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1-6 9:02:24 =FIELDZY= Ok got a problem the server won't show the Porsche only the radical. Select both cars but the Porsche won't show up when turning on the server?
1-6 8:39:58 =UleeDeway= Nah, I am pretty sure our internet crapped itself last night. After you had finished racing, I joined no problem. Weird one for sure.
1-6 8:36:14 =FIELDZY= I'm on it now
1-6 6:37:53 =paps= Any chance of setting up the Radical Porsche server for next week Mr Fieldzy?
1-6 5:03:17 =paps= Might have to try a TS reinstall bro!?!
1-6 4:11:09 =FIELDZY= No i banned the guy that came in I checked
1-6 4:03:33 =paps= Remember that random cunt turned up just as everything went to shit!... and he tried to boot him out, maybe he banned you accidentally!! :(
1-6 3:49:34 =paps= He may have!! :P
1-6 1:25:28 =UleeDeway= Did you ban me Fieldzy? lol
1-6 1:11:57 =FIELDZY= Yes very strange.
31-5 12:28:49 =UleeDeway= Internet seems fine again. Weird one, could see heaps of other servers, but none of the Hardcore ones. And I could not connect to TS at all.
31-5 12:27:36 =UleeDeway= They knew we were running this series and decided to wait. I am sure of it!!!
31-5 11:27:42 =FIELDZY= They just released new Radical sr «link»
31-5 10:32:55 =UleeDeway= may be our internet acting up
31-5 10:32:34 =UleeDeway= restarted everything and still
31-5 10:32:18 =UleeDeway= nothing
31-5 10:19:27 =FIELDZY= Re start ts we are all here now
31-5 10:18:26 =UleeDeway= Oh Well. Have fun. I will try again in a bit.
31-5 10:16:43 =UleeDeway= Can't connect to TS and no Hardcore servers in my list
31-5 10:14:26 =FIELDZY= sever back n running
31-5 10:14:13 =FIELDZY= No but back up
31-5 10:13:57 =UleeDeway= Was it just me?
31-5 6:33:29 =FIELDZY= The Porsche cup now you can only choose the offiicial cars.
31-5 5:39:04 =FIELDZY= If anyone not able to get the Porsche cup car contact me.
31-5 4:36:01 =Lildave= Check top speeds in Liveracers?
31-5 4:33:55 =Lildave= Setups are not buddys either
31-5 4:31:53 =Lildave= Just drove the E and in my opinion it is not as quick even after fingering it.
31-5 4:20:09 =paps= yeah I did see that there are different options, wasn't sure which one to choose!!
31-5 4:06:39 =Lildave= Had a look Paps and the endurance cars are setup different. Check the garage options compared to a GT3.
31-5 3:21:22 =paps= Man those Symmons times are freakin quick!!! O.O
30-5 21:45:11 =paps= Night Works?.. that sux. :|
30-5 11:53:40 =FIELDZY= I’ll put a server up tomorrow I’m working tonight.
30-5 7:50:47 =paps= Sweet.. do we need a Ferrari server setup for some test laps ?? :P
30-5 3:52:39 =FIELDZY= New Ferrari is great
29-5 7:11:41 =paps= Yeah for sure, really looking forward to changing it up :P
29-5 5:29:25 =FIELDZY= I think warm up after first race will be hectic due to the huge difference in cars. Lol
29-5 3:29:41 =paps= Thanks Fieldz this season is going to be a blast!
29-5 0:34:13 =UleeDeway= yo ADSTA did you ever get that PM i sent your way?
27-5 10:57:15 =FIELDZY= Test server for Sunday is up. Symmons Plains is the track link in race series post for steam workshop.
27-5 9:16:16 =FIELDZY= Its for the new guys till they get up to speed.
27-5 9:05:15 =Lildave= Traction control and ABS?
27-5 9:04:39 =Lildave= tract
27-5 6:47:00 SmellySkidmark FIELDZY pm
27-5 3:28:29 =UleeDeway= excellent news Bill
27-5 1:17:17 Bill Kilowatts And finally yay for me, nbn got their sh*t together and we have a stable connection... now if we can just sort work out..... :S
26-5 12:44:02 Blaktop Looks like a fun series coming up....:D:D
26-5 9:50:46 =UleeDeway= Looks good FIELDZY!!!
26-5 8:57:55 =FIELDZY= Net race series been posted check it out.
26-5 6:47:21 Jules That sounds like a good option.
26-5 6:35:56 =FIELDZY= Another thing i use is voice attack you speak a command and it activate a key on your keyboard. $8.00 Great for pit stops for adding fuel change tyre compounds etc. use it doe brake bias etc.
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