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17-3 0:05:56 =Zero= Fair warning. Arma 3 just threw us all a 9.7gb Update.
10-3 7:52:49 =paps= me wheels playing up...might miss tonight\
10-3 6:03:55 =FIELDZY= Friday night race night. 20 MINUTE PLUS A 40 MINUTE race.
10-3 0:50:13 =trumps= @ Chill... looks to be the go mate, viable 4K gaming and future proofing for the next few years, plus its got the chub factor ;) «link»
6-3 21:26:20 =paps= Awesome kunkie..love your work man.
6-3 13:27:06 kunkie :O jonzie mega mod pack now in exile, still need to work on pricing etc
required files are in downloads or via steam workshop link: «link»
5-3 6:46:53 =paps= :P «link»
5-3 1:28:18 =paps= That it does. :P
5-3 1:16:41 joeldc Its bathurst theres always a random shower at bathurst adds to the realism :/
4-3 23:15:20 =FIELDZY= That is what I was saying I had set and save weather and checked it. There was no rain set and the track rubber was set and saved. The overcast cloud with no rain set is the only thing that must have a bug in it. Because that is when the small amount of rain came. So in future I will not use overcast because even if there is no rain set to zero it still rains. Like I say no rain was set no random was set so who knows.
4-3 22:47:33 SmellySkidmark Fieldzy, if you don't set the weather when you set the track to auto save rubber, then you get random weather I think. I always setup ours so the sky is always changing, it's more picturesque that way
4-3 7:07:30 =FIELDZY= Great racing last night all. First endure went over well I hope. Still don't know where the rain came from.
4-3 2:45:51 =paps= points are up.
3-3 7:46:07 =DOCKY= Not racing tonight boy's , taking the minister for war and finance to a show.
2-3 21:01:38 =paps= GTc Bathurst Enduro Tonight boys..woohooo :D
2-3 0:41:16 =Dashman= Shit power and crap internet...We live in such a goto country, pffft!!
1-3 11:49:25 joeldc Power just went out for the area not happy :( just logged into arma
27-2 11:39:41 SmellySkidmark Thanks Fieldzy, that werks fer me
27-2 8:26:49 =FIELDZY= I have fixed the rf2 server only has Bathurst on it everyone. Enjoy.
27-2 6:52:09 =DOCKY= Don't worry Ulee , I would have told you where to stick it
26-2 1:41:22 ORA-Ulee Deway thanks kunkie, and I even remembered what to do with it!!!
26-2 0:17:05 =paps= thnx kunkie
25-2 16:23:58 kunkie extended base mod is now on the exile server, check the downloads for the zip file
25-2 8:48:02 =FIELDZY= This track is the one Studio-397 show with dx11 update and video clip states it will be released feb 28th. !!
25-2 8:46:49 =FIELDZY= This is from race dept «link»
25-2 3:35:39 ZED all good =Dashman=
25-2 2:58:28 =Dashman= I know =Chill= was in the process of making a new rfmod for the next group of races in GT3. he may not have dropped it in downloads yet...watch this space. We'll get him on it.
25-2 1:13:03 ZED trying to join the server but a msg says invalid data
18-2 9:19:21 =FIELDZY= Thanks Typhon I'm now using DXT. The NVidia plugin has a problem with resent update to cc 2017.
18-2 5:34:04 =paps= :P «link»
18-2 1:29:33 Typhon FIELDZY if you are after something to convert to .DDS then I'm using DXTBmp. Just open up your .PSD in it and save as. Much easier then the PITA Nvidia plugin.
18-2 0:56:12 =FIELDZY= I've got 2017cc but the NVidia plugin not working some bugg in the system. I was checking to see if you had the same problem.
18-2 0:08:35 ZED I've got CS5.5 also...but I don't really like it
18-2 0:07:12 ZED Elements 8 Fieldzy....why's that mate?
17-2 23:38:27 =paps= Roadmap Update February 2017- «link» :D
17-2 23:20:51 =FIELDZY= Hey Zed what version photoshop you using
17-2 23:19:40 =FIELDZY= Replays in downloads Race & qualifying.
17-2 22:17:55 =paps= Points are up! :D
17-2 22:04:55 =paps= That looks freakin awesome spacko.
17-2 19:57:47 =Spacko= «link» Cool Trucking in Arma3 likeit
13-2 8:40:48 Typhon These cars are great around Magnificent Park, that middle sector is so much fun :)
13-2 3:54:32 =paps= BUSTED!
13-2 3:29:13 ORA-Ulee Deway Docky and Trumps
13-2 2:13:57 =DOCKY= pssst Dash.. dont tell Ulee , but im on arma and its lunch time .lol
11-2 5:24:26 =paps= TY
11-2 4:46:55 =FIELDZY= Paps Q replay in downloads
11-2 2:25:05 =FIELDZY= Guys I just like to thank all that raced last night. It was one of the best race action I have been involved in for some time. You are all winners in my book for that performance you showed. Lets us all keep it going for the whole series. ps: ZED check your fuel!
11-2 0:47:00 =paps= points are up.
10-2 8:53:11 ZED I'll be on as soon as I can...dinner cooking now
10-2 6:22:43 =paps= lol@DASH :P
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