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6:41-- =FIELDZY=: Don't forget BBQ this Saturday
13:39-- Jarqus-JFF: over at JFF
13:39-- Jarqus-JFF: Race Day rd.2 in the WTCC @ Barbagallo rF2
4:51-- =FIELDZY=: password sent
4:48-- Nibiru: whats the password for TS? can someone PM me
1:08-- ZED: Had an emergency...had to leave in hurry. Everything is ok but.
1:07-- ZED: Points are up!
0:02-- =paps=: Mills TONIGHT!
10:09-- ORA-Ulee Deway: on my way in
10:03-- =paps=: I be there soonish..
9:56-- =Dashman=: anyone shotin? ill be in afta me schnitty! :P
6:07-- =paps=: HELLYeah FieldZ...was awesome! great track, An cool to see some nicely skinned cars out on track now as well. :D
5:22-- =FIELDZY=: Great racing last night all.
11:31-- ZED: Points are up!
1:54-- Jarqus-JFF: JFF WTCC in rF2 tonight starts 8pm aest
2:24-- =paps=: Thanks guys..\
2:01-- =Chill=: praccy server for barbs up too
11:27-- ZED: Points are up
9:25-- ZED: gonna be late :|
21:05-- =paps=: GT3s@SILVERSTONE TONIGHT! :P
12:16-- joeldc: guide is a little outdated but get an idea of how everything works
12:00-- joeldc: ets2mp.com is now truckersmp.com
11:55-- joeldc: skip to 2:00 min mark
11:54-- joeldc: how to guide for euro/American truck simulator multiplayer «link»
1:05-- =paps=: O.O
1:05-- =paps=: Goodwood FOS [LIVE STREAM] «link»
14:41-- =DOCKY=: «link»
14:41-- =DOCKY=: Here Ya go boys for those still wondering how much better 3monitors are than single .
13:56-- ZED: Points are up
12:40-- kunkie: Arma server updated with current CBA version, noone has to do anything as long as theyve subscribed on steam to CBA_A3
10:26-- Obbzy: EOFY! Bugger. :_(
23:33-- Obbzy: Townsville 2012 v0.46 update: «link»
6:34-- =paps=: :P
6:34-- =paps=: See ASRNZ forum for more details - «link»
6:17-- steveo: Hey guys we are have a one off oval night in the Audi TT cup car at Daytona. with push to pass and fixed set ups should be some close racing .All most welcome
14:40-- ZED: Fuji DX11 «link»

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