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10:09-- GBarnier: Ha ha
9:43-- =UleeDeway=: GB is cutting his vacation short and returning to try it out!!! :D
9:31-- GBarnier: Yeah baby !
5:17-- =Fieldzy=: Ets2 America truck mods
5:17-- =Fieldzy=: «link»
5:53-- =paps=: Thanks Knucks and Fieldz.
4:23-- =Fieldzy=: Oh just check server before I seen the website. Thanks Knuckle. ps rf2 servers are up
3:53-- =Knuckles=: v8rumble added
23:54-- =paps=: Can we please get the ARMA server passworded ASAP Fieldz?? Got a few SHIT C*NTS making a mess.
8:33-- =UleeDeway=: With you and GB out today, let's postpone til next week. That is half our field. ;)
8:01-- =Fieldzy=: Guys I’m out tonight. Broke cable to my pedals moving my rig. Dumb arse I am.
3:36-- =paps=: Nice..
20:17-- =Fieldzy=: Good to here mate
13:10-- =UleeDeway=: RF2, ARMA and ET2 are all up and running again. :D
13:08-- =UleeDeway=: Only one of three drives in the system, and only for Steam and other Programs. Most of my files are on another drive.
6:33-- =paps=: fingersX
5:16-- =Fieldzy=: Hope you have been doing backups
23:52-- =UleeDeway=: My old mechanical HD died last night. Survived through maybe 10 years of use and 2 PC builds. It had my Steam install and any programs saved on it. So waiting for my new 2TB SSD to arrive tomorrow. Wondering if that was what was cause my games to crash over the last few months. Hope to be ready for some testing by tomorrow evening.
13:24-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks Fieldzy
6:43-- GBarnier: Thanks Fieldzy
6:11-- =Fieldzy=: Everything up and running. The test rf2 server has the new Road atlanta 2021 on steam and new tyre sounds for GTE cars. Should download for you when you enter servers.
5:41-- =Fieldzy=: Just be warned steam is fucking up game installs. It is redownloading all content when you go to verify your files. It happened on the server so I tested it on my computer and done the same thing. Cheers. ps arma and rf2
4:55-- =Fieldzy=: RF2 taking a bit longer then I thougth.
3:24-- =Fieldzy=: updating servers now
9:06-- GBarnier: Thanks Paps, 1960 :S
9:03-- =paps=: Happy cake day GB, ..born in 61 hey..?
8:23-- GBarnier: Thanks Fieldzy
8:16-- =Fieldzy=: Happy birthday ???? GB
5:43-- GBarnier: Ummm, thanks Ulee :P
3:25-- =UleeDeway=: Happy Birthday GB!!! Wow, 61 eh :D
8:30-- =UleeDeway=: We will wait for you Fieldzy
7:43-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll miss Quali but I’ll make the race 8.00
23:56-- =UleeDeway=: VIR in the Clio Turbos tonight.
23:11-- =paps=: Race day...woot. :D
3:10-- =UleeDeway=: Saturday (tomorrow) is race night this week.
4:27-- =paps=: Plenty of cresting corners too yeah?

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TOPIC: What do you guys think of rFactor 2?

What do you guys think of rFactor 2? 6 years 10 months ago #1953

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Hey guys, long time no see.
I updated my copy of rFactor 2 the other day and had a bit of a play. I was disappointed to find that it still runs and looks as shitty as ever. Even worse, I discovered that it isn't actually beta anymore (apparently). My rig that I paid a pretty penny for two years ago, specifically to run this game struggles in triple-head mode. Then I find that using Windowed mode improves the framerate considerably over fullscreen (like from 40fps to about 55-60fps, but still a horrible jerky 55-60 unfortunately). What the hell is going on with this apparent final product? How can they make us pay nearly $100 for a lifetime license on this POS?

I played Assetto Corsa recently, and that game makes much better use of my graphics cards, I get about the same framerate in it with triple head as I do with rFactor 2, except it looks way better.

Basically I just wanted to whinge about rFactor 2, and I'm hoping I can get a witness here!
Hope you don't mind :)
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What do you guys think of rFactor 2? 6 years 10 months ago #1955

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I had the same trouble early on mate. I couldn't get it to run well or feel nice. I haven't played it since it first came out because I don't think it's ready yet but I did manage to get it to run well. Can't remember what I changed but I think from memory I disabled any of the new rfconfig and display settings completely and it helped heaps.

I haven't touched it in probably a year now at all. I will as soon as it's ready. Running rfactor mods and tracks with tyres that all feel the same level of crappiness after 3 laps because nobody has worked out how to use the new tyre file correctly is just not my idea of ready...
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What do you guys think of rFactor 2? 6 years 10 months ago #1956

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Assetto Corsa for the win!! :cheer:
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