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8:13-- =paps=: cheers mate.
7:13-- =Lildave=: Version 1.5 Paps.
7:12-- =Lildave=: Vallalunga
7:11-- =Lildave=: «link»
7:01-- =paps=: Hey dave do you have a link for Vallalunga?
7:00-- =Fieldzy=: Here is the gte pack you need «link»
6:59-- =Lildave=: sorry mate, found em.
6:57-- =Fieldzy=: alpine and porsche
6:56-- =Fieldzy=: «link»
6:56-- =Fieldzy=: Link are in forum
6:47-- =Lildave=: Which GT4 car is it?
6:43-- =Fieldzy=: I'll be on tonight about 6.00 QLD time if anyone needs help with getting on the servers.
5:15-- =paps=: Thanks Fieldz.
2:00-- =Fieldzy=: The gte have new tyres n physic I’ll put them on and the free gt4 as well.
1:58-- =Fieldzy=: Copy will do some servers this afternoon when i get home
1:38-- GBarnier: Woods, I don’t mean all the steam cars, just the ones you posted and suggested in the forums :D
1:25-- GBarnier: The unicorns are telling me I should get back to racing, not sure I can trust them? Fieldzy, may put up all the free steam cars up on one server with a track we all know so we can jump around and test different cars (Bathurst has always been a good test track for me). Then put any purchased cars/packs on separate servers for those that already have them to test?
9:55-- =Fieldzy=: Guys tell me what you want on the rf2 servers for testing.
9:39-- GBarnier: :D
9:12-- =paps=: He did..
9:06-- =UleeDeway=: =Adsta= was nearly in tears without you there last night GB. Going on and on aboot it too. Like a little school girl. gez.
7:44-- =paps=: lol@Fieldz :P
7:24-- =Fieldzy=: Keep on them mate you'll see unicorns and rainbows for sure :D
7:06-- GBarnier: Not getting any better yet, couldn't even turn on the computer the last couple of days. Drugs help.
6:05-- =paps=: Hope your feeling better soon GB, We be missing you at Hardcore Haulage. :|
8:21-- =Fieldzy=: only the cat is free. the mini n hyundai and ford focus and track wwms is pay. pack is $23.50
7:09-- =paps=: So,.. what out of the newly released stuff is free and what do we pay for? I think it gave me the cathermn, the bttc is pay for.. but the mini and the new track?
6:55-- =Adsta=: :D
6:47-- =paps=: Yes..
6:38-- =Adsta=: Tuesday Night Truckin'? Seeing as Wednesday is a holiday for us Brisso's.
21:21-- =Fieldzy=: Heads up the update takes some time. When you start your game it will take some time. So allow yourself some time ok
21:12-- =Fieldzy=: Here's the link «link»
20:29-- =Fieldzy=: Well rf2 update is here and what an update it is. Btcc now has Ford Focus n Hyundai so now there is 4 cars. Real road 2.0 now track surface in affected by cloud cover heat and tyre wear n grip is affected due yo it. Much more check out the studio 397 forum..
10:06-- =Fieldzy=: I have only put the wtf server up at the moment. I will do the others tomorrow moring.
10:50-- =paps=: good fun in the ol'Datto tonight gents. :P
5:11-- =Lildave=: vallelunga? Haven't raced there since rF1. Just downloaded it from ISR.

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"HOG is a community oriented online gaming team that provides online organised simulation racing using the rFactor 2 platform.  Hosting servers for both rFactor 2 and ARMA military simulators, Hardcore Online Gaming works hard to provide the best in custom content for our members. Whether you're into casual or serious simulation racing for trophies and prizes, or casual military simulation, with a great atmosphere on Teamspeak for both, then you've come to the right place."

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