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8:13-- GBarnier: Bugga!
7:29-- =Fieldzy=: That a shame
7:24-- Blaktop: Got in the new server straight away without doing anything different. .... but I'm about 6 secs off the pace... hehe. Unfortunately I've just had the work call so I can't make it tomorrow night. :|
6:06-- =Fieldzy=: Could be a shower tommorrow night
4:33-- =Fieldzy=: You do have the new vette cr8? I have just made a new server for portland try it/
4:24-- =Fieldzy=: GB had this problem the other week. He fix by uninstalling the track from with in the game un subscribe from it in workshop, do that first, and also uninstall the rfmod. Then do a file verification then redownload and resub to content.
4:19-- Blaktop: Nah, can't get in at all. I click Join and get the message..."Error trying to install MOD. Try manual install". Everything is stock, new UI, I even uninstalled the Better UI....that was the only mod....didn't help.
10:29-- =Fieldzy=: Forget last comment I see you were on the indy so it is not the build.
10:15-- =Fieldzy=: Blaktop make sure you are in the new UI. The sever are all in currant version no beta option.
10:14-- =Fieldzy=: Mod for fwd server 1 is in TS everyone.
10:13-- =Fieldzy=: Are you getting kicked or just not entering
10:12-- =Fieldzy=: yes Portland 1.06
6:41-- Blaktop: Can't get in the Corvette/Chevy server.....oerror installing mod, try installing manually. Is it Portland 1.06? Do we have a post up saying when, where, what? If so, I can't find it....:D
0:08-- =Fieldzy=: Servers all fixed
3:20-- =Fieldzy=: Okay I try that
0:02-- =Knuckles=: proly a process still running for it. try manual ending all rfactor processes and services you can find in task manager
8:42-- =Fieldzy=: Server 3 play up something about open ports.
23:33-- =Fieldzy=: I have also put it in TS RFACTOR file browser to download.
23:32-- =Fieldzy=: Guys here is link for Better UI for RF2 it has many great things and one that has just been added is change car in server. «link»
8:47-- =paps=: i'll be late..
7:38-- =Fieldzy=: Race day see you all tonight
0:14-- =paps=: Happy cake day for yesterday feildz :D
9:50-- GBarnier: Happy birthday Fieldzy :-*
9:28-- =Fieldzy=: Thanks
8:59-- =Spacko=: Happy Birthday =Fieldzy=
5:17-- GBarnier: DR2 update seems to be only patches and some new liveries. Also states that it is the final update, so that you will now buy the next game. I would think you would maintain your fan base if you continue to upgrade the game and add new features, even for a small contribution, rather than wipe everyone and start again.
9:15-- =paps=: aaand 14.7GB worth of DR2 updates yaaah!!! :D
9:10-- =UleeDeway=: New ARMA stuff!!! Yeah!!! :D
9:03-- =Spacko=: Coming soon to ARMA «link»
7:31-- =UleeDeway=: Looking forward to some racing this weekend at Thruxton!!!
3:52-- =UleeDeway=: Was a great ARMA Reunion weekend. We will have to do that again sometime.
2:51-- =UleeDeway=: Sounds like a plan.
1:40-- =Fieldzy=: To all ARMA crew tonight if possible start early so our NZ crew can join. Say about 5.30 QLD time. This way it won’t be too late for them. About 4 crew men extra should make for a great battle.
9:00-- =UleeDeway=: be there in 15 minutes
23:40-- =UleeDeway=: That was a lot of fun in ARMA last night guys. Hope to see you all on the server again tonight, and tomorrow night. :)
8:17-- =paps=: I'll be on in 20.

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