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21-4 6:01:12 =paps= I won't be racing tonight guys, :(
20-4 23:48:21 =FIELDZY= One week to go rf2 dx11 just posted on studio-397 yeh
20-4 11:09:31 =FIELDZY= «link»
20-4 11:09:01 =FIELDZY= How close is sim racing to real life.https://drracing.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/how-close-is-close-enough/
20-4 11:08:39 =FIELDZY= How close in sim racing to real life.
19-4 19:44:11 =Chill= how to use multiple drives in steam «link»
16-4 4:02:58 =Spacko= have you guys seen this «link»
16-4 3:38:54 =DOCKY= Keen for an Easter shoot tonight boy's
13-4 8:52:33 =DOCKY= Pew Pew pew later on?
10-4 23:25:54 =FIELDZY= For all Aussie Supercar racing for 2017 here is the link «link»
10-4 7:54:15 =paps= Do we have no EXILE server up At the Moment?
8-4 8:28:03 =paps= PEW..
8-4 8:27:52 =paps= Pew.pew
8-4 8:26:53 =paps= pew!..
8-4 3:01:41 =paps= points are UP! O.O
7-4 11:44:43 Adsta Happy birthday to your son. (I hope that wasn't to elaborate for some. :| 0
7-4 8:15:12 Adsta Ooooh, double figures for Zed v2. Do us a favour Zed v1, don't introduce him to sim racing, one zippy Zed is enough. Hopefully he'll discover girls first, we'll be safe then. I know he'll have a good birthday, they say I act like a 10 y/o and I have fun. :D
7-4 4:55:32 =FIELDZY= Happy birthday little ZED:D
7-4 3:44:31 ZED My boy's 10th birthday, I'll try and be there for race 2.....good luck all. ;)
3-4 8:04:58 =paps= pewpewpew :P
1-4 3:22:24 =paps= Points are up! :)
1-4 1:46:35 ZED Race 2 Kenny and I were no more than 3 car lengths the whole race.....fair fast and feisty racing.....Stevoe leading with 4 laps left got swamped by us 2 and SS, went from first to 4th in the last 2 turns...no touches anywhere.
1-4 0:50:49 ZED Racing was very close last night.....great fun
31-3 12:42:40 Adsta Race 1 was the best though. Leading can be lonely, chasing and battling is better. ;)
31-3 12:41:16 Adsta What a night at Watkins, apart from race 2 :S . First time I've led the whole race ( 3 ) and won. Full defensive line for the last lap to hold off an unrelenting Zed attack. Respect for the clean contest Zed.
31-3 5:26:43 =paps= great news Fieldzy, see you ontrack tonight mate.
31-3 2:41:28 =FIELDZY= I'm ready for tonight pc fixed
25-3 4:47:49 ZED yep...just for the fun of it!!!!
25-3 1:31:55 =paps= Awesome 20min battle lastnight ZED. :P
24-3 17:10:06 Adsta (!) No need to give me the link.
24-3 10:48:19 =paps= Feel free to contribute anytime there Adsta.. «link»
24-3 10:03:04 Adsta Who didn't pay the bills
24-3 8:47:42 =FIELDZY= Guys I'm out full system backup 5 hours to go. Have a great race night.
24-3 7:57:46 =Dashman= Sure you do!!:P
24-3 3:58:34 =paps= Hope you make it for tonughts race Fieldzy.
23-3 11:49:07 =FIELDZY= My turn this week computer problems. Picking up parts tomorrow to fix if time permits
19-3 8:40:28 =Zero= We had a play on it earlier Docky. Maybe a bit big for exile. from the edge of the map to the middle was 18km. lol
19-3 7:35:00 =DOCKY= How did the Aussie map go Kunkie ?
19-3 6:03:54 =paps= Points are UP!
19-3 6:03:23 =paps= Thanks Fieldzy... :)
18-3 7:27:59 =FIELDZY= Next week track up rf2
18-3 6:59:57 ZED If my ears don't deceive me Ulee...you were singing a Rhianna song? «link»
18-3 6:41:44 ORA-Ulee Deway Lucky you!!! But what does retired mean? For some reason I doubt I will ever see that day. Work, work , work;)
18-3 6:39:16 =DOCKY= Just one of the advantages of being retired Ulee . It's a hard life but I manage to struggle through it mate
17-3 22:55:38 =Chill= ouch mate
17-3 11:01:04 joeldc Whats the go with computers dying mine did the same :( and only had it set up for a month
17-3 9:13:09 =Chill= setting up new puter, might be a while
17-3 8:44:54 Adsta Sheesh, what will the next excuse Paps? "The dog ate my modem!" :P
17-3 5:12:42 =paps= Will miss tonight again....the pc has crapped itself this time!!!
17-3 3:38:21 ORA-Ulee Deway Lunchtime and Dock is in TS!!! Doesn't he ever work?
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