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25-6 0:41:04 =paps= when are we having a crack at these new ArMA maps? :P
24-6 10:41:43 ORA-Ulee Deway What mods did Kunkie suggest getting last night? I need a note pad when he comes on every time. ;)
23-6 9:48:30 =FIELDZY= Hardcore BBQ 29/07/2017 RSVP Fieldzy. Location Brisbane
23-6 8:22:29 =Chill= yep
23-6 8:15:52 =FIELDZY= Is anyone showing for racing shake down tonight?.
23-6 7:24:02 kunkie also steams summer sale started today... huge savings to be had!

goodbye wallet... haha
23-6 7:22:23 kunkie arma has a new game mode, new map and massive update... 6.5gb :O
18-6 9:55:18 =DOCKY= Yes Ulee I'll be on for a bit of pew pew pew later tonight champ if you're around
18-6 9:42:35 ORA-Ulee Deway pew pew x 2
18-6 9:20:18 =paps= pewpew ..
18-6 3:14:27 =Chill= v8rumble
17-6 6:13:47 =Adsta= Change password. Sounds like someone has loose lips.
17-6 5:05:34 =FIELDZY= Sorry last post wrong track. This is what I Found a great track rf2 Nogaro 1.82
17-6 2:17:41 =FIELDZY= Found a great track rf2 Norisring v1.12 on steam worth a look.
16-6 23:57:24 =Chill= ts passworded same as usual
16-6 23:25:20 =Chill= any created rooms disappear when you kick em
16-6 23:24:26 =Chill= anyone can create a room and by default it appears below the admin room unless specified otherwise
16-6 23:18:07 =paps= do we need to password ts (?)
16-6 21:11:10 =BK= Just banned 10 more. Noticed some users were able to create channels under the admin section.
16-6 10:48:48 =FIELDZY= I'VE been waiting for someone to join me all night.
16-6 10:08:03 ZED I might see how Brandy's Snatch likes a Fezza tonight. Anyone wanna join in?:P
16-6 7:25:05 Typhon Cool, I'll grab Apex and Marksmen.
16-6 7:18:51 =Chill= works alot like rf2 beyond that, for example 1944 server requires you to subscribe to that mod in workshop
16-6 7:18:11 =Chill= apex mod marksmen dlc helicopters dlc will get you into everythingwill get you into
16-6 7:17:54 =paps= Should get APEX but
16-6 7:17:24 =Chill= basic game will get you into server 1 no problem, that's the invade and annex
16-6 7:16:39 Typhon stupid fat fingers. I have the base game, is it only Apex that I need to buy? It's on sale on STEAM atm.
16-6 7:14:32 Typhon If I want to join the ARMA server what di I need to buy?, I already have
16-6 6:24:14 =Rat= well done Paps!! I saw them in there the other day, but was unsure of what to do..sorry
16-6 0:50:35 =paps= I think i.ve banned about 10 of em in the past two days :|
15-6 13:21:44 ZED A couple of Ruskys on atm in qq??
15-6 11:55:48 =DOCKY= Any members feel free to ban these fucktards . There coming on making there own rooms , I when I went to ask them what they were doing . One of them had the cheek to have a go at me about it . So I can the dog fucking sand monkey and six of his mates . We're a pretty welcoming bunch , but there is a limit
15-6 11:50:36 =DOCKY= Not sure where all these FUCKING randoms on ts are coming from , but it's not on it's not a public ts .
15-6 5:31:50 =BK= Congrats =Chill=... now the fun starts ;)
15-6 5:12:25 =FIELDZY= Congrates to =Chill= baby boy came into the world yesterday. yeh O.O
14-6 7:09:39 =paps= RaceRfactor Montreal 2013 - «link»
14-6 7:02:16 =paps= ZOLDER 2016 - «link»
11-6 6:03:00 =Chill= server updated to 1.6
10-6 23:38:20 =FIELDZY= Oschersleben just got updated to 1.16
10-6 3:45:40 =paps= Hell Yeah.. :D
10-6 3:09:17 2ndLastJedi It's great mods are starting to flow to DX11 now .
10-6 0:34:20 ZED Montreal DX11 «link»
9-6 9:00:26 =Adsta= Twinkle bloody twinkle
9-6 7:46:35 =Chill= someone give Fieldzy a gold star
8-6 11:33:12 2ndLastJedi Hi Guys , I'd just like to thank @FIELDZY for getting me sorted and helping get my FFB feeling the best its been yet and my new Fanatec wheel stand .
6-6 12:38:10 =Adsta= Algester! So was it Paps or Fieldzy who scared you that much that it made you lose all common sense and dignity to join the great unwashed of the southside scum? :P
4-6 4:22:20 ORA-Ulee Deway I'm sure you are even ready for some ARMA already too. ;)
4-6 0:17:55 =paps= Noice
3-6 12:18:22 =Chill= holy mcshit, 3 days of hell and we are 90% moved to our new house in Algester. 100mbps down and 40mbps up
2-6 10:33:22 =paps= :P And sound like V8Supecars..
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