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7:09-- =FIELDZY=: Rfactor 2 server been updated. I will be on later tonight.
3:05-- =FIELDZY=: Great improvement.
19:49-- =Adsta=: It's out. rF2 update is released. :O :) :D
20:59-- =paps=: «link» O.O
9:51-- =Chill=: no just set difficulty to custom on the mission tab and hit load
5:02-- =Dashman=: arma server updated Chill. Not sure if i restarted properly. dose a config file still need loading??
7:06-- =paps=: ORA FUNRUN Kicks Off - [approx]7pmQLD time :P
9:05-- =Chill=: monza wins
9:05-- =Chill=: macau ruled out
8:43-- =Chill=: just monza and macau now
8:43-- =Chill=: atlanta removed
8:30-- =Chill=: did we race the studio 397?
8:25-- =Chill=: dunno if atlanta is different... maybe not
8:22-- =Chill=: they're all in steam, links are in the event thread
6:31-- =Adsta=: I gave up Fieldzy. No success with finding the three tracks. :|
6:01-- =FIELDZY=: Under rfactor 2
6:01-- =FIELDZY=: Just did that and hardcore dos not show up???????????
5:58-- =Adsta=: Fieldzy, while I do agree with you about providing the files for download, if you read my last post in the rF2 Tips n Tricks thread you'll see there is a easy way to find out.
5:58-- =FIELDZY=: This is what I mean. Just downloaded 3 monza, 3 alantas n 2 of Brianza and still can't get on to the server. WTF,WTF
5:54-- =FIELDZY=: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:39-- =FIELDZY=: Can we put in hardcore downloads what we need for the server. Please I don't won't to waste 2 hours of my time to find what I need . Please
3:01-- =paps=: Is it a different Atlanta to the one we raced earlier in the season? :)
2:59-- =paps=: THanks Chill.
0:42-- =Chill=: Macau Brianza and Atlanta on rF2 for testing
0:42-- =Chill=: Domination 3.89 on ARMA
0:05-- =paps=: March Roadmap - «link»
5:46-- =Adsta=: :D :D
0:26-- =paps=: Blackwood tonight boys. :)
7:02-- =Adsta=: What he said! ;)
4:29-- =paps=: Thanks Chill. :)
2:25-- =Chill=: in downloads now
5:51-- =paps=: Aaahh... I seen, ....Yes please, what he said!
5:26-- Ulee Deway: I think he meant for asking about the replay.
4:26-- =paps=: ??
3:37-- =Adsta=: Any chance of uploading the server replays of the Thruxton races please? Wohoo, I beat Paps for a change! :P

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TOPIC: Virginia International Raceway for rFactor2

Virginia International Raceway for rFactor2 2 weeks 6 days ago #3933

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Darren Blythes Virginia International Raceway for rFactor2

To start with a HUGE thanks to Darren Blythe for giving permission to convert his track.

Also a BIG thanks to SS for doing the AIW and CAMs

Virginia International Raceway (commonly known as "VIR") is a road course located in Alton, Virginia. VIR hosts amateur and professional automobile and motorcycle events, driving schools, club days, and private test rentals. It is most famous for hosting the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship which takes place every August.

The track itself has been painstakingly modeled from scratch using several sources of technical data, countless photographs, hours of video footage and real world feedback from drivers and racers.

It contains seven layouts: Full, Full (with Oak tree), Grand West, North, South, Patriot & Patriot Reverse. All are fully functioning with AI. Each layout has it's own look and feel in accordance with real life. The 'Full' layout is 2016 race spec as you will see it in the Sportscar Championship/Oak Tree GP.

I started the conversion well over a year ago but got side tracked with the AL cars.
I have added all the rF2 features including the latest rain shaders to the road and kerbs. The tracks get more eye candy as you move closer to race. Also take the time to go exploring around the complex, the attenion to detail is fantastic.

I'm sure there are a few things I've missed so please report and bugs and issues you might find.



First post update

Fixed start lights tracks (Full, Full Oak, Grand and North)


change log
Fixed AIW not re-fueling
Fixed crashing if to many AI
Fixed Tyres and guardrail collide issue T2
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