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13:01-- =Chill=: new teamspeak
10:57-- =Chill=: seohs
10:57-- =Chill=: 80085
10:54-- =Chill=: 1195 000
10:53-- =Chill=: 508 860 220 000
2:15-- =paps=: Woohooo..Gotta Love Dem Flat6z :P
22:01-- =Adsta=: Flat6 mod has been updated. Steam Workshop. Happy now Paps. ;)
8:19-- Ulee Deway: nah, it is very Chilly ;)
7:58-- =Chill=: that's balmy
3:00-- Ulee Deway: A balmy 6 degrees here!!! And that is inside the house. ;)
8:55-- =Spacko=: fuck you Saturday 42deg on the weekend just not Australian
8:33-- =Chill=: rum time
8:33-- =Chill=: fuck you Saturday work, you can belt up your arse
9:45-- =paps=: be on soon..
9:39-- kunkie: Pew Pew? :D
8:42-- =paps=: :P
8:42-- =paps=: lol..
8:41-- =VLGroupA=: =VLGroupA= for Prime Minister!!
12:44-- =Chill=: pm nobody
5:11-- =paps=: pm Dash :)
5:10-- =paps=: pm Ulee.
5:58-- =FIELDZY=: «link»
5:58-- =FIELDZY=: DIY setup $900.00
5:48-- =FIELDZY=: 2dof is $1100.00 shipping is $480.00 usd converted to aud $2009.44 3 weeks.
1:11-- =Spacko=: «link» not a bad price
1:02-- =paps=: pm Dash
23:32-- =paps=: pm Ulee :)
18:37-- =BK=: Cheers Knukie
10:37-- kunkie: just ignore the 2 suggested mods for the moment, ill have to figure out why they are still coming up
10:36-- kunkie: Ace domination is fixed, turns out i deleted the main arma keyfile... oops!
9:00-- =Chill=: the other ttwo are good
9:00-- =Chill=: kunkie fucked it
9:00-- =Chill=: me too mate
8:17-- =BK=: Still getting an error message on liberation ACE server - addon 'ace_compat-fhs-afrf3' requires addon 'rhs-c-weapons'. Anyone else have this issue?
7:22-- =Chill=: ts is up
6:52-- =paps=: Chill workin on the server at the moment me thinks.. :|

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