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17-6 6:31:29 =Adsta= Paps totally blew it when he should have easily beaten me out of the pits but I couldn't believe it. I'm banging on the pit limiter and he pulls away from me still in pit lane. I couldn't resist asking him why he is speeding in pit lane. :O :D
17-6 6:27:20 =Adsta= No Rum O.O Are you off your chops? There is irrefutable evidence of everyone but me being shit out of luck.
17-6 5:47:05 =paps= My replays from lastnight are broken...anyone else having the same problem?
17-6 0:39:03 Ulee Deway Well done ADSTA!!! Maybe this is something to take note of. No Rum ... Good Run!!!
16-6 14:28:50 =Adsta= That's OK Ulee. I had no rum anyway. :_( Winning race 2 was no consolation for no rum. An empty victory you may say. :|
16-6 8:11:50 =Chill= yes
16-6 2:23:34 =FIELDZY= Can we run two rf2 servers ?
16-6 0:02:29 Ulee Deway Sorry guys, but can't make it tonight. I did purchase the Endurance Pack though!!!
15-6 8:13:09 =FIELDZY= here is the link to pre order «link»
15-6 8:11:59 =FIELDZY= Yes I have pay for them already they will download auto tomorrow when I log in.
15-6 7:30:24 =paps= when do we get the rest of the cars?
15-6 7:28:38 =paps= Is that for the whole package?
15-6 7:17:54 =FIELDZY= $17.00 US for the gte pack. They will be in steam workshop tomorrow.
14-6 9:01:34 =FIELDZY= To win them is here «link»
14-6 9:00:36 =FIELDZY= 4.00am tomorrow launch of gte pack. «link»
14-6 1:53:58 =paps= When the whole pack is released we may have to look at running a series with them.
14-6 1:49:21 =paps= At least being official content it SHOULD be good!
13-6 10:15:51 =Chill= looks like it's part of an endurance pack
13-6 3:54:54 =paps= Being a GTE car I Wonder how it compares to the GT3 cars?
13-6 3:53:40 =paps= Sweet.. :D
13-6 1:24:55 =FIELDZY= M8 BMW gte coming to rf2 this weekend acording to tweeter «link»
8-6 10:41:24 =Chill= auto restart fucked it
8-6 8:03:37 =Dashman= Someone want to tell me why the exile server is suddenly F**king locked!?
7-6 11:23:32 kunkie Exile fixed last night, cba had done an update to 3.71 should be fine again now
5-6 8:24:04 =Dashman= somethings gone bunta with exile Kunkie. Seems to have missing mod files now. something to do with cba?? maybe an update outta date?
2-6 20:07:22 =FIELDZY= Not much i could do as internet was having upgrades so i had no internet.
2-6 11:21:11 =Adsta= Fieldzy, you picked the wrong night not to race. You'll just have to wait for Pap's vids to see what you missed. ;)
2-6 8:29:10 =Chill= Cheers fieldzy
2-6 8:07:00 =FIELDZY= Guys im out for tonight .
2-6 8:04:33 =FIELDZY= RF2 Server is set for tonights race.
2-6 7:40:14 =FIELDZY= TS IS BACK
2-6 7:38:27 =FIELDZY= Everythings down TS, RF2 SERVER
30-5 7:09:26 =paps= Cheers Dash..had bail out lastnight... Be on soon!
29-5 10:44:25 =Dashman= nice one! jump on in if ya wanna get a little kit together :)
29-5 10:19:04 =paps= Eeekk there's a ZOMBIE
29-5 10:18:35 =paps= Finally made it in!.... Now I just gotta find me a gun.
28-5 13:00:25 =Adsta= Aussies kickin arse................ Dan wins F1.............................. Will wins Indy........................... Matt wins red bull air race, actually 2 rounds in a row! ;)
28-5 8:34:50 =paps= hehehehe...only Jokin, :P
28-5 8:34:09 =paps= Great!.... another D/L
28-5 8:11:09 =Dashman= I didnt have the heart to tell ya paps. Its well worthi t though. Cars ready BTW...
28-5 8:07:13 =paps= Oh No!... now I have 900mb workshop content D/L...UGH!
28-5 7:58:23 =paps= I'm good for tonight tho.. :)
28-5 7:57:54 =paps= ShowOff!
27-5 10:00:49 Ulee Deway 10 minutes or so ;)
27-5 9:48:00 =paps= D/Ling exile now...UGH! This could take a few Hrs :S
27-5 8:35:04 =paps= hmmm..ZOMBIES.
27-5 8:22:44 =Chill= thank the zombies
27-5 7:53:33 =paps= Thanks Chill
27-5 7:44:52 =Chill= new exile server is up, you need to replace your old @exile folder with the new exile in downloads and then use 'setup and join' for anything else
26-5 22:48:00 =paps= How good is our @DanielRicciardo POLE position and new lap record at MonacoGP.. GO DAN! :D
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