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19-5 11:45:20 =UleeDeway= Sorry I missed the race tonight. Simply lost track of time at a friend's BBQ. Was actually planning on making it too.
19-5 11:02:30 Bill Kilowatts «link»
19-5 10:50:33 GBarnier everyone
19-5 10:50:30 =FIELDZY= yes all gone and dedi down
19-5 10:49:56 =paps= did everyone drop or jus me??? :_(
19-5 10:49:33 =paps= fuck..
19-5 10:49:26 =FIELDZY= wtf
19-5 6:46:21 =FIELDZY= Have no idea was doing the same thing couple rounds ago.
19-5 6:05:51 Boldaussie Fieldzy has obviously rigged it.... :P
19-5 6:04:56 Boldaussie Also places aren't being updated in driver mouse over
19-5 6:03:50 Boldaussie On both,they are in the results of liveracers and updating while in session, but they are not staying in the fastest times after session finish
19-5 5:51:55 =paps= On both servers? or just the GRpC server?
19-5 3:22:08 Boldaussie Any reason no times are being held in liveracers beyond a session?
17-5 6:52:29 =FIELDZY= No rain for Sunday race
15-5 12:33:14 =UleeDeway= It would be a lot of fun to have that in RF2 again. I raced with =hardcore= in at east one of those series. It was huge fun, even though I never got the hang of it.
15-5 10:39:51 =Knuckles= no dust lol
15-5 8:59:46 =paps= hahaha... good point GB, And I tend to agree. BUT dam it looks so good, I so want to get back behind the wheel of one of these beasts... I'm torn :_(
15-5 8:57:04 GBarnier We need this in RF2 :D
15-5 8:55:47 GBarnier Still not tempted to sell my soul back to iRacing though ;)
15-5 8:03:45 =paps= =HARDCORE= ran this type of racing on a Tuesday night for years.
15-5 8:01:55 =paps= And It was freakin awesome!!!!!
15-5 7:51:25 GBarnier Meh, we had that in RF1 :P
15-5 0:00:16 =paps= Might have to fire up me iRacing account again!! :D
14-5 22:42:50 =Adsta= Fuck yeh!!! :D
14-5 12:26:43 =UleeDeway= WTF!!! «link»
14-5 6:50:53 =paps= probably right, maybe!/?? :S
14-5 5:51:17 =UleeDeway= Time for a change anyways I thinks!!!
14-5 5:30:43 =paps= Got into Exile server too late to pay the rent....BASE IS GONE! :_(
14-5 4:36:59 =Zero= Arma tonight???
14-5 2:10:58 Bill Kilowatts So if a race is declared wet are the compulsory compound changes out the window... ala F1 wet races?
13-5 6:14:04 =FIELDZY= Server has mid ohio up and the weather is 50% chance of rain.
13-5 6:12:55 =FIELDZY= You are right Bill it was a great race night indeed.
13-5 2:25:28 Bill Kilowatts that was pretty epic last night, thanks for your patience Fieldzy looming large in the mirror , great move Papsy bit too much dust for me though :P
12-5 7:15:17 =paps= Yeah, all good thanks guys.
12-5 6:46:42 =UleeDeway= Subscribe on steam. I had to do that on the new PC this morning. Got on to the server without any issues.
12-5 6:41:53 =FIELDZY= Have you fixed it PAPS
12-5 5:13:22 =paps= I've broken my donington trying install that updated version?? :(
12-5 4:47:53 =paps= THanks ADSTA. :)
11-5 10:10:52 =paps= Maybe someone else should do it!....just in case, I will fuck it up!!!
11-5 10:07:51 =paps= I'm on it!
11-5 10:07:40 =paps= Oh SHit,..thanks BK!, forgot all about that memo! :P
11-5 5:45:26 =FIELDZY= Race day is now Sunday. Can someone do the points from last week or send me the program I’ll do it.
11-5 4:45:20 =UleeDeway= Racing Day or Shooting Day? I am confused :S
10-5 22:32:44 =BK= @paps... just in time to pay the ransom!
10-5 21:14:04 =paps= Nice one,.. thanks Kunkie.
10-5 12:03:35 =UleeDeway= Sorry Kunkie, I don't know the PW for the steam account.
10-5 11:20:46 =Kunkie= @Ulee... can you PM me the server password for the steam account? doing some much needed maintenance
10-5 10:40:09 =Kunkie= exile server fixed paps :D
10-5 3:15:46 =UleeDeway= Got the PC going, and just a few more things to plug in and get working now. Including the wheel!!!
10-5 3:15:00 =UleeDeway= yep, last weekend was just a fun run. ;)
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