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20-6 3:40:18 Blaktop And me...:)
20-6 1:59:57 =paps= Me!!
20-6 0:04:27 =UleeDeway= Who is up for some WTF practice tonight?
17-6 4:33:20 =FIELDZY= Yes jules I’ll be on about 7.00pm
17-6 1:09:04 Jules Thanks Dave. Fieldzy, give me a shout if you are on this evening re the skin. Thanks.
16-6 9:11:09 =paps= might have to buy it first!! :S
16-6 8:59:35 =FIELDZY= Thanks Dave for the links
16-6 8:55:50 =paps= might have to jump on and have a crack at the Aston me thinks.. :D
16-6 8:53:55 =FIELDZY= I’ll be on ts 30 minutes Jules so you can get your skin
16-6 8:33:54 =Lildave= Two strong pack.https://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/365960/detail/1011/
16-6 8:17:01 =Lildave= There Jules.
16-6 8:16:33 =Lildave= «link»
16-6 8:15:58 =Lildave= «link»
16-6 8:08:16 =UleeDeway= Congrats GB. At least now you don't ONLY look like a Grandad. ;)
16-6 6:40:34 =paps= Congrats Grampa! :P
16-6 6:27:54 =FIELDZY= That's great news GB
16-6 4:04:07 Jules Congrats to you all GB
16-6 3:47:00 GBarnier Michelle and I became proud grandparents for the first time when our daughter gave birth to a little girl last night. Mum and Bub doing great.
15-6 19:17:41 =FIELDZY= Link for porsche cup Gold Coast track «link»
15-6 19:03:09 =FIELDZY= Dlc studio 397
15-6 13:08:20 Blaktop Or are they just the Studio 397 GTE cars?
15-6 12:54:04 Blaktop What is the car mod for the GTE server
15-6 12:30:59 =UleeDeway= GO.OD Idea
15-6 9:56:05 =FIELDZY= Due to resent teamspeak hackers it is now has a password. it is our old one from v8 days.
15-6 9:08:00 =FIELDZY= Jules skin pic in Porsche cup thread pm me if you want anything changed
15-6 8:13:39 Jules Thanks =paps=
15-6 8:09:34 =paps= I think next round is Gold Coast, ..all details are posted in OP «link» :)
15-6 7:53:17 Jules Im going in the Server 1 for a bit of practice! What's the next event we are doing?
15-6 7:47:59 Jules Yep still confused, how if I finish a race and not last do I get 0 points from the final Porsche Race last night. Was it because I had lots of incident points? :P
15-6 7:47:43 =FIELDZY= PAPS replays in ts
15-6 7:36:47 =FIELDZY= Radical points have been fixed.
15-6 7:36:13 =FIELDZY= Points system we are using is in the Porsche cup forum.
15-6 6:18:11 Blaktop And here's a tutorial on painting and installing a skin. «link»
15-6 6:15:56 Blaktop Look in Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Templates. Most of your templates are stored there. The Porsche and the Radical definitely are. There is also a windows and windowsIN template for the Porsche (if you want to remove the writing on the windows of the car you use as a base.
15-6 5:52:22 =paps= Fieldzy probably the best to ask on both matters there buddy..I,m sure he'll reply as soon as he's home from work.
15-6 5:15:39 Jules Looking for a skin template for the Porsche and Radical if anyone can tell me where to DL them please?
15-6 4:41:51 Jules Can someone explain how the scoring works please?
14-6 5:06:28 =FIELDZY= Just a reminder for all to do a race start in single player mod under lights to check you don't have any problems. Please
14-6 4:35:43 =paps= this is another thats worth a look...Two Strong Pack - «link»
14-6 4:34:11 =Lildave= Plus I don't think they will need to have a sale to sell content after the 24 hour.
14-6 4:32:22 =Lildave= Been checking out steam "sales" and it looks like there is one due in about a week. I'll grab the Challenger pack and see if I can be patient enough for other stuff. all good paps I found them. Just got my new screen and can't seem to help myself.
14-6 4:30:16 =paps= Endurance Pack - «link»
14-6 4:28:48 =paps= GT3 Challengers Pack - «link»
14-6 4:26:08 =paps= GT3 pack - «link»
14-6 4:24:00 =paps= most of us have all the GT3, and endurance series cars mate, ..i'm pretty crap at search of this stuff but i'll try and dig up some links for you now.
14-6 4:13:25 =Lildave= I want to buy some GT3 cars. Have you guys got one of the packs, and if so which one??
14-6 3:58:53 =paps= hell yeah great production..this will definitely keep me occupied until our race time.!
14-6 3:55:36 =UleeDeway= Yeah, been watching while I work. It is pretty cool, and high quality production. Some very big names too. Both Sim Racers and Real Drivers.
14-6 3:44:10 =Lildave= How cool is it =paps=? Been up half the night.....O.O
14-6 3:39:21 =paps= :D
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