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10-2 4:42:29 =paps= Only Once!...I find that hard to believe ...lol.
10-2 4:41:01 =Dashman= Ive only seen im on at lunchtime once this week.
10-2 4:40:19 =Dashman= In Docky's defence...:D
10-2 3:25:28 ORA-Ulee Deway Luck bastard!!!
10-2 3:22:12 ORA-Ulee Deway Why is it that, whenever I check in from the office at lunchtime, Docky is always on the ARMA server!?!?! :S
7-2 9:58:36 =paps= Receiving Data...
4-2 4:10:41 =paps= Points are up. ;)
4-2 4:09:59 =paps= Cheers Dash.
4-2 0:06:50 =Dashman= 12 hour streaming on the web page right now. praccy and final quali before the top ten shootout on free to air this arvo :)
3-2 6:53:55 =FIELDZY= Guys I will be late tonight. I will make the start at 7.50pm if not I will make the second race. Cheers
3-2 4:58:13 =paps= lol..
3-2 2:15:19 =Dashman= ...some get the mop and bucket. I think paps left a little excitement puddle ;)
2-2 22:01:09 =paps= WooHoo :P
2-2 22:00:32 =paps= Portugal Tonight.
2-2 12:01:16 =Chill= liberation back on server
2-2 12:00:31 =Chill= liberation back on server for now
2-2 11:57:47 =Chill= gave up after 2.5 hrs
2-2 11:57:40 =Chill= i couldn't get it figured out, got an sql running and imported the exile stuff
2-2 11:51:43 =Dashman= Im getting what ya layin down paps. Just tried to get on the exile map on our server through A3 launch which chill seems to have up. Tells me I have everything. Each time I try I get kicked out or crash for different reasons. ehhh!
2-2 10:58:13 =paps= UGH!
2-2 10:58:09 =paps= So over this EXILE shit before I.ve even had a crack at it!...I have downloaded GBs of all sorts of shit just to ty it out, and then they update with MORE !! so its another overnight download...thats if I can make space enough to even fit this shit in!....
2-2 10:28:32 =paps= Pfttt...
2-2 10:20:00 =DOCKY= Yeah ... so bite me Paps
1-2 8:51:35 =paps= lol....
1-2 8:38:34 =Dashman= actually, in Dockys defence, I did restart today to update steam on the server so it may have been on Sao Paulo for a short time. Jus sayin!!..:P
1-2 8:26:02 =paps= Jus sayin!!.. :D
1-2 8:25:36 =paps= Portugal track has been on since friday DOCKY// :P
1-2 7:40:58 =FIELDZY= Docky I'll be on about 7.00pm
1-2 7:06:52 =DOCKY= Planing on doing a bit of praccy tonight if anyone is around.
1-2 7:05:57 =DOCKY= Can we get Portugal track put up if it already isn't .
28-1 23:25:42 =FIELDZY= Internet settings read «link»
28-1 9:37:19 =paps= thanks Fieldzy
27-1 23:53:50 =paps= Can I please get the server Replays from lastnight, including Q1.
27-1 22:49:48 =paps= Points are up.
27-1 22:49:29 =paps= HellYeah! Skids :D
27-1 12:15:30 SmellySkidmark WoW great race tonite guys
27-1 4:59:41 SmellySkidmark thanks paps
27-1 4:55:47 =paps= hehehe... :P
27-1 4:55:12 SmellySkidmark k,i may need to install that, lol, not as if I don't have it already
27-1 4:53:26 =paps= Server was reset a few days ago. Only change was the updated version of Nibs MagPark track mate.
27-1 4:50:06 SmellySkidmark Hmm I'm getting "no connecto" with the server again? has the vmod changed again??
26-1 6:38:37 ZED Thanks for your help Fieldzy
25-1 8:08:30 =Chill= yes
25-1 7:53:47 =Spacko= i might have a go paps
25-1 2:46:03 =paps= Australia Day eve, shoot'em up tonight anyone? :D
20-1 10:54:40 =paps= lol@Ulee .. :P
20-1 10:08:07 ORA-Ulee Deway Look at all youz having FUN!!! Great turn out for a test night.
20-1 3:24:58 =paps= give me 5min,
20-1 3:24:42 =paps= Sure..
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