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18-10 6:16:45 GBarnier 158 laps of qualifying for a 3 lap race
18-10 5:45:32 Bill Kilowatts good stop by Waters crew but I think SVG might have it
18-10 2:22:29 =Fieldzy= «link»
18-10 2:09:25 =paps= «link»
18-10 1:31:41 GBarnier Racing is getting pretty aggressive, still a long way to go. Expect to see some more being binned.
18-10 1:22:47 =Fieldzy= Ah shit Lowndes out Whincup just bined the 888
17-10 23:47:29 =Fieldzy= Wow race day in real world and sim world. Be on early to chat about our great race and I’m sure we will have a great race tonight too. Cheers
17-10 9:49:33 =Fieldzy= GB corvette skin is in TS rf2 file browser.
17-10 7:55:30 GBarnier Nice one Paps
17-10 7:46:24 =paps= Goodwood On this weekend as well..
17-10 7:45:55 =paps= for when the V8s aren't on.. «link»
17-10 4:23:23 Bill Kilowatts no problem we'll have a red flag, park up on start straight , rebuild the cars and have a flat out sprint to the time certain finish................
17-10 0:57:36 =Fieldzy= With the weather that is predicted could be a none event. They need to do 81 laps to count as a race. But the storms could stop it.
17-10 0:40:39 Bill Kilowatts yeah Fieldzy all a bit strange
16-10 11:52:42 Blaktop I'm up to 5 and it still does it occasionally...:(
16-10 10:54:41 =Adsta= Start at 1 and increase if need be.
16-10 10:53:46 =Adsta= Blacktop, in the player.json "Repeat Shifts". Change the zero to between 1 to 5, as described.
16-10 7:55:49 Blaktop GB, can you remember exactly which setting changed the delay?
16-10 5:41:11 =Fieldzy= Hard watching Bathurst with no crowds. Top of the mountain is empty.
15-10 8:05:12 GBarnier I had to change the delay for my paddles on my G25 too Blacktop to stop the gears from jumping gears.
15-10 1:41:34 Bill Kilowatts whoa!!! you mean there is wheels beyond the g25 ... you bunch of techno freaks, I'm going to have nightmares about wheel rates and pedal pressure :P
14-10 9:36:16 Blaktop Thanks Ulee, did a bit of research and there is a setting in a json file you can change. I'll give it a go when I get home after this shift. I'm comfortable with my G25, had it for years and if I can keep it going a while longer I'll be very happy.
14-10 6:26:55 =UleeDeway= You can also slow the shift time down on the paddles so that it doesn't double shift. I think ADSTA told me how to do that for my old G27 when it started acting up a year ago or so.
14-10 6:26:41 =paps= Unfortunately the 27 shifter doesnt have Seq shift option,.. so I use the G27 Rubber Band Seq shifter HACK! :D
14-10 6:24:16 =paps= When my paddles start to fuck out I changed to Seq shiter on my 25...Liked it so much I've changed back. and so now I use my paddles for [L]Rear look, [R] Push to talk for TS. and yes you can use the pedals but the 25 pedals only work on 25 wheels ..so you'll need it powered up and plugged in still to make it work..I currently use A T500 Thrustmaster with a custom set of hardcore pedals and a G27 shifter.
14-10 5:55:50 Blaktop My trusty old g25 seems to have finally had enough. Half the time on upshift it goes up 2 gears (occasionally 3). What is a better replacement, g29 or g920 and can I use my existing pedals (and shifter). Pedals have a brake pedal mod I don't want to lose and g29 doesn't seem to come with a shifter (I like the buttons). Harvey Norman have the g29 for $350
12-10 10:33:57 =Fieldzy= Servers up for round 2 GTE
12-10 3:45:14 Bill Kilowatts Thanks for the epic skin Fieldzy :D
11-10 7:31:43 =paps= :)
11-10 7:30:57 Blaktop Cheers...:)
11-10 7:01:35 =paps= QLD didn't change!.. so it's 8.30 for you?
11-10 6:54:59 Blaktop So for us poor people on daylight savings, is start time 7.30 or 8.30....I turned up an hour early for the VWs at Spa last week....:)
11-10 6:14:32 =Fieldzy= Don’t forget the short track is fir bmn c2 the long is for gte
11-10 3:47:33 =Fieldzy= Race Day get ready and watch your fuel !
10-10 5:38:13 =Fieldzy= Bill n Paps your skin are in ts rfactor file browser. unzip the one with your name and drop it in steam, steamapps.common. folder
10-10 5:28:22 =Fieldzy= Heading out to dinner but will be on RF2 server about 8.00-8.30 tonight
10-10 5:27:26 =Fieldzy= Bill pic of Gulf Aston in post
10-10 5:27:11 =Fieldzy= More stickers added more pic in post.
10-10 2:57:47 =paps= Hey does anyone have an old ORA logo? the chrome one with the exhaust pipes!?
10-10 2:00:02 =paps= Yeah looks sweet Fieldz Cheers mate... just needs more stickers.. :P
10-10 0:08:22 =Fieldzy= Paps I have done a skin for you check the gte post.
9-10 6:52:55 =paps= lol..
9-10 6:39:23 =Fieldzy= Short track name is piper the same as my daughter lol
9-10 6:05:29 =paps= Thanks Piper! :)
9-10 5:13:39 =Fieldzy= GTE server is up and set. Please run the GTE on the long course and only run the BMW on the short( piper)
9-10 4:37:48 =paps= :)
8-10 11:33:28 =Fieldzy= WOW Simmo back to race.
8-10 3:22:48 =UleeDeway= Thanks =Fieldzy=
7-10 12:57:05 Blaktop Good to go Sunday...:D
7-10 9:00:20 GBarnier Good work Fieldzy, I’m happy to start the next series this Sunday.
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