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3:57-- =paps=: YES - Please read the forum everyone, Make sure you go over the CPS details carefully. As anyone not abiding by the CPS requirements WILL be penalized. (!)
3:43-- =FIELDZY=: Server has been updated to the weather forecast as per the forum thread. So please check it out.
3:35-- =FIELDZY=: Tonight's race Start Time: Qualifying Starts 7.30aest
Start Type: Standing Start
Race Flags: Black Flag Only
Fuel Burn: Normal
Damage: 100% (feels like 200%)
Driver Aids: Auto Clutch, ABS[low], Traction Control[low]
7:47-- =Dashman=: servers fine Piggy. it'll be at your end...try a file verification.
7:28-- pigpen: Hi Chill steam was down today now i can't get into game says i have to delete files or install accepted keys for the server?
0:10-- =paps=: the Monaco Historic event is being live streamed this weekend as well - «link»
0:04-- =paps=: Cheers SS :)
23:29-- SmellySkidmark: 24h-Race 2018 at the Nürburgring, still has 14 hours of racing «link»
6:47-- =paps=: New TS address ZED -
3:42-- =Chill=: I thought ZED was dead !
3:14-- ZED: I'm on TS paps
3:01-- ZED: I been banned,....haven't I.
2:57-- ZED: Do I not have the correct password
2:57-- ZED: I see the server....but no TS connection.
1:32-- =paps=: Public announcement!
1:32-- =paps=: Hardcore rF2 Server is currently experiencing technical difficulty's. We will resume our regular programing as soon as possible.
0:07-- =paps=: the cars....but sounds like you got it sorted. :)
0:03-- ZED: set what up....Ive got the cars in the game got the new build..just cant see a server yet
23:59-- =paps=: if you have trouble getting it sorted just let me know..it's abit weird the way they've set it up.
23:55-- ZED: :P
23:55-- ZED: Just a noob .....you have a funny name...whats it mean????
23:53-- Ulee Deway: Who is this ZED guy anyways? ;)
23:49-- ZED: Just bought it....O.O
23:43-- =paps=: yeah probably not mate. should jump on TS later for chat anyways.
23:28-- ZED: I dont have the Power pack..so I dont think I can spectate
22:07-- ZED: bbs
21:51-- =paps=: awesome. might be doing the same thing myself yet. :S
21:46-- ZED: might jump on TS and spectate though
21:45-- =paps=: :(
21:43-- ZED: nah...its all in the shed
21:42-- =paps=: still got the ol'rig setup buddy?
21:37-- =paps=: yeah..mystery track...Not sure where we going yet. :P
21:32-- ZED: Just reading...shakedown tonight
21:32-- =paps=: Getting revved up for GT3series-II. starts next Saturday night
21:30-- ZED: Whats going on
21:29-- ZED: :)

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