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23:39-- Bill Kilowatts: sorry peeps we had people drop in at the last minute :S
1:28-- =Fieldzy=: Normal ts up n running
0:44-- Bill Kilowatts: is the normal ts back up or are we using the reserve
23:21-- =Fieldzy=: Race day: Please read the forum as tonights race is an endurance race and has rules. There is no excuse for not knowing as you have 10 hours to read. Cheers from Race director
3:33-- =paps=: Yaaah..
3:29-- =UleeDeway=: GOOD NEWS
22:58-- =Fieldzy=: You sound surprised
22:32-- =Knuckles=: looks like it's all back on line, cameras came back on at 11pm last night so they must have unretarded something down at NBN headquarters last night. Guy hasn't even shown up this morning
23:30-- =UleeDeway=: Forgot to turn on TS this morning. :D
Will do when I get home.
23:09-- =paps=: Nice one, cheers knucks.
23:02-- =Knuckles=: NBN guy coming tomorrow
19:57-- =paps=: Thanks for the TS server Ulee. ;)
8:47-- =UleeDeway=: Awesome.
8:45-- =Adsta=: ;)
8:45-- =Fieldzy=: Adsta just help me out so I will work on everything tonight and tomorrow. Thanks Adsta
8:42-- =Adsta=: Who? :O
8:05-- =Fieldzy=: I'll have a go myself to setup a server.
6:00-- =UleeDeway=: I'll put the back up TS server on tonight. Where is that ADSTA guy again??? We need your server set up again ... please :-*
5:57-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks for the heads up Knuckles
5:45-- =Knuckles=: NBN has kicked the bucket at the warehouse here. Should have an appointment time for the tech visit within a few days so I'll keep you posted. Could be out for a week or so. Better fire up the backups...
9:23-- =Fieldzy=: Kunkie server is down cheers
8:41-- =Fieldzy=: Servers is down
7:59-- =paps=: Thanks Fieldz.
0:12-- =Fieldzy=: Server up for round 8 and points are done. Cheers
11:09-- =paps=: Cheers Ulee.. :P
4:55-- =Fieldzy=: Forget the the one race format. There is a track problem so we will be doing the usual format.
4:03-- =Fieldzy=: Please check forum for details and track link.
3:55-- =Fieldzy=: Hi all race drivers. Tonight race will be a mini endurance race fir Porsche. One 40 minute race grid set from Radical result.
1:38-- =UleeDeway=: liking the new vids Paps
10:40-- =UleeDeway=: would if I could, but not even home from work yet
8:36-- =HellspA=: :D
8:35-- =HellspA=: :_( :_(:_(
8:05-- =HellspA=: ARMA pokey poke poke
23:35-- =Fieldzy=: Dave new skin in TS
21:29-- =Fieldzy=: Dave i have update your skin too I’ll be on today put it in ts for you.
13:33-- =UleeDeway=: Since =Lildave= asked so nicely, I decided to transfer the skin over to the Cup car for the remainder of the series. Pretty boring compared to the one =Fieldzy= did , but I am a pretty boring guys perhaps. ;)

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TOPIC: What do you guys think of rFactor 2?

What do you guys think of rFactor 2? 5 years 8 months ago #1953

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Hey guys, long time no see.
I updated my copy of rFactor 2 the other day and had a bit of a play. I was disappointed to find that it still runs and looks as shitty as ever. Even worse, I discovered that it isn't actually beta anymore (apparently). My rig that I paid a pretty penny for two years ago, specifically to run this game struggles in triple-head mode. Then I find that using Windowed mode improves the framerate considerably over fullscreen (like from 40fps to about 55-60fps, but still a horrible jerky 55-60 unfortunately). What the hell is going on with this apparent final product? How can they make us pay nearly $100 for a lifetime license on this POS?

I played Assetto Corsa recently, and that game makes much better use of my graphics cards, I get about the same framerate in it with triple head as I do with rFactor 2, except it looks way better.

Basically I just wanted to whinge about rFactor 2, and I'm hoping I can get a witness here!
Hope you don't mind :)
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What do you guys think of rFactor 2? 5 years 8 months ago #1955

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I had the same trouble early on mate. I couldn't get it to run well or feel nice. I haven't played it since it first came out because I don't think it's ready yet but I did manage to get it to run well. Can't remember what I changed but I think from memory I disabled any of the new rfconfig and display settings completely and it helped heaps.

I haven't touched it in probably a year now at all. I will as soon as it's ready. Running rfactor mods and tracks with tyres that all feel the same level of crappiness after 3 laps because nobody has worked out how to use the new tyre file correctly is just not my idea of ready...
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What do you guys think of rFactor 2? 5 years 8 months ago #1956

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Assetto Corsa for the win!! :cheer:
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