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8:57-- =FIELDZY=: YES I CAN GET 1 FOR $1350 NOW
5:50-- =Adsta=: Fieldzy, time to upgrade mate. nVidia RTX 2080 released. Bargain only $1400. :D
10:02-- =paps=: YES!!
9:58-- =FIELDZY=: Look like the tyre have a bit more life too. Yeh
9:48-- =paps=: YES!
9:20-- =FIELDZY=: Plus the ta22 Toyota has been added. The Celica has no mirrors working I have let the modders know.
9:13-- =FIELDZY=: Touring car update now has the Celica
9:12-- =paps=: So are we SHOOTIN SHIT or WaHT?? :P
11:25-- =Kunkie=: oh and ive thrown up a liberation server for a bit too
11:24-- =Kunkie=: servers are all updated and started
9:54-- =paps=: TY
9:53-- =Knuckles=: server's up
9:49-- =Knuckles=: loading...
9:44-- =paps=: I NEED TO KILL SHIT!!! O.O
9:43-- =paps=: ??
9:35-- =paps=: Is there A PROBLEM with the Exile server?
2:42-- =FIELDZY=: downloads /addon/ user data zip that has the skins
1:38-- Bill Kilowatts: Do you have a link for the bangers skins please Fieldzy?
22:43-- =BK=: it should be part of the update. Also everything has been reset to zero.... everything!
22:42-- =paps=: Do we need to download this new map?
21:07-- =BK=: Thanks Kunkie
14:00-- =Kunkie=: Exile is back up.... map is a lot different too, heaps of new towns and places to visit
6:13-- =FIELDZY=: Just came across a dirt track ArcherfiEld raceway for rf2. Great for the bangers. In downloads under WSS2009
1:56-- Bill Kilowatts: Thanks Fieldzy :)
1:51-- =FIELDZY=: Go into rf2 root directory and delete the mod. Then go to steam and unsubscribe to the mod then resubscribe to the mod. Then do a rf2 file verification.
1:46-- Bill Kilowatts: What do I have to delete so I can download a fresh version of 70's bangers? keeps reinstalling the same one which won't bring up the Toyotas,
1:37-- =BK=: Looks like Chernarus Redux has been updated - 1.3gb
0:45-- =paps=: Goodwood Revival 2018 Live Stream - «link»
7:56-- =paps=: «link»
7:55-- =paps=: oops :S
7:54-- =paps=: javascript:;
5:49-- =paps=: You Da Mann FieldZ.
5:44-- =FIELDZY=: Banger server up and running
4:52-- =Adsta=: Well make yourself usefull now Ulee. Soon =BK= will be down to only rude words as a defense against the mutant server now known as TRexile. Get Godzilla or Mohamadzilla or Buddhazilla, whoever your preferred fairy tale hero is..8)
20:44-- =BK=: any chance of getting Exile server reset... its eating bits of my gear... chopper, scope, gun...;)
11:57-- Ulee Deway: Yep we are a fair ways away from Osaka. It was sunny and hot here will they were getting hammered. A bit of a shower for the 30 minutes it clouded over, but otherwise good.

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