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23:33-- GBarnier: Hey Blaktop, we have been trialling/using Discord. I see that you have joined and sent friend requests. If you jump onto the Lobby voice channel when you’re around, I or someone will jump in and give you the tour.
4:46-- Blaktop: What are you all using for communication these days. I can't find any info on what/where racing is happening. Tried to go on the server, don't have the cars/tracks, can't find where to get them....I'm lost... :D
23:55-- =UleeDeway=: WTF Racing in AMS2 this Sunday. Classic stock cars at classic Kylami.
7:58-- GBarnier: Steam sales back again :P
7:58-- GBarnier: I agree, commentary was fun. And, thanks for setting up race-view. Thanks Fieldzy, great to hear you back on the track.
21:10-- =paps=: Also a big thanks to Fieldz for driving the rF2 server and providing the LIVE commentary last night, was great fun mate.
10:26-- =paps=: Great turn out tonight, awesome track for side by side racing.
5:15-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks =Fieldzy= :)
2:57-- =paps=: Thanks mate.
2:34-- =Fieldzy=: All good I fix the problem
2:32-- =Fieldzy=: Is someone on the server ?
2:31-- =Fieldzy=: Live timing link «link»
23:01-- =Fieldzy=: I’m selling because I’m moving. I’ll be buying all new gear when I get settled.
13:46-- =Lildave=: =Fieldzy=, dont sell your stuff, there is other places to race/truck drive/fly that dont change and keep it simple. Mate, Hardcore aint the end of your sim career, quite the opposite. Call me.
3:40-- =UleeDeway=: What the what!?!?!?
7:41-- =paps=: *see
4:13-- =paps=: Good deal Fieldz, I take it we're not going to you on track anytime soon hey?
2:02-- =Fieldzy=: My SIM RIG FOR SALE BARGAIN FOR ANYONE «link»
10:11-- =paps=: =HARDCORE= Discord link - «link»
23:57-- =paps=: Woot :P
23:09-- =UleeDeway=: RACE DAY!!!
18:25-- =Lildave=: .
3:32-- =paps=: Yes...the rnd7 car track combo is awesome.
22:10-- =UleeDeway=: We will be rerunning round 7 this weekend. Round 8 will be moved to 24 September and round 9 will likely be dropped for logistical reasons.
9:20-- glynn: think the hardcore boys do an amazing job with the limited personal in admin and memberships and as a admin elsewhere we tend to see this keyboard warrior stuff from time to time and generally comes down to a lack of understanding or an overcompensation for something fundamentally lacking.
22:09-- =paps=: No stress, Thanks Fieldz :D
19:11-- =Fieldzy=: Mybad did rf2 update put wrong servers up. Will fix tonight when get home. Sorry
8:24-- =paps=: :(
8:23-- =paps=: I'll be late again tonight, got visitors..boo.
5:04-- =UleeDeway=: Not sure what you think I have done. All I do is but together races for everyone to enjoy and have fun. I do also try and spark interest to get more people participating. But that's it.

You are correct though, it was a direct jab at you, and rightfully so. Come on hear and attack me for no reason.

You show up here every few years, and think we should just do what you think is best. Get of you high horse dude. :D
4:52-- =paps=: I'm home now, do you wanna chat ON ts???????
4:48-- =paps=: Fuck all has changed Dave, I don't get why you're so pissed bro. ...and FYI all of the changes have been my doing not Ulees, so if you wanna bitch about it send it in my direction...
14:35-- =Lildave=: 23 days.......why is this website even up? And Ulee My issues I Had/Have, the have is a fuckin direct shot at me you goose, which had no effect on me at all apart from the time I have wasted replying to your pathetic attempt to make me feel inferior.This place has been my home for a long time, has gotten way to complicated to what it used to be, see people on ts and jump on, not no more. Things change fair enough, but fuck it was heaps easier before Paps.3
13:59-- =UleeDeway=: Round 7 Details
Sunday, 30 July 2023
German Group A at Montreal 1988
Start Time: Quali Starts at 7:00pm
Race Length: 1.2 hours (75 minutes)
3:30-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks.
1:48-- =Fieldzy=: I just setup two servers so we can race either. So if most want GT4 race then 45 minutes race or a few 15 minute race on Trans am Ta2. What ever people feel happy with. Cheers

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TOPIC: =Foothold= Changelog

=Foothold= Changelog 9 years 11 months ago #882

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> Added Airlift
Added the ability to airlift most vehicles including boats, what you can lift will depend on which helicopter you are using.
While in the pilot seat, use your scroll wheel and select the HUD or the downward facing camera to lift. In HUD you will see a tick in the top right-hand corner if your chopper is able to lift what you’re hovering over.
You can also add a lift ammo crates and the new FOB’s.

> Added ammo box loading.
You can now drag and load ammo boxes into vehicles and helicopters. While looking at an ammo box you can select it using your mouse wheel, turn to the vehicle, and load it. To unload it you need to be outside the vehicle, and again using your scroll wheel select the “check vehicle” and then unload it. Be careful when doing this as you may drop it on yourself :-).
Also, while in the vehicle you can again click on “check vehicle” and see what the weight limitation of the vehicle is.

> Added FOB

The three large containers with the HOG logo on them Are now Forward Operation Bases.
These are currently indestructible and work the same as the MHQ. Currently they can only be moved by the ghost hawk. I tried to make these look like bunkers or some other large building, but in the current state the script won’t allow it.

>Added Airdrop.

For the HOG members I have added an airdrop script. To access this use the “`” Key (the one to the left of your number 1 key on your keyboard).
Scroll down to “supports” and select with your middle mouse button.
Select “Ammo Drop”
You will need to select the ghost Hawk as the provider as the other chopper will not deliver ammo you can use.
Select where you want the drop; either on a map or just by pointing at the ground in front of you. Remember to take into account the wind! You will need to select the ghost Hawk as the provider as the other chopper will not deliver ammo you can use.
The ammo crate holds most basic ammunition. I’m considering changing this to the VAS ammo box, but we will see how this goes for now.

>Added AirLift/Medivac.

For the HOG members I have added an airdrop script. To access this use the “`” Key (the one to the left of your number 1 key on your keyboard).
Scroll down to “supports” and select with your middle mouse button.
Select “Airlift”
Select where you want to be picked up from.
Once in the chopper you can order it where to go on the map.
Please note: if you are the one who called the chopper, make sure your last one in, as it will fly away once you climb in.

>Additional Stuff

I’m still working on a decent script for when you guys find the WMD’s. They are already out there, but only have a pretty dumb script saying you found one. I am looking to make it so that when you discover them you will have to disarm them, and thereby possibly decimating them! I am also working on a decent script where enemies you kill have a chance of dropping intelligence telling you the area where they might be. This may still take some time.

If you have any ideas or criticisms, drop me a line. I am still doing a fair bit of work as I am learning, but for now I’m going to be focusing on fixing all the little niggling problems like the
MHQ respawning on itself etc.

Enjoy :-).
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