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1:36-- =Fieldzy=: Round 2 server up for TCR
1:07-- =paps=: Yeah maybe...
0:53-- =Fieldzy=: RACE Day start of new series Brisbane lockdown all happi ng. Might see our chief tonight?
8:30-- =UleeDeway=: Says the youngest of the lot. :D
6:24-- =paps=: :D
23:26-- =Knuckles=: So glad I'm older ><
23:26-- =Knuckles=: Cheers chaps
6:12-- =paps=: Happy cake day :P
3:32-- =UleeDeway=: Happy B-Day Knuckles!!!
1:17-- =Fieldzy=: Happy 45 Knuckles
9:12-- =paps=: Good one Fieldz.
3:14-- =Fieldzy=: New RF2 servers are up and running.
2:34-- =Fieldzy=: Server's are being update now.
4:51-- =Fieldzy=: Hi all tonight will be a test race format for our next series. The more the merry.
7:51-- =UleeDeway=: I'll be on a bit later tonight.
7:09-- =Fieldzy=: RF2 Testing tonight
6:43-- =UleeDeway=: Will try and jump online tonight for a bit.
6:42-- =Fieldzy=: Guys the update has made changes to controls so start it up and config your controls.
4:47-- =paps=: thanks Fieldz.
0:03-- =Fieldzy=: RF2 update July server is updated too. Jump on servers over the next few nights to work out what we race next.
1:36-- =Fieldzy=: Caterhem on server for testing. «link»
7:19-- =paps=: rodgee
7:02-- =Fieldzy=: Server 2 has our password on it.
7:01-- =Fieldzy=: Server 1 has Tatuus_f3_t318_2018 open wheel car by studio 397.
6:44-- =paps=: And well done t GB for taking top spot in Saturdays race using that amazing setup..lol
6:43-- =paps=: Nice one Fieldz
6:10-- =Fieldzy=: Hi All I'm back . Just updated servers now so all shoud be back online soon.
6:49-- =paps=: don't try t distract us Ulee..It's raceday :P
4:09-- =UleeDeway=: Tomorrow is ARMA Night!!!
0:04-- =UleeDeway=: Race Day everyone!!!
11:24-- =UleeDeway=: Tomorrow night is Race Night
6:51-- =paps=: WOOHHHHOOOO :D !!
12:42-- =UleeDeway=: Saturday Night is Race Night!!!
8:02-- =paps=: «link»
8:00-- =paps=: Might miss this, family stuff.
5:22-- =UleeDeway=: :-* :-*:-*

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"HOG is a community oriented online gaming team that provides online organised simulation racing using the rFactor 2 platform.  Hosting servers for both rFactor 2 and ARMA military simulators, Hardcore Online Gaming works hard to provide the best in custom content for our members. Whether you're into casual or serious simulation racing for trophies and prizes, or casual military simulation, with a great atmosphere on Teamspeak for both, then you've come to the right place."

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