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11:30-- =paps=: all good Fieldz, thanks for your time and effort keeping it all together mate. :)
11:20-- =FIELDZY=: Sorry haven’t got the points up but having trouble with the program. I will do a manual points system fir the season update it tomorrow. Cheers
11:33-- KoiL: Thanks for a top night guy's
2:49-- Bill Kilowatts: whew made it :D
13:04-- Bill Kilowatts: nearly there...
7:36-- =FIELDZY=: Here is a link to old pictures of it. «link»
7:10-- =UleeDeway=: :D
7:10-- =UleeDeway=: @=FIELDZY= What you on about?
20:58-- =FIELDZY=: : (question from @Magus) - With the new UI expected within the next few weeks, how much faster will we
9:57-- =UleeDeway=: :_( so hungry now
9:23-- GBarnier: Mint was OK, not as good as mint slice, I liked the raspberry and white chocky ones :P
10:51-- =Knuckles=: new ones are shit i rekn
10:45-- GBarnier: Now I know why I don’t shop. Misses is away so I went into Coles for supplies and saw the Tim Tams were half price - bargain, and so many new flavours to try :D
9:43-- GBarnier: Thanks Ulee, will be on T/S in a couple of minutes.
9:07-- =UleeDeway=: PM sent to Mr. GB
10:42-- =UleeDeway=: An "A" for effort at least Bill!!!
9:18-- Bill Kilowatts: well, was fitting the steering column and making progress, lots of sparks and grinding stuff and then it rained... going to be pushing it now see how we go might be stuck on the desk again for this round :(
11:57-- =Knuckles=: RHS server restarted as well
9:26-- =Knuckles=: woot
6:22-- =BK=: Domination Pro server is restarted. New orders received.
3:16-- pigpen: Could we get a restart in domination...it's just sitting waiting for orders for the last 1/2 hour..cheers Pigpen
3:15-- pigpen: Hi Knuckles
15:17-- Bill Kilowatts: :D :D:D The radical looks great but I think I'll stick with the Beemer mate
5:59-- =FIELDZY=: Radical done Bill
11:51-- =FIELDZY=: Bill I have done a skin for you in the season 2 forum to look at.
10:01-- Bill Kilowatts: Thanks for your help tonight Fieldzy........ EPIC......really EPIC
8:38-- =Knuckles=: yep
7:58-- =FIELDZY=: Could we have server for gt3 first round up please. Adelaide
7:30-- =FIELDZY=: ok
7:30-- Bill Kilowatts: cheers mate I'll jump on a little after dinner
7:27-- =FIELDZY=: Hi Bill I can be on ts tonight for you to help if you want.
4:51-- Bill Kilowatts: go on Ulee rub it in some more.. in the mean while I welded on the pedal mounts :D
3:15-- =UleeDeway=: Good to hear Bill. You missed a good one last night though ... sorry. :D
2:37-- Bill Kilowatts: finally home all as good as can be expected.... having trouble configuring monitors can someone lend a hand please?

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