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29-5 4:03:20 =UleeDeway= i say we leave the times there so all you fasties know us slow folk feel!!! :D
28-5 21:11:19 =paps= :O
28-5 11:55:16 Boldaussie a 123.2 and still can't get on the leader board...LOL
27-5 12:00:12 =UleeDeway= The AI are gone now.
27-5 10:52:07 Boldaussie Too fast for me toooooooooooooooooooooO.O
27-5 9:36:54 =paps= :_(
27-5 9:29:59 =paps= yES!!!
27-5 9:26:22 =UleeDeway= Too fast for you?
27-5 8:53:49 =paps= Whats with the AI on the 24H server?? :|
27-5 8:49:16 =paps= Thanks Fieldzee
27-5 8:28:11 =FIELDZY= Servers updated and set. Yes chance of rain at half race.
27-5 8:14:21 =FIELDZY= Road Atlanta will be up within the hour.
26-5 23:38:44 Boldaussie LOL....race 2 was a bit like the Red Sea parting, which was fortunate for me......as it didn't look like I was gunna pass anyone on that track. :S
26-5 11:24:06 =paps= As I watch you go past whilst I'm stuck in the sand!!! :S
26-5 6:48:31 =paps= Woot!!...I think I've the ol'Bentley locked down this time! see you all in my mirrors!! :P
26-5 6:24:31 =FIELDZY= Race day all
26-5 3:19:06 =UleeDeway= Difficult to give a review at this point, but I did a couple of stages last night and it is ... different for sure. It felt more difficult, and perhaps more realistic, but does need some tinkering I think to make it feel even better. Dare I say it is an improvement on the original. I think my new PC may have something to do with that though, so not sure it is a fair fight. Both the original and the new are tons of fun though, so at 50%, it is definitely worth it.
25-5 23:35:38 GBarnier No decision on a headset yet, so many models and reviews are mixed :S
25-5 23:33:42 GBarnier Waiting for your verdict Ulee ...
25-5 8:34:53 =paps= :P
25-5 8:06:33 =UleeDeway= done
25-5 6:03:27 =paps= Oh maybe Mine wasn't a PRelease..I think I got a day or two after....hmm early onset coming on!:S
25-5 5:56:59 =paps= But mine being a pre-release version, I may have scored a couple of extra things. :D
25-5 5:55:23 =paps= it's cheap! I payed nearly $100 for mine. O.O
25-5 5:54:07 =paps= Order the DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition and receive:
- Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec
- Upgraded 'My Team' starter cars
- x5 Early vehicle unlocks added to your team garage

The DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition also includes:
DiRT Season I:
x3 tracks
x5 cars
In-Game Bonuses
High reward events

DiRT Season II:
x3 tracks
x5 cars
In-Game Bonuses
High reward events
25-5 2:04:10 =UleeDeway= I'm sure Paps can give us the low down on DR. Isn't he a paid salesman of theirs?
25-5 2:03:21 =UleeDeway= I got mine for a steal. Around $100 here in Japan years ago. Best bargain I have found to date!!! never seen another set though.
25-5 1:54:28 GBarnier Thanks Ulee, those headsets are available at $399.
25-5 1:53:27 GBarnier Doesn’t say which extra cars/tracks you get with the deluxe edition?
25-5 0:47:15 GBarnier Criky, seems like it’s just the basic game with heaps of paid DLC to complete the game.
25-5 0:43:54 =UleeDeway= How good is it Paps?
25-5 0:40:59 GBarnier Still not enough? :P
25-5 0:10:31 =UleeDeway= «link»
25-5 0:09:07 =UleeDeway= Did I see that Dirt Rally 2 is now 50% off!?!?
24-5 15:02:03 =UleeDeway= I've tried several and by far my favorites are the beyerdynamic MMX300. May be pretty difficult to find though as they are getting old. Use them everyday, and for a few years already. Had to replace the pads last year though.
24-5 12:43:56 GBarnier Any recommendations for a new headset with mic (wireless or wired)?
24-5 5:03:05 =UleeDeway= Most Excellent
24-5 0:09:12 Bill Kilowatts (solved) with the change in hardware I did recently the 'rfm' files went missing(??) reinstalled yesterday...last night.... this morning :P all good now :D
22-5 21:18:50 =paps= :P
22-5 16:23:37 Bill Kilowatts yes Aussie been through that, I have to learn tracks some how Papsy, or try out some so I can make suggestions :D
22-5 8:24:14 =paps= *thumbsup*
22-5 8:17:28 =FIELDZY= I have put Zandvoort up for GT3. See what you all think.
22-5 6:46:45 =paps= Single player???... who does that??...wouldn't even know what button to klick to make it work!! :S
22-5 5:03:50 Boldaussie Have you selected all cars and tracks?
22-5 3:07:53 Bill Kilowatts is anyone else having a problem with r2 single player? only loads race mods we have done before???
21-5 11:47:17 =Rat= ill be baaaack soon!
20-5 2:11:19 =paps= lol @ Bill
19-5 13:07:50 Bill Kilowatts Doing my thing and trying to be tidy in race 2 ;) might be a hold up but at least I'm not a chicane :P , pitted just got going server crashed... oh dear... heard the missus on Skype... " hey you what have you done to the connection??" followed later by my grovelling apology for being a smart arse :D
19-5 12:50:56 =UleeDeway= I thought so too. ;)
19-5 12:42:12 =paps= Pfft...shit excuse Ulee!! :P
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