit one sided doesn't it.
6-5 7:42:08 Blaktop Interesting GB, hopefully they'll redo the dysfunctional UI.... :P
6-5 3:58:28 GBarnier «link»
5-5 1:24:01 =Bill Kilowatts= having some system issues, some parts are under warranty so it's taking longer than it should, hope to be back soon :S
4-5 1:51:03 =Fieldzy= Please read the next race format.
4-5 1:44:59 =Fieldzy= Server up for next round GTE Ferrari vs Chevy.
3-5 10:00:49 =Fieldzy= it's only text lol
3-5 9:58:24 =paps= Opps...FULL CaPS bro!! :P
3-5 9:56:52 =paps= CHEERS MATE.
3-5 8:45:16 =Fieldzy= Server is being updated won't take longh.
2-5 7:38:08 GBarnier Vroom vroom
2-5 7:29:03 =Fieldzy= 2 hours to race start
1-5 19:58:56 =Fieldzy= Hey anyone heard from Dashman. All okay? Been awhile.
29-4 6:42:30 =Fieldzy= Race night this Sunday all
27-4 9:13:51 =Spacko= Good place to have a party «link»
27-4 7:19:41 =paps= :P
27-4 7:19:26 =paps= «link»
25-4 9:14:32 =paps= Sorry had to go Ulee. :(
25-4 8:31:59 GBarnier I just got home from the ANZAC day March and Corp function, not sure that I will turning the computer on tonight.
23-4 5:44:39 =paps= yeah seen that Ulee, good price hey!
23-4 3:14:58 =UleeDeway= Sounds like a good excuse for another ARMA reunion night to me then. Sorry, Fieldzy I know you had a blast last time.
23-4 2:22:45 =Fieldzy= Guys I will be not racing Sunday sorry family event.
22-4 3:22:49 =UleeDeway= «link»
18-4 7:52:21 =Fieldzy= Race night boys chance of showers
18-4 7:51:53 =Fieldzy= I’ll change the indy cars tomorrow ulee ok
18-4 2:08:07 =UleeDeway= Last week after the racing, Paps and I jumped on the ARMA server for a bit and were surprised to be joined by Mr. Kunkie. Had to show him how things worked again, but he quickly got up to speed ;) . Perhaps we can do the same tonight after the race?
17-4 8:13:30 GBarnier Bugga!
17-4 7:29:37 =Fieldzy= That a shame
17-4 7:24:17 Blaktop Got in the new server straight away without doing anything different. .... but I'm about 6 secs off the pace... hehe. Unfortunately I've just had the work call so I can't make it tomorrow night. :|
17-4 6:06:30 =Fieldzy= Could be a shower tommorrow night
17-4 4:33:25 =Fieldzy= You do have the new vette cr8? I have just made a new server for portland try it/
17-4 4:24:01 =Fieldzy= GB had this problem the other week. He fix by uninstalling the track from with in the game un subscribe from it in workshop, do that first, and also uninstall the rfmod. Then do a file verification then redownload and resub to content.
17-4 4:19:08 Blaktop Nah, can't get in at all. I click Join and get the message..."Error trying to install MOD. Try manual install". Everything is stock, new UI, I even uninstalled the Better UI....that was the only mod....didn't help.
15-4 10:29:54 =Fieldzy= Forget last comment I see you were on the indy so it is not the build.
15-4 10:15:31 =Fieldzy= Blaktop make sure you are in the new UI. The sever are all in currant version no beta option.
15-4 10:14:16 =Fieldzy= Mod for fwd server 1 is in TS everyone.
15-4 10:13:34 =Fieldzy= Are you getting kicked or just not entering
15-4 10:12:28 =Fieldzy= yes Portland 1.06
15-4 6:41:43 Blaktop Can't get in the Corvette/Chevy server.....oerror installing mod, try installing manually. Is it Portland 1.06? Do we have a post up saying when, where, what? If so, I can't find it....:D
15-4 0:08:41 =Fieldzy= Servers all fixed
14-4 3:20:48 =Fieldzy= Okay I try that
14-4 0:02:05 =Knuckles= proly a process still running for it. try manual ending all rfactor processes and services you can find in task manager
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