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12:16-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks Fieldzy. Just got home from work.
7:17-- =Fieldzy=: Nick9320 mods on server
7:01-- =paps=: yeah i might jump in as well Fieldz.
6:04-- GBarnier: Maybe some test servers for the different prototype mods ????
5:06-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll be on tonight for some laps at Mid Ohio
4:49-- GBarnier: :(
2:36-- =Fieldzy=: Tried your suggesting GB didn't work. I think I have to do a fresh install of rf2 on the server to fix the problem.
4:41-- =Fieldzy=: Guys it will be GTE at Bathurst okay
4:19-- =paps=: Okay ????
4:18-- =Fieldzy=: But if someone doesn’t have them we will run GTE ok
4:17-- =Fieldzy=: Now we are running GTE weekly I thought good to run GT3 that’s all.
4:04-- =Fieldzy=: I thought GT3 because more choice and bop is good
3:44-- =paps=: «link» :P
1:34-- =paps=: whats your call Fieldz? the GT3s because the parity is closer?
0:30-- =UleeDeway=: No time for testing, working all day, so I'll just show up and drive whatever is decided.
22:11-- =Fieldzy=: Race day Bathurst GT3/GTE what's it going to be. 2 server up both setup for Bathurst . Get some laps in on both.
9:24-- =paps=: so wants going on?..practice for the bathurst enduro tonight?
8:56-- =paps=: I probably should have read the original post properly before commenting ..lol
7:41-- =paps=: rking?
7:27-- =paps=: Are the other servers wo
3:27-- =Bill Kilowatts=: and that is why people are going off rf2 .... trying to be something else and making it too hard
3:06-- =UleeDeway=: I up for racing anything. But I will leave the decision in your capable hands. :D
8:35-- =Fieldzy=: F33king pissing me off rf2 at the moment.
8:25-- =Fieldzy=: insufficient video memory detected - 512mb minimumrequired
8:24-- =Fieldzy=: +path=".." +workshopsync "
7:43-- =Fieldzy=: forums have not been able
7:43-- =Fieldzy=: Can't get server 1 which is the launcher for rf2 working with the new ui. 512 memory not enough ? and path steamsynwork error any one able to help forum has been able to.
6:13-- =Fieldzy=: I’ve done some testing doing more tomorrow. Gt3 slower than the GTE but the GT3 are really close the corvette isn’t running away now.
4:52-- =Bill Kilowatts=: did anyone else test the configuration of the updated gt3/gte cars? I feel like they altered a lot more than BOP
4:51-- =Bill Kilowatts=: life happens Blacky.
3:08-- Blaktop: Sorry I've been MIA for a little while. Haven't given up, just got involved in the band thing again (I tried to get out....but it keeps dragging me back in) so I've been a bit tied up getting a PA and some bass gear organised (and learning 25 songs for an upcoming gig). I will be back, not sure when...:)
8:25-- =Fieldzy=: I have put 2 servers up GTE and GT3
8:04-- =Fieldzy=: Any body have a problem if we use the GT3 for WTF Bathurst this weekend, They have just had a big BOP done which brings them all close .
3:01-- =paps=: Great to have ol' =FARMER= in for abit of a skid last night. Really looking forward to this series.. rF2 looks freaking amazing on the new pc, making the racing even more pleasurable.
4:10-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll be on in about 30 minutes
4:09-- =Fieldzy=: Yes we are

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TOPIC: GTE & BMW C2 Race series

GTE & BMW C2 Race series 2 months 1 week ago #5763

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  • GBarnier
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A lot of fun with only 4 drivers last night. I thought it was a very nice version of Laguna Seca. Lots of sliding and tough on the tyres.

Thanks for a good series.
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GTE & BMW C2 Race series 2 months 1 week ago #5764

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My plan backfired though. GB and Supa got out too far and could kind of cruise to the end when I had hoped they would have to make a pit stop. I had a full load of fuel and full traction control on thinking I would be the only one to go without a stop. Ooops. :oops:

I love watching races at Laguna Seca, but have never gotten along with it in sim racing. It was by far the best version of it that I have ever raced on though.

Great series guys, and thanks to =Fieldzy= for all the hard work all year long. Let us know if or when you need a hand with the next one.
Pronounced "You Lead The Way" for obvious reasons. aka Les Wilson

Don't think I did it, but if I did, I don't know what I did. :S
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GTE & BMW C2 Race series 2 months 1 week ago #5765

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Final results for series 2 well done all.

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The following user(s) said Thank You: =paps=, =UleeDeway=, =Bill Kilowatts=
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