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1:29-- =Fieldzy=: Happy birthday Kenny
1:21-- =Fieldzy=: Machine i'm on ts now
2:56-- =Fieldzy=: Cut track warning been updated.
2:13-- =Fieldzy=: Uninstall the 1.77c version manuelly.
0:31-- =Fieldzy=: The Sunday Series skin pack been updated so it will take a little longer again to get on server. Cheers Race Control
9:34-- =Fieldzy=: boogity boogity boogity
8:25-- =UleeDeway=: Sunday, 30th January is the first round of the WTF series. Stock Cars at Daytona!!!
7:11-- =Fieldzy=: Blacktop I just found old skin of yours I will include it as well.
5:31-- =Fieldzy=: It will take longer to get on server because of the download guys.
3:47-- =Fieldzy=: Sunday server passworded you know it.
3:37-- =Fieldzy=: Anyone around now I need someone to see if the skins downloading, Cheers
2:11-- =paps=: thanks fieldzy
23:30-- =Fieldzy=: server being updated wont be long
23:29-- =Fieldzy=: Servwr being updated wont be lomg
13:10-- =Fieldzy=: Update to rf2 ui next week «link»
12:12-- =Bill Kilowatts=: yep got in fine been a while since I cut a few laps on the road course
5:03-- =Bill Kilowatts=: cheers
0:05-- =Fieldzy=: Bill check Sunday forum link there. Just put in location folder and manually install.
23:28-- =Fieldzy=: Sunday server or wtf ?
12:48-- =Bill Kilowatts=: got onto Phoenix ok but kept getting an error about Daytona, wouldn't download he mod or something like that
10:30-- =Fieldzy=: Server being updated won't take long
5:45-- =paps=: good fun last night. :P
8:45-- =Spacko=: «link» interesting to watch
8:15-- =UleeDeway=: I'll be there shortly.
8:00-- =Fieldzy=: Porsche gt3 practice tonight
7:19-- =UleeDeway=: I should be on around then too.
4:14-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll be on at 7.30
23:42-- =UleeDeway=: Racing or Testing tonight?
20:59-- =paps=: Thanks Fieldzy
10:08-- =Fieldzy=: Porsche GT3 on server for Sunday Series.
6:00-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll fixed Sunday server when get home.
8:27-- =Fieldzy=: I'll got pickup wife back at 7.30 for sure
7:11-- =paps=: thanks Fieldz. ;)
6:54-- =Fieldzy=: Nascar setups in TS unzip to rfactor root directory it will put the tarck and setups where they are meant to be.
22:51-- =Fieldzy=: Fixed setup not working on servers. I’ll upload setups in TS and I’ll be on tonight to give setups out too.
3:43-- =Spacko=: looks like i might have sat/ sun night off any one up for arma

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"HOG is a community oriented online gaming team that provides online organised simulation racing using the rFactor 2 platform.  Hosting servers for both rFactor 2 and ARMA military simulators, Hardcore Online Gaming works hard to provide the best in custom content for our members. Whether you're into casual or serious simulation racing for trophies and prizes, or casual military simulation, with a great atmosphere on Teamspeak for both, then you've come to the right place."

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