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2-12 10:59:42 =paps= :P
2-12 10:59:09 =paps= «link»
2-12 10:20:44 =BK= Yes it was great to meet everyone yesterday. Cheers Paps for arranging it... that gel gun was awesome Knucks :D
2-12 6:41:41 =paps= Awesome afternoon yesterday with BK, GB, ADSTA, FIELDZY, & Knucks...thanks again for coming along guys had a blast. Only just recovering from it now,,, :D
2-12 1:12:43 =FIELDZY= Post a link for the gel toy please Knuck
1-12 10:06:03 =Adsta= (Vyvyan: Young Ones) Shut up Neil!
1-12 6:14:00 =Dashman= (Neil: Young Ones) I guess ill just get on arma guys :| O.O:D
1-12 3:24:02 =paps= anytime after 2 today GB. sent pm with address and phone number,
30-11 22:54:04 GBarnier PM sent Paps
30-11 5:28:38 =paps= :P
30-11 3:53:26 =Dashman= ...barstards...having all the bloody fun without me (Mutly voice):P
30-11 3:52:06 =Dashman= Dont do it GB!! Save ya self!! O.O :D
30-11 3:30:28 =paps= Hey GB , wanna come over for drinks and nibbleys and meet up with BK at mines tomorrow afternoon?
27-11 8:25:04 =FIELDZY= Might have to look at the rental part lol
27-11 8:11:24 GBarnier Isn’t selling you rig like selling your house. You make sure you’ve either got a contract on your next house or get a rental? Crikey, otherwise you’d be homeless!
27-11 6:41:44 =FIELDZY= Hi guys won't be able to race again till the new year as I've already sold some of my old rig. Jump on ts from time to time to chat. Cheers Fieldzy
24-11 8:16:16 =paps= HQ at Mallala Tonight :P
17-11 5:54:56 =UleeDeway= haha ... got it!!!
17-11 5:10:46 =UleeDeway= How do insert and image in the forum??? I put a link in and tried that. Nope.
17-11 3:54:41 =UleeDeway= Sorry, is there shomewhere ...?
17-11 3:29:06 =UleeDeway= Is this somewhere to get all the logos and image files for Hardcore?
16-11 7:27:15 =paps= Nice one Ulee,
15-11 13:10:07 =UleeDeway= I will try and put something together on the weekend for this. But looks like it will be the 15th with the Clip Cup Turbo 200 cars!!!
14-11 8:29:50 =Knuckles= 15th might be good then
14-11 5:24:16 =paps= YeahYeah I'm hearin ya Bill..
14-11 3:25:35 =UleeDeway= Come on now Bill, you had to go and tell 'em, didn't ya. ;)
13-11 18:11:20 Bill Kilowatts Oh and by the way Paps... 2 hours GT1 at Monza, Ulee 1st, Bill 2nd, Paps DNF... 2.5 hours Beetles at Spa Ulee 1st, Bill 2nd, Paps.. somewhere back there... seeing a trend yet ?? :P :D
13-11 18:08:21 Bill Kilowatts I'll be out getting Christmas cheer on the 1st :P
13-11 14:35:26 =UleeDeway= If we make it Dec. 15th, that gives guys lots of time to learn the track better.
13-11 14:33:23 =UleeDeway= Except that weekend. ;)
13-11 11:37:46 =Knuckles= 1st of december maybe? how much lead time do you want?
13-11 10:48:55 =UleeDeway= What is a good weekend to run the Monster 300ish race?
13-11 4:56:48 =paps= yeah Bill thats it! Nords just makes even the simplest of cars that are not even that fast, difficult to drive. Hence the nic name 'THE GREEN HELL" O.O
11-11 10:57:09 Bill Kilowatts I thought Clio turbo's were pretty good and a more or less fixed setup no black magic to get there..... now if only I could finish a lap :S
11-11 7:16:05 =UleeDeway= :D
11-11 7:12:45 =Dashman= excellent work Ulee! careful bout being so quick...we dont need to be shown up! :P :D
11-11 7:08:23 =UleeDeway= and v2.3 of the track here «link»
11-11 7:07:42 =UleeDeway= Here they are again: «link» «link» , «link»
11-11 6:45:12 =Dashman= Just for those who are wanting to try the mods in the Nords server, maybe throw some links to steam pages up in the shout box??
11-11 2:50:08 =UleeDeway= Thanks =Knuckles= . We did some testing this morning and kind of liking the Renault Clio Cup Turbo cars. Great feeling car for a FWD. We should do some more testing though to get some more opinions.
11-11 1:40:48 =Knuckles= BMW 320, Mercedes EVO and Clio turbos on nords for testing and a special treat for the GTE on server 1
10-11 6:12:50 =UleeDeway= thanks for the input =BK=, and I agree.
10-11 5:58:18 =BK= Ulee... the BMW is a rocket ship and sounds like a hairdryer on steroids. The Merc is great to drive and handles the track better than other cars. Two good choices
10-11 0:03:55 =UleeDeway= «link»
10-11 0:02:55 =UleeDeway= There is an 0RA server up with this «link» , this «link» and the VW Fun Cup Cars. Feel free to give these a go as well.
9-11 10:11:49 =UleeDeway= The latest track in the rf2 workshop is my "home" track here in Japan. Autopolis is about a 2 hour drive from here in the mountains. Was designed as an F1 level circuit, but the went bust and sold it to Kawasaki and I think it is still their main test track.
9-11 10:09:59 =UleeDeway= Shocking how little content for RF2 there is on Race Department. Just a handful of mods are either new or have had an update in 2018. Really, I think it is 4 or 5!!!
9-11 8:56:43 =Knuckles= meganes are a studio 397 mod so i'd hazard a guess they'd be fantastic. I haven't tried em yet
8-11 13:50:19 =UleeDeway= It is the same guy who did the 70s Touring Cars I believe. So it would likely have the same issues. Another screemer though!!!
8-11 13:49:21 =UleeDeway= Thought for a second I found gold!!! «link»
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