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15-8 5:57:33 =paps= First up!
15-8 5:56:06 =paps= Yeah mate you and me both!..I'll sort some links for whats on server[s] and post them as soon as can buddy.
15-8 3:59:52 Bill Kilowatts hmmm the "package not available" bug has struck me again, am I missing something.... both servers :S
14-8 10:38:44 =Kunkie= YEAH, ALL UP
14-8 10:38:24 =paps= sO.Oooo... any joy?
14-8 10:34:02 =Kunkie= ahhh! shouldnt have made any difference to moving files, you can set things going then disconnect/reconnect as many times as you want to a terminal without issues, i logged out as soon as i saw someone else in there
14-8 10:32:17 =Dashman= It was to do with updating! I was trying to update it when you booted me out. Might have fucked up as i was moving files when I got booted:P
14-8 10:29:27 =Kunkie= it looks like someone is doing something with the TS on the server, unlikely to do with the update
14-8 9:39:35 =paps= I think the server TS needs the update as well.
14-8 9:34:49 =paps= Shit!...I updated my TS and now can't seem to connect to Hardcore[ts] :_(
12-8 8:32:20 =Knuckles= aussie legends added to aussie server
11-8 21:59:50 =Knuckles= fvr removed, RSM v8s on server 2 all aussie tracks including new QR
11-8 21:22:40 =Knuckles= FVR vs RSM server 2 for testing
11-8 21:22:23 =Knuckles= GTE pack vs GT3 pack on server 1 for testing
11-8 11:50:03 =paps= That sounds like a seriously BAD bbq Ulee..hope everythings all good mate.
11-8 9:46:28 Ulee Deway Sorry guys. My son ended up with an ambulance ride to the hospital after a beach bbq incident. Long story, but he is fine.
11-8 7:56:07 Bill Kilowatts Sorry gents, too much on and no practice, enjoy :)
10-8 8:08:53 =paps= Nice One mate...Wish her a happy Bday from the Hardcore crew. :D
10-8 7:53:01 =FIELDZY= Can't race tomorrow wife birthday out for dinner.
10-8 6:38:55 =paps= Maaaybeee... :P
10-8 0:53:09 =Zero= Anyone up for a pew pew later?
8-8 8:00:46 =paps= pew...pewpewpew....>>>
8-8 8:00:13 =paps= pew..
5-8 5:51:47 =Knuckles= yep
5-8 3:22:02 =Zero= is someone around to fix the dom server? :)
5-8 2:54:46 =paps= Cheers mate,
4-8 22:28:19 =FIELDZY= GT3 server for round 13 up here is link for track «link»
4-8 9:18:42 =Knuckles= carton
4-8 7:13:41 GBarnier Not looking good for tonight, I cant join the server? Anything changed? jumping on T/S.
4-8 4:24:06 =Adsta= Ulee beats me again. Busy having rums with Ulee tonight so mum will pop the absentee letter in soon. O.O
4-8 2:03:32 Ulee Deway Can't make it for the race tonight guys. Have fun!!!
3-8 12:22:30 =Dashman= Thankyou Kunkie.
3-8 11:29:31 =Adsta= Dashy, that's how your #1 groupie, Bad Pop Pappy, works on new material for the band's reunion tour. 8)
3-8 10:59:22 =Kunkie= cool, will sort it now
3-8 6:55:49 =Dashman= pretty please?...Heya Kunkie. We're getting a Bikey mismaktch on CBA_A3. Ive tried updating, resubscribing and verifying...all the usual but theres still a mismatch. Paps is rocking back and forth in the corner of his room :S ...I might be a little too:P
3-8 6:25:13 =paps= Please.
2-8 20:31:52 =paps= Exile server needs attention!
1-8 8:45:58 =FIELDZY= «link»
1-8 8:45:26 =FIELDZY= Could we add this track ffor this weeks race please.http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=755839736
1-8 7:19:21 =paps= :P
1-8 6:45:37 =BK= need this for exile!
1-8 6:17:14 =paps= «link»
28-7 11:34:02 =paps= YEAH BABY! Thats awesome.. :D
28-7 10:44:56 =VLGroupA= Woohoo, looks like internet should be back on here on wednesday! Fingers crossed
28-7 4:31:34 =paps= All good GB, catchya next week hey.
28-7 2:54:00 GBarnier Moons aren’t aligned here, looks like I will miss tonight
27-7 7:45:03 =paps= Thanks Fieldzy.
27-7 7:23:34 =FIELDZY= Rfactor 2 servers are updated.
25-7 8:22:24 =paps= pewpew :P
25-7 2:55:00 Ulee Deway If the moons all align, I will be there on Saturday. So far so good.
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