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11-11 4:12:37 =paps= :)
11-11 4:08:00 Typhon All sorted now, thx Paps.
11-11 3:48:50 =paps= Uhmm, ..try this version of zandvort if you haven't got it already - «link»
11-11 2:57:29 Typhon I'm hoping to Pap's. I'm getting the Package not available error trying to the server. I can join the AL server w/o any issues.
11-11 2:03:06 =paps= Would be great to see you for a few laps tonight Typhon.. :)
11-11 2:01:57 =paps= You'll pobably have most of the tracks anyways Ty, but yeah you will need everything...they are test servers thats why we have so many different tracks to choose from.
10-11 23:52:42 Typhon Will I need to dl everything to join the server tonight or can I just grab the track we will be using?
7-11 6:11:48 =paps= BAM!.. «link»
7-11 5:53:48 =paps= Every one has a special needs friend Ulee..
6-11 14:24:20 ORA-Ulee Deway I'm soooo special!!! :D
4-11 16:12:01 =Chill= rF2 server fixed, just for Ulee
4-11 10:46:44 =Chill= probably been a while Fieldzy...you'd need the Apex stuff I'd say
4-11 4:14:48 =FIELDZY= Arma needs me to buy content to join ?
4-11 4:14:07 =FIELDZY= Adsta delete the mods from your root folder and reinstall the mod
4-11 3:41:30 =paps= Don't stress.. we'll be driving AL tnight then yeah! :P
4-11 3:11:45 =Adsta= Have fun in GT3 tonight. I have GT3 pack and all tracks installed but I can't join server. I can join the AL server though. Got me fucked. :(
3-11 23:05:08 =Chill= Race night racers
3-11 11:43:40 kunkie verify your game cache and ensure you load the required mods for the liberation server...

should only require CUP terrains Core and CUP terrains maps
3-11 10:11:01 =FIELDZY= Tried to join arma server but can't. battle eye restart every time battle eye restart,
2-11 3:55:09 =paps= So it should..The Torana is the first of the late 70s cars to be released..it has more power and grip than the first series of cars that are early 70s.
2-11 2:39:20 =BK= Don't know what is different about the A9X but it has way better feel than the other cars. :D
1-11 18:12:08 =Chill= GT3 server updated to "Power Pack 2"
31-10 20:23:40 =Chill= Lakeside and updated A9X added to server
31-10 9:10:13 =paps= No shit!..I got Lakeside.
31-10 8:50:44 =Adsta= :D
31-10 8:49:18 =Adsta= O.O Don't be shittin me now. And answer ya phone
31-10 8:48:17 =paps= We have Lakeside.. :D
31-10 8:47:41 =Adsta= Sounds good Chill. If only we had Lakeside for the AL's. :_(
31-10 8:46:07 =paps= RightoRighto..I'll sort it!
31-10 8:26:15 =Chill= single make A9X and the GT3's?????
31-10 8:25:42 =Chill= moderate us up a little dual class series to take us through to christmas moderator
29-10 21:21:27 =Chill= woohoo!!!
29-10 8:03:48 =paps= DOCKEEEEE!!!!!!!!
29-10 8:02:05 =Spacko= hows it hanging docky
29-10 7:57:47 =DOCKY= BITCHESS !!!!!!!!
28-10 6:17:56 =FIELDZY= Thanks Dashman for the rf2 server fix
27-10 22:03:04 =paps= :P
27-10 21:53:15 =paps= Who is this JadeShark?... lol
27-10 13:59:02 =JadeShark= Hey guys,,, mind if i pop in
26-10 10:35:36 =paps= Piggy Killed'em All..! O.O
26-10 10:34:20 =paps= No AI on the ARMA3 Server..
26-10 8:59:15 =FIELDZY= GT3 Server needs to be update to the update gt3 cars that was updated on the 24th. I can't get in till the servers are updated. Thanks
24-10 7:15:54 =paps= Noice.. :P
24-10 6:52:32 =Chill= server's up
24-10 6:18:33 =Chill= adding to server now
24-10 5:58:29 =paps= A9X Torana Released - «link»
22-10 6:13:49 =paps= WooHooo.. :)
22-10 5:14:19 =Chill= Docky is alive!!!
19-10 7:29:48 =FIELDZY= Can't see the GT3 server?
18-10 10:54:42 =Chill= servers are both 1109 beta
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