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4:18-- =Fieldzy=: SeRver all done. WTF October is up. TCR for Sundat is up.
4:02-- =Fieldzy=: Server being updated now
7:47-- =Knuckles=: ok cool
7:37-- =Fieldzy=: Knuckle i got it fixed by restart server. All good
11:29-- =UleeDeway=: Sunday Is ARMA night this week.
4:05-- =paps=: For those that live under a Rock -
2021 Goodwood Revival live stream
3:47-- Blaktop: It's the same version as we used last year.....either that or my system updated it when I started RF last week and copped a 3gb update. Either way, I got straight into the server last night.
0:29-- =UleeDeway=: Work it out now!!! No excuses. :D
0:28-- =UleeDeway=: Not sure if we used this version «link» of the track previously. But it is the one on the server.
23:22-- GBarnier: i will be out all afternoon, so jumped in to make sure its all working for tonight and it says cant load mod, try installing manually. Isn't this the same as we raced last year? not looking good for me tonight.
5:29-- =Fieldzy=: Copy
2:50-- =UleeDeway=: Saturday Night is Race Night this week!!!
12:33-- =UleeDeway=: I did and I put it back to factory settings. Don't ever remember changing anything, but thought it was a good idea. Also re-seated the memory sticks.
5:53-- =paps=: Did you re-seat the card yet?
12:17-- =UleeDeway=: Yeah I had this issue for months now, only updated the driver trying to get RF2 working the last few days. Did not make any difference. Let's leave it as Saturday night, and make Sunday a ARMA Night.

The way I see it is if I have a disconnect, it is just like a car issue in a real race. Think of the electrical gremlins in them!!! :D
9:55-- GBarnier: I’m happy to wait until Ulee has extended his TBC (time between crashes) as I know it would kill him not to finish this one :-* . Maybe even try a different video card driver or older version?
8:34-- =paps=: Your call bro, What night do yu think the PC will run better on?! ;)
3:25-- =UleeDeway=: So is it the WTF race next Saturday? Or should we do it Sunday?
8:04-- =UleeDeway=: Yep, I'll be there too.
7:37-- GBarnier: I’ll be there
7:28-- =Fieldzy=: Tcr tonight?
23:11-- =UleeDeway=: Not sure what fixed it but I updated another game in Steam, and I unplugged everything from the PC and plugged only the things required to get RF2 working. Something magically worked. Then plugged everything else back in and it still worked. So no idea what the actual issue was.
22:28-- =Fieldzy=: Feeling your pain GB
21:56-- =paps=: What did you do to fix it bro?
21:07-- GBarnier: Great news Ulee
10:23-- =UleeDeway=: Guess Who's Back!!! «link»
9:15-- =UleeDeway=: Gives me another day to try anything and everything. lol
7:51-- GBarnier: With both Fieldzy and Ulee missing tonight, I think we should postpone. And, we are baby sitting tonight, so it’s bedlam here at the moment. How can a 1 year old screw up your Saturday so much :-*
7:25-- =UleeDeway=: I never give up, but time still ticks by.
6:56-- =paps=: FIX it ULee!! :_(
6:18-- =UleeDeway=: Doesn't matter to me if I can't make either. :D
5:33-- =Fieldzy=: TCR Bathurst is on server
5:08-- =paps=: good idea GB. :)
5:06-- GBarnier: I’m happy to postpone the WTF tonight until Ulee is back up and running if you want. We can then rerun Bathurst tomorrow night?
4:45-- =paps=: have you tried to creat a new bare bones install with just this mod and track on it to see if that works bro?
3:33-- =UleeDeway=: It is not a server issue though, as I can't even race offline.

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