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2:04-- =UleeDeway=: Happy B-Day Kenny!!!
1:29-- =Fieldzy=: Happy birthday Kenny
1:21-- =Fieldzy=: Machine i'm on ts now
2:56-- =Fieldzy=: Cut track warning been updated.
2:13-- =Fieldzy=: Uninstall the 1.77c version manuelly.
0:31-- =Fieldzy=: The Sunday Series skin pack been updated so it will take a little longer again to get on server. Cheers Race Control
9:34-- =Fieldzy=: boogity boogity boogity
8:25-- =UleeDeway=: Sunday, 30th January is the first round of the WTF series. Stock Cars at Daytona!!!
7:11-- =Fieldzy=: Blacktop I just found old skin of yours I will include it as well.
5:31-- =Fieldzy=: It will take longer to get on server because of the download guys.
3:47-- =Fieldzy=: Sunday server passworded you know it.
3:37-- =Fieldzy=: Anyone around now I need someone to see if the skins downloading, Cheers
2:11-- =paps=: thanks fieldzy
23:30-- =Fieldzy=: server being updated wont be long
23:29-- =Fieldzy=: Servwr being updated wont be lomg
13:10-- =Fieldzy=: Update to rf2 ui next week «link»
12:12-- =Bill Kilowatts=: yep got in fine been a while since I cut a few laps on the road course
5:03-- =Bill Kilowatts=: cheers
0:05-- =Fieldzy=: Bill check Sunday forum link there. Just put in location folder and manually install.
23:28-- =Fieldzy=: Sunday server or wtf ?
12:48-- =Bill Kilowatts=: got onto Phoenix ok but kept getting an error about Daytona, wouldn't download he mod or something like that
10:30-- =Fieldzy=: Server being updated won't take long
5:45-- =paps=: good fun last night. :P
8:45-- =Spacko=: «link» interesting to watch
8:15-- =UleeDeway=: I'll be there shortly.
8:00-- =Fieldzy=: Porsche gt3 practice tonight
7:19-- =UleeDeway=: I should be on around then too.
4:14-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll be on at 7.30
23:42-- =UleeDeway=: Racing or Testing tonight?
20:59-- =paps=: Thanks Fieldzy
10:08-- =Fieldzy=: Porsche GT3 on server for Sunday Series.
6:00-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll fixed Sunday server when get home.
8:27-- =Fieldzy=: I'll got pickup wife back at 7.30 for sure
7:11-- =paps=: thanks Fieldz. ;)
6:54-- =Fieldzy=: Nascar setups in TS unzip to rfactor root directory it will put the tarck and setups where they are meant to be.
22:51-- =Fieldzy=: Fixed setup not working on servers. I’ll upload setups in TS and I’ll be on tonight to give setups out too.

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