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8-11 13:23:43 =UleeDeway= Still waiting for suggestions though. :D
8-11 13:23:01 =UleeDeway= The Street Cars were FWD though.
8-11 13:22:32 =UleeDeway= Pretty sure these are the Rear-Mid Engine V6 Rear Wheel Drive Cars. But if you can't tell after driving them, then something is not right with the mod.
8-11 10:36:49 =Knuckles= are we back to the meganes then?
8-11 10:35:48 =Knuckles= is the rf version rwd?
8-11 10:35:36 =Knuckles= i googled 2013 megane and they definitely sold a fwd version
8-11 5:28:12 =paps= Meganes ARE rwd! :O
7-11 9:53:06 =paps= Kenny racing at Gympie last weekend .. «link»
7-11 9:27:21 =paps= Old and slow is fine with me.. 8)
7-11 9:24:03 =UleeDeway= Something older and a bit slower would be great.
7-11 9:23:41 =UleeDeway= Taking suggestions!!! GT3s are too fast for us mortals here. You aliens may be alright. ;)
7-11 8:47:54 =Knuckles= no they are not
7-11 8:47:48 =Knuckles= no
7-11 8:44:13 =Knuckles= meganes are rear aren't they
7-11 4:45:42 =Dashman= oh paps your such a pussy and party pooper :D
7-11 3:56:49 =paps= Really looking forward to the Monster this year, but please don't use the Renault..we need some rear wheel drive goodness for this race me thinks. :P
7-11 0:22:00 =Dashman= come on Ulee, wheres the sell?! sell it mate sell it!!! :P ;)
6-11 14:14:17 =UleeDeway= =knuckles= has set up a server that currently has the Renault Meganes at Nords V2.3 «link» . We are considering this and a couple of other car mods for a Monster race in a few weeks. Try it out.
6-11 7:03:49 =Spacko= Well done sorry i was not there got stuck at work as harvest has started
6-11 6:53:43 =FIELDZY= Team Hardcore got a 3rd place on Sunday Australasia GT3.
5-11 11:30:21 =Knuckles= winning
5-11 7:48:14 =Zero= FINALLY got good internet at the new place. Thank god.
4-11 12:44:01 =UleeDeway= PM sent =Knuckles=
3-11 8:22:03 =paps= Gday Ricko'
3-11 6:33:32 GBarnier Hey Rick :)
3-11 2:15:13 =UleeDeway= Now there is a name from the past for you. Ready for some racing again Rick?
2-11 15:51:49 ORA-Rick :)
2-11 15:08:43 =UleeDeway= I thinks I got it!!! Steam, RF2 and so on!!! Also ditched the space in the middle as it didn't look right.
2-11 7:47:16 =UleeDeway= Thanks. I will see if I can get that working tonight.
2-11 7:45:21 =Knuckles= in multiplayer json in a few places and in c:\Users\USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\.rFactor\rFactor.name
2-11 3:48:49 =Ulee Deway= Thanks. I guess I will have to try and remember how to update my name in RF2. All I remember is that it is hidden in some place.
1-11 17:31:07 =BK= Congrats =Ulee Deway= The tags fit nicely :)
1-11 10:48:32 =Knuckles= =Ulee Deway=
1-11 2:44:56 Bill Kilowatts Thanks Paps, got that and another one :D
31-10 9:06:33 =Knuckles= jump on TS
31-10 9:06:27 =Knuckles= Yes
31-10 9:05:08 =FIELDZY= Are we going to setup a race series soon ?
31-10 8:55:45 =BK= Is there any chance of removing the roaming AI on the Exile server? I think I have a big neon arrow pointing my hiding spots to them and its getting a bit tiresome ;)
31-10 4:28:58 =paps= That's the one we would usually use for our GT3 series Bill
31-10 2:17:46 Bill Kilowatts is the GT3 power pack listed below the one usually used or is it a different one?
30-10 11:12:09 Ulee Deway I tried
30-10 10:42:40 =Dashman= hang on...did Ulee say something interesting!? :P
30-10 8:46:18 =Knuckles= I'll have my people get in touch with your people and set something up
30-10 8:41:33 =Knuckles= very interesting ulee, I will confer with my colleagues
30-10 1:08:56 Ulee Deway PM for you =Knuckles=
29-10 9:53:54 =FIELDZY= I like to propose a gte race series of 1 only of the cars start with the bmw than go to the corvette then merc and so on.
28-10 9:20:01 Ulee Deway Sent you a PM =Knuckles= :D
28-10 1:41:30 Seca Racing tonight For 1st round/2nd round of Gt3's Australsia Championship
27-10 8:41:54 =FIELDZY= Guys I won't be able to race tonight . Last minute issue come up.
27-10 6:54:46 =Adsta= All good now, thanks.
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