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20:01-- =BK=: Thank you
19:18-- =Knuckles=: Woot
10:12-- =Kunkie=: ive updated the exile server, all requirements show as green now and is OK to join
8:18-- =Knuckles=: took it online and restarted everything
7:47-- =Knuckles=: copy that
6:55-- =BK=: looks like a new hot fix - my version is now 1.88 and the server is 1.86
5:45-- =Knuckles=: unless it's buggered up overnight...
5:45-- =Knuckles=: join through the launch using "setup and join" should work
5:45-- =Knuckles=: could be you BK, we had to change a few things because of the warlords update
5:36-- =BK=: does the Arma server need updating or is it mt end?
9:07-- =Knuckles=: crikey
7:48-- =Dashman=: Just a heads up for all...the arma servers are down...I repeat, the arma server kaput! Obviously the Warlords update has play havoc...nooooooo! surely not! Tried to update everything...seemed to work. Im guessing ya basic mod type programs...
8:35-- =Knuckles=: rekn GB
12:57-- GBarnier: Great way to spend an afternoon ... booze and guns :D
11:37-- =paps=: rdgr
11:32-- =Knuckles=: Power troubles here
10:59-- =paps=: :P
10:59-- =paps=: «link»
10:20-- =BK=: Yes it was great to meet everyone yesterday. Cheers Paps for arranging it... that gel gun was awesome Knucks :D
6:41-- =paps=: Awesome afternoon yesterday with BK, GB, ADSTA, FIELDZY, & Knucks...thanks again for coming along guys had a blast. Only just recovering from it now,,, :D
1:12-- =FIELDZY=: Post a link for the gel toy please Knuck
10:06-- =Adsta=: (Vyvyan: Young Ones) Shut up Neil!
6:14-- =Dashman=: (Neil: Young Ones) I guess ill just get on arma guys :| O.O:D
3:24-- =paps=: anytime after 2 today GB. sent pm with address and phone number,
22:54-- GBarnier: PM sent Paps
5:28-- =paps=: :P
3:53-- =Dashman=: ...barstards...having all the bloody fun without me (Mutly voice):P
3:52-- =Dashman=: Dont do it GB!! Save ya self!! O.O :D
3:30-- =paps=: Hey GB , wanna come over for drinks and nibbleys and meet up with BK at mines tomorrow afternoon?
8:25-- =FIELDZY=: Might have to look at the rental part lol
8:11-- GBarnier: Isn’t selling you rig like selling your house. You make sure you’ve either got a contract on your next house or get a rental? Crikey, otherwise you’d be homeless!
6:41-- =FIELDZY=: Hi guys won't be able to race again till the new year as I've already sold some of my old rig. Jump on ts from time to time to chat. Cheers Fieldzy
8:16-- =paps=: HQ at Mallala Tonight :P
5:54-- =UleeDeway=: haha ... got it!!!
5:10-- =UleeDeway=: How do insert and image in the forum??? I put a link in and tried that. Nope.
3:54-- =UleeDeway=: Sorry, is there shomewhere ...?

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