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7:09-- =paps=: Gday Stitch.
2:26-- FDG Stitch: A big FDG hello to all Hardcore, I met Knuckles on Friday night at Discos place, was great to put a face to the voice, Cheers all.
21:24-- =paps=: What he said!
9:50-- =Dashman=: ...and leave third person on if we are going to play in the jungle...its a game not real life. just saying :)
9:32-- =paps=: Kunkie can we pleeease get the time of day adjusted on Nam server next time your having a look at it?.. :)
9:37-- Ulee Deway: bugger!!!
9:12-- =paps=: incomming!! ...'First world problems' :_(
9:11-- =paps=: Is the Naaaamm server still running realtime? ..It's 2am in server at the moment, that means it's not playable until [5am svr tme]10pm tonight!!
3:44-- =Adsta=: Well then you'll probably enjoy the colourful banter when he talks to me next. :O
2:49-- Ulee Deway: lol, I would like to see that some day :D
13:49-- =Adsta=: He didn't give a flying fuck that you weren't there because he couldn't stop raving about Road Atlanta. Such emotion is not often seen from the F man and is definitely something I recommend you add to your bucket list to witness in person. :D
12:20-- Ulee Deway: Not sure how to read that ADSTA. If he is happy I wasn't there, then tough shit!!! I will be back!!! :P
11:55-- =Adsta=: It's all good Ulee, Your absence, whilst unfortunate, was made up for with Fieldzy's enthusiasm. :D Points are up also.
7:02-- Ulee Deway: Sorry guys, can't make it tonight. Daughter's B-Day and rFactor seems to have broken itself on my machine.:O
1:05-- =Adsta=: Track sucks, needs longer straight to rehydrate. ;) Very good looking track though. O.O
23:06-- =paps=: thanks Fieldz.
22:20-- =FIELDZY=: rFactor2 server for Road Atlanta is up.
10:15-- =FIELDZY=: Where is road Atlanta sever still has Brandy on it?
8:49-- =paps=: PEW..pewpew, pew..Anyone up for abit'A regularOl'domy tonight? :)
8:45-- =paps=: Hey Dash how bout some regular Domy tonight mate?..That Nam shit has done my head in majorly, need to jus shoot sum shit right now! ..lol
8:42-- =paps=: .. Long Live rF2. :D
8:42-- =paps=: For some reason..every now and then I just need to do 1 or 2 laps in a race to remember how crappy AC is!
8:10-- =Spacko=: cool ill give it a go
8:01-- =paps=: THis Vietnam D/L - «link»
7:58-- =Spacko=: what viet- nam D/L
7:50-- =paps=: Even at 8GIG it' was easily worth the D/L, me thinks.. :P
7:47-- =paps=: How GOOD is that freakin Viet-Fuckin-Nam server Maaan!!!
8:03-- =Chill=: That's a big lunch...
0:03-- =FIELDZY=: Hi all I might be a bit later tonight. Have a lunch to go to but should be home by 7.00.
10:46-- =paps=: ARMA3
10:46-- =paps=: O.O
9:36-- =paps=: Viet-Fuckin-Nam Maaan!!!
12:34-- =Chill=: pm Dashman
4:36-- =Chill=: lol and i'll be there to recover from a shit round last week
23:40-- =Spacko=: Race day and i will be there now got to defend my win
0:35-- =paps=: :D

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