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8-3 7:11:33 =Spacko= any one tryed the 1983 bathurst in AMS2 not bad
7-3 9:34:32 =Fieldzy= Sorry ran out of time RF2 server will be down until tomorrow night. Sorry
7-3 7:44:53 =Fieldzy= Rf2 server being updated. I will put up new servers with updates. Won't be long.
6-3 23:04:02 =paps= Awesome Fieldz, thanks mate.
6-3 5:42:49 =Fieldzy= Sorry unzip P I to location folder
5-3 9:42:06 =Fieldzy= Another special track P I unzip to rf2 package
5-3 8:14:49 =Lildave= Awsome =Fieldzy=O.O
5-3 7:52:26 =paps= Noice..
5-3 4:34:04 =Lildave= Before I look.....does it start with S ?
5-3 3:51:05 =Fieldzy= RF2 TS file browser something speical for u all s 2023
5-3 1:13:07 =paps= Sent Dashman a couple of msgs No reply :(
4-3 7:01:49 =paps= Thanks mate.
4-3 1:32:05 =Knuckles= couldn't get arma 3 working but reforger is updated and working
4-3 0:06:33 =UleeDeway= Thanks =Farmer=. I have let =Knuckles= know and hopefully he will take care of that shortly. What is the best night for a regular ARMA night for all the ASRNZ guys? Be great to get that going again.
3-3 20:47:18 =Farmer= hey guys, Arma server requires a update. cheers
1-3 3:48:02 =paps= oh very nice, congrats Dave. :)
1-3 3:42:15 =Lildave= New baby Granddaughter =UleeDeway=.
24-2 23:51:37 =UleeDeway= Sounded like about the best reason I could think of =Lildave= :D
24-2 15:48:18 =Lildave= Sorry guys, real life came first. Especially you Fieldzy, very aware of the time you put into this place.
24-2 8:32:54 =Fieldzy= Myself and LilDave will be on rf2 server tonight. So join in and test the new updates.
23-2 22:49:19 =Fieldzy= RF2 server up. BTCC server Aussie and NZ Tracks, Bathurst 1985 with HQ, GT3 Aussie tracks.
23-2 8:34:01 =Fieldzy= RF2 server won't be ready till tomorrow. I have had to reinstall RF2 the updates have a hotfix for servers but it stuff ours up. 2 hours now sorting so will have to wait till tomorrow now. Sorry
23-2 5:37:10 =Fieldzy= Server got window updates. All will be back up and running soon.
23-2 5:14:01 =paps= thanks Fieldz.
22-2 23:14:27 =Fieldzy= I will update rf2 today and put up new servers.
19-2 20:50:25 =Spacko= Check this out «link»
12-2 6:07:36 GBarnier Excellent option
12-2 5:40:11 =UleeDeway= Definitely a very welcome option.
12-2 5:08:55 =paps= THe best option ever for rFactor2, «link» possibly the best option ever for sim racing
10-2 8:19:25 ZED hey guys wanna do some laps in the porsche..where do i find the server pw....noob q :P
7-2 10:08:50 =UleeDeway= O.O
7-2 7:59:50 GBarnier Mountain Roads (ATS) has been updated. I've updated the profile in the forum in case we want to convoy.
3-2 4:10:50 GBarnier Kenni is getting repairs and a service just in case, don’t want a break down in Alaska ;)
3-2 3:14:52 =UleeDeway= Will it be a Friday Freight Night or a Friday Fight Night? :D
29-1 6:06:30 GBarnier «link»
29-1 6:04:26 GBarnier RF2 has some work to do …
29-1 6:03:47 GBarnier «link»
21-1 6:39:09 =paps= rF2 Improvements
21-1 6:38:25 =paps= «link»
16-1 2:02:44 =paps= Definitely a lot of fun, should get even better as they iron out the bugs.
14-1 4:00:17 glynn great fun in the sprint cars last night thanks hc
14-1 0:47:21 =UleeDeway= Shooting Shit Saturday anyone?
13-1 9:03:40 =UleeDeway= Be there shortly GB
13-1 8:45:58 =Lildave= I think 9.4 gig of rF2 replays was enough and time for a clean!
12-1 9:46:09 =Fieldzy= Sorry server windows update. All will be back online in couple mintues
11-1 6:36:40 =paps= thanks mate.
11-1 3:42:59 =Fieldzy= Porsche 9992 Server is up No Gear Protection so take your time to learn. Any problems I will fix on Friday
11-1 3:08:03 =UleeDeway= Sounds like a single player tutorial only. Just to tease us.
11-1 1:50:52 =paps= Haha..
10-1 23:17:47 GBarnier Must .. keep .. working .., resist .. turning .. on .. cockpit :S
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