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30-4 23:06:37 =Knuckles= ARma Reforger fixed
30-4 0:37:55 =UleeDeway= Oh yeah!!! «link»
23-4 21:01:01 =paps= All goods Fieldz, hope you get that wheel sorted.
23-4 8:00:46 =Fieldzy= Sorry guys can't do tonight race. I will be out for a few weeks going away and need to repair my wheel also. Cheers
23-4 2:05:53 =paps= Wooot!! :P
23-4 1:09:07 =UleeDeway= Race Day
20-4 23:03:21 =UleeDeway= Sunday, 23 April 2023
Group C at Jacarepagua
Start Time: Quali Starts at 7:00pm
20-4 23:03:18 =UleeDeway= WTF
16-4 1:07:29 =paps= Thanks mate.
16-4 0:49:47 =Fieldzy= RF2 update so make sure you update before tonights Practice. Cheers
16-4 0:34:33 =Fieldzy= GT4 supra is on server for tonight aswell. «link»
13-4 12:53:11 =UleeDeway= Yep, fixing the schedule now.
13-4 11:30:22 =paps= Yeah just alternate the rounds, we'll still be racing every weekend either way. :P
13-4 5:13:14 =Fieldzy= What ever you want to do Ulee good by me.
13-4 2:25:21 =UleeDeway= Just realized the next two rounds of the WTF series are back to back. Should we space them out to allow for the RF2 series to get started on the 30th?
12-4 6:58:01 =Fieldzy= I did a change to the porche and put it in folder and the change didn’t happen. So I checked and it’s no possible to have fixed setup with 2 different mods. So we can only have one mod at at time. So I will tomorrow put 2 servers up with alpine on one and porsche on another.
12-4 6:20:17 =paps= how did you work out that it was suss bro?
11-4 7:13:31 =Fieldzy= Taken fixed setup off for now. Having a problem with having 2 cars on server. The server is up anyway.
10-4 7:40:09 =paps= awesome.
10-4 6:41:20 =Fieldzy= rf2 GT4 Test server. Tracks on server and link in post.
9-4 7:14:11 =paps= +thanks ma36t.e
9-4 7:01:47 =Fieldzy= «link»
8-4 1:08:35 GBarnier Fieldzy, you clearly 'brake checked' him :P
8-4 1:04:17 =paps= Shit Fieldz what was that guy thinking..he did the 'Bear Attack' on ya!!!
8-4 1:00:05 =UleeDeway= ok, thanks
7-4 23:34:48 =Fieldzy= Ulee AMS2 had update so you need to setup server again.
7-4 23:32:52 =Fieldzy= Just noticed server went down. I am fixing it now.
7-4 22:58:33 =Fieldzy= Dave here the video of the idiot «link»
7-4 8:29:04 =paps= thanks mate.
7-4 6:07:06 =Fieldzy= I have put a datsun server up for the moment.
7-4 5:42:55 =Fieldzy= Server has updates doing now
7-4 5:39:57 =Fieldzy= Guys we have a problem with the Legends. They can't do many laps as they overheat. It is a mod problem.
7-4 5:18:36 =Fieldzy= LEGENDS
7-4 5:18:23 =Fieldzy= Anyone up for some Lengend practise tonight?
7-4 3:00:18 =Fieldzy= Aussie legends link for download is in post and also in TS RF2 file browser
6-4 23:07:11 GBarnier Steam sales on again :S
6-4 23:06:38 GBarnier Thanks guys, appreciate the work put in to get back to some regular racing :-*
6-4 6:15:36 =paps= And an excellent backup if our TS ever goes down. :D
6-4 3:15:16 =UleeDeway= Yeah, what he said. Not to worry, it is not replacing anything. It is just an addition to community.
6-4 0:40:07 =paps= Don't forget to join HARDCORE ONLINE GAMING discord server. ;)
6-4 0:38:42 =paps= «link»
5-4 4:29:15 =paps= Thanks Ulee & Fieldz for setting up the servers in both AMS2 & rF2. :)
5-4 3:05:06 =Fieldzy= I have 2 Old School servers up. First race starts with the Torana for two weeks. Then the XB Falcon. So you have time to practice.
4-4 13:16:56 =UleeDeway= @=Lildave= I have added which are the DLC tracks in the first post for the series. It is about half and half, DLC versus standard tracks. All the cars are default though, as I don't think I have bought any DLC cars.
4-4 7:31:26 =paps= @Dave ...we'll all be up and racing soon enough in rF2 as thats 'what we have always used' . I know its been a slow start to the year and your keen to race with your new gear, but please be patient..Like Fieldzy said we just need a little more input to make it happen.
4-4 7:30:08 =Fieldzy= Need some input for rf2 series. One man can't do this.
3-4 23:05:38 =UleeDeway= Hopefully before too long we will have an RF2 series ready to go too. I'll have to check tonight, but I think it may just be the default stuff with AMS2 that we are using for the WTF series. I have forgotten though. I will let you know tonight.
3-4 18:26:24 =Lildave= I meant rFactor, thats what we have always used, had a look at ams2, how much do I have to buy to race? Everything is $532 ?
3-4 6:05:44 GBarnier It all comes down to priorities Ulee, and the threat of harm when you make the wrong choice :-*
3-4 3:28:33 =UleeDeway= Just came to a realization. And no I did not forget, just did not put two and two together. The next round of the WTF series is scheduled for my wife's 50th birthday. I am thinking I can't really skip that one. How's the 23rd sound?
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