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14-6 3:39:11 =paps= rFactor2 LeMans24hr [LIVE STREAM] - «link»
13-6 8:24:18 =paps= Close times at Barbs.. :P
12-6 21:43:41 =paps= Cheers Ulee..
12-6 12:32:35 Blaktop Thanks Ulee, all good now....:)
12-6 11:58:47 =UleeDeway= Hopefully that fixes it. There was some sort of an update.
12-6 9:27:37 =UleeDeway= Will do this evening as soon as I get home.
12-6 7:20:18 =FIELDZY= I’m interstate at the moment so ulee will need to update n restart the server.
12-6 5:02:47 Blaktop Hmmm....Has rF updated? Don't seem to be able to get into the server. When I select the server it displays "different version" in red above the "Join Race" button.
10-6 13:10:04 =UleeDeway= All good FIELDZY. Thanks again!!!
10-6 10:31:04 =UleeDeway= Thanks FIELDZY, I will check as soon as I get home. Muchly appreciated!!!
10-6 7:15:04 =FIELDZY= uLee in team speak rfactor file browser download the ulee folder. In side is a user data file drop into rfactor directory. skins complete
9-6 12:58:47 Blaktop All good here at night with 10 cars on track..... :)
9-6 10:59:20 =FIELDZY= Porsche done ulee the Rad tomorrow.
9-6 9:13:20 =UleeDeway= And back at you FILEDZY
9-6 8:00:23 GBarnier Thanks Fieldzy
9-6 4:03:21 =FIELDZY= Ulee pm back at you
9-6 3:43:53 =UleeDeway= @=FIELDZY= PM sent
8-6 9:55:54 =FIELDZY= GB pm sent for skin
8-6 7:31:30 =FIELDZY= Guys this week race is at night. So setup a night race in single player mode start time 8.00 pm to check your system can run without problems. Put 10 ai and do a start. Remember to set a headlight button.
8-6 6:52:05 =paps= I don't want to talk about it Ulee.. :_(
8-6 2:08:54 =UleeDeway= We told ya Paps, and the first corner you done done did it. :P
7-6 12:17:24 Blaktop Well that was fun....:). Jules, don't stress about taking me out....all part of the fun... :D \
7-6 11:34:39 =paps= lol.
7-6 11:34:22 =paps= Whaaaa, I so should Not have slowed for that CompCaution!.. :S
5-6 8:09:20 =FIELDZY= RF2 server updated
4-6 12:47:57 =UleeDeway= At least one of them should be up now ... maybe two? :S
4-6 10:15:32 =FIELDZY= Thanks Ulee
4-6 9:29:33 =UleeDeway= I will have a look tonight.
4-6 8:25:53 =FIELDZY= Sorry I don't know how to start the arma servers.
4-6 5:39:30 pigpen has pew pew arma been taken off? won't show up..i feel the need
3-6 9:47:27 GBarnier Thanks for the heads up Fieldzy, I better turn up at least 15 mins early this week for practice.
3-6 8:19:14 =UleeDeway= Thanks for the WARNING :O
3-6 8:06:55 =FIELDZY= Guys I can honestly say that the track for first round of Porsche cup is hard. Get some practice because if you touch the kerbs you will crash.
2-6 23:27:27 =UleeDeway= Yep mine is the classic version of this «link» and I have all the same as Pappers. The extre toggles are used for TC up and down, and ABS up and down.
2-6 6:10:49 Jules Cheers
2-6 6:08:22 =paps= I have all these mapped and more>> :P
2-6 6:05:32 =paps= Wipers for when it rains!!
2-6 6:04:58 =paps= Pit menu, Up, Down, Left, Right.
2-6 6:03:58 =paps= Seat position adjustments.??
2-6 6:02:39 =paps= Ignition, on/off. Starter, Pit request, Pit speed limiter, Horn, Headlights, LCD up, LCD down, Boost[or fuel map] Up, and boost down, Brake bias front, Brake bias rear. ect ect, ect
2-6 5:58:33 =paps= I'll type out what I have here..
2-6 5:58:01 =paps= Well I have a DSD button box and it has 15 buttons and 0ne switch for the ignition.
2-6 5:50:01 Jules Lots depending on platform, iPad Pro a lot, iPhone less.
2-6 5:39:17 =paps= how many buttons you got to play with?
2-6 5:28:48 Jules Hey guys, I'm in the process of coding an iPad Virtual Button Box - what would you recommend is added?
1-6 10:15:47 =paps= Well that was a roller coaster!! :P
1-6 9:50:15 =FIELDZY= Yes I got it working.
1-6 9:23:36 =FIELDZY= No I didn't
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