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3:14-- =FIELDZY=: GTE Server is up now.
3:13-- =FIELDZY=: Replays from last night don't work that's because rfactor updated something on steam before the server could. That the only thing I could think it was. As the mod not installed is the message you get when trying to play the replay.
22:42-- =FIELDZY=: Sorry I am doing the server so someone could start the arma one again please.
22:15-- =FIELDZY=: The server needs to go online as Gte 2018 needs updating or something. Becauce when you connect you can not select a car. I would do it but last time I stsrted the arma server wrong. Thanks
8:23-- Ulee Deway: Sorry guys, not going to make it again. Working still.
4:43-- =FIELDZY=: Second server for rFactor2 ?
7:27-- =paps=: :P
7:23-- =paps=: Pewpewpew..
7:23-- =paps=: Vroomvroom..
8:02-- =FIELDZY=: GTE 2018 server up tonight for some testing.
8:01-- =FIELDZY=: All good I updated the server n restarted arma but someone that know more arma please check.
7:29-- =FIELDZY=: The server needs an update or something because when I set a gte server up you can't choose a car. It loads the last car you select from single player only.?
6:31-- =Adsta=: Paps totally blew it when he should have easily beaten me out of the pits but I couldn't believe it. I'm banging on the pit limiter and he pulls away from me still in pit lane. I couldn't resist asking him why he is speeding in pit lane. :O :D
6:27-- =Adsta=: No Rum O.O Are you off your chops? There is irrefutable evidence of everyone but me being shit out of luck.
5:47-- =paps=: My replays from lastnight are broken...anyone else having the same problem?
0:39-- Ulee Deway: Well done ADSTA!!! Maybe this is something to take note of. No Rum ... Good Run!!!
14:28-- =Adsta=: That's OK Ulee. I had no rum anyway. :_( Winning race 2 was no consolation for no rum. An empty victory you may say. :|
8:11-- =Chill=: yes
2:23-- =FIELDZY=: Can we run two rf2 servers ?
0:02-- Ulee Deway: Sorry guys, but can't make it tonight. I did purchase the Endurance Pack though!!!
8:13-- =FIELDZY=: here is the link to pre order «link»
8:11-- =FIELDZY=: Yes I have pay for them already they will download auto tomorrow when I log in.
7:30-- =paps=: when do we get the rest of the cars?
7:28-- =paps=: Is that for the whole package?
7:17-- =FIELDZY=: $17.00 US for the gte pack. They will be in steam workshop tomorrow.
9:01-- =FIELDZY=: To win them is here «link»
9:00-- =FIELDZY=: 4.00am tomorrow launch of gte pack. «link»
1:53-- =paps=: When the whole pack is released we may have to look at running a series with them.
1:49-- =paps=: At least being official content it SHOULD be good!
10:15-- =Chill=: looks like it's part of an endurance pack
3:54-- =paps=: Being a GTE car I Wonder how it compares to the GT3 cars?
3:53-- =paps=: Sweet.. :D
1:24-- =FIELDZY=: M8 BMW gte coming to rf2 this weekend acording to tweeter «link»
10:41-- =Chill=: auto restart fucked it
8:03-- =Dashman=: Someone want to tell me why the exile server is suddenly F**king locked!?
11:23-- kunkie: Exile fixed last night, cba had done an update to 3.71 should be fine again now

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