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12:38-- =UleeDeway=: A friend has the RS6 and it is amazing. We put a BRIDE seat out of his R32 GTR in it and he loved it. I used it a few times and it was great. The Next Level one looks the biz too though.
8:37-- Jules: Cheers Paps
8:19-- =paps=: Nice choice Jules, :)
6:56-- Jules: Decided on the Next Level Racing GT Track in the end. I just hope it makes me go faster lol.
2:56-- Jules: Cheers
1:39-- =FIELDZY=: Check these out «link»
0:09-- jjbwilliams: Morning. Any thoughts/review comments on the Trak Racer RS6 Cockpit? I'm looking to buy something similar and looking for ideas?
23:28-- =FIELDZY=: cool
22:01-- =Spacko=: yay got it working
10:51-- =FIELDZY=: Here link «link»
8:29-- =FIELDZY=: link for Porsche Carrera cuphttps://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2080677856&searchtext=
8:13-- =FIELDZY=: Ok I found the problem you still need to have the Carrera cup in steam.
7:14-- =FIELDZY=: So are the Porsche there but no visible ?
6:30-- =FIELDZY=: You can choose both cars . I’ll be on ts at 5.00 for couple hours.
5:58-- Blaktop: Should I be able to see the Porsches in the server? I can only see the Radicals....(sry for the noob questions)
2:16-- =FIELDZY=: Hi all over this weekend jump on server to test the mods and have your say. If you like to add a mod let us know so we can put it on. We need to start the new series after this week. Cheers :) :)
7:37-- =paps=: Cheers mate.
7:14-- =FIELDZY=: Servers update to new build
7:10-- =FIELDZY=: yes sounds good I will update the servers within the hour
2:22-- =paps=: Sounds good to me Ulee.
0:12-- =UleeDeway=: Are we having a test run in both cars this weekend?
2:47-- =FIELDZY=: Porsche are on the server as well so your good
2:02-- Blaktop: Ok, I got in with the Radicals, I'll see how it goes when the Porsches are up.
1:38-- Blaktop: Correction, there are two folders in there, 1.32 and 1.33
1:37-- Blaktop: In the Porsche folder it still says 1.32
1:36-- Blaktop: Nope. I deleted everything in my Locations, Vehicles and Packages folders, unsubscribed to everything, started the game with all the default stuff. Then subscribed to the Porsche GT3, installed Gold Coast and Hidden Valley. Works offline....Package not available in online...:)
17:23-- =FIELDZY=: Unsubscribe to carrerra cup and delete it. It is skin pack that doesn’t let porsche update to 1.33 «link»
13:25-- Blaktop: Still can't get in the server.Subscribed to the Porsche GT3, and the Carrera Cup, got the Gold Coast and Hidden Valley tracks (shrugs)
7:26-- =FIELDZY=: Hidden valley «link»
7:24-- =FIELDZY=: «link»
7:23-- =FIELDZY=: Gold Coast link outside ts.
7:22-- =FIELDZY=: I have a server up with a test for next series check out the post for information. 2 tracks need are in Hardcore ts file browser.
9:16-- =FIELDZY=: Race night
8:43-- =paps=: wooot!\
22:01-- =paps=: :P
9:28-- =UleeDeway=: :D

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