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27-12 3:34:35 =UleeDeway= Whats a sober =paps=? 8)
27-12 2:05:54 =Adsta= Well, you'll have to do a few more. Someone will do a 44 easy. A sober Paps perhaps. ;)
26-12 14:09:55 =UleeDeway= WOW!!! a 46.799 is all I could get tonight. And that took a bunch of laps. Good fun though.
26-12 13:05:34 =paps= :S
26-12 12:16:19 =Adsta= Beat ya Paps. :P
26-12 5:18:09 =Knuckles= made it just the brabham for an even playing field
26-12 3:25:05 =paps= Freakin awesome Knucks.
26-12 2:47:40 =Knuckles= we could also chuck the houstons on there because they used to race it as well
26-12 2:42:21 =Knuckles= Hotlap Horror Smash on server 3. Your choice of two very deadly mid seventies F1 cars from s397 on a track that was closed 2 years earlier for being too dangerous....
26-12 2:17:25 =Knuckles= super rad
25-12 9:28:22 =paps= I'll setup a =Hardcore= DiRTRally event tomorrow. for anyone thats interested in giving it a crack, I'll post details on the forum in the morning.. :P
25-12 3:43:38 =UleeDeway= Just another working day here in Japan. Hope you all enjoy the holidays.
25-12 0:21:25 GBarnier Merry Christmas to everyone, all the best for the new year.
25-12 0:20:10 GBarnier Or dirt rally?
24-12 14:14:35 =UleeDeway= Yeah, I couldn't find anything more recent either. I know it is a sin to say here, but what about AC? Tons of good old cars, and from memory some good hillclimb stuff too. Just a thought.
24-12 5:50:55 =paps= maybe we need to fire up those freakin Howston Dissenter things and take'm out for a spin somewhere.. O.O
24-12 5:41:26 =paps= I looked for Hillclimbs for 3 days Ulee...I think I had already downloaded every one for rF2 on the planet a year ago and there hasn't been a new one since. :|
24-12 4:48:14 =UleeDeway= Something old, sounds perfect, but not easy with RF2. I'll have a look tonight and see if I can find a good car and maybe even a hillclimb if I'm lucky.
23-12 9:41:38 =FIELDZY= Heading away so Merry xmas to all. :) :):)
23-12 6:26:56 =BK= so long as he doesn't want double time ;)
22-12 23:36:35 =Knuckles= cheers BK, I'll see if the tech department guy can sort something out
22-12 22:46:57 =BK= looks like the CUP Terrains Core has been update... now ver 1.11.0.
22-12 20:32:42 =FIELDZY= Nice new content have to wait till next year to drive. lol
22-12 20:31:27 =paps= NEW! GT3 Challengers Pack NOW Available! = «link»
22-12 5:33:28 =Knuckles= mmm mmm mmm poff poff
21-12 8:26:28 =paps= Sounds like a plan! Something OLD would be cool, I know it's not everyones cup of Sake... however I think the little setup in the older cars evens the playing field overall..
21-12 8:24:47 =Knuckles= in what where?
21-12 8:24:42 =Knuckles= sounds good
21-12 6:56:51 =UleeDeway= We should have a hotlap or hillclimb competition over the holidays!!! Then we can run whenever we get a chance.
18-12 19:52:27 =paps= Just checking!
18-12 11:38:27 =UleeDeway= Gez, you scared me there =paps=
18-12 9:59:46 =paps= Boo!
15-12 1:44:26 =paps= :-*
15-12 1:40:39 =UleeDeway= Let's get ready to rumble!!!! Today is the day, boys and =Paps=!!! ;)
9-12 20:01:27 =BK= Thank you
9-12 19:18:01 =Knuckles= Woot
9-12 10:12:32 =Kunkie= ive updated the exile server, all requirements show as green now and is OK to join
9-12 8:18:49 =Knuckles= took it online and restarted everything
9-12 7:47:20 =Knuckles= copy that
9-12 6:55:24 =BK= looks like a new hot fix - my version is now 1.88 and the server is 1.86
9-12 5:45:47 =Knuckles= unless it's buggered up overnight...
9-12 5:45:32 =Knuckles= join through the launch using "setup and join" should work
9-12 5:45:07 =Knuckles= could be you BK, we had to change a few things because of the warlords update
9-12 5:36:51 =BK= does the Arma server need updating or is it mt end?
4-12 9:07:03 =Knuckles= crikey
4-12 7:48:33 =Dashman= Just a heads up for all...the arma servers are down...I repeat, the arma server kaput! Obviously the Warlords update has play havoc...nooooooo! surely not! Tried to update everything...seemed to work. Im guessing ya basic mod type programs...
3-12 8:35:20 =Knuckles= rekn GB
2-12 12:57:50 GBarnier Great way to spend an afternoon ... booze and guns :D
2-12 11:37:41 =paps= rdgr
2-12 11:32:02 =Knuckles= Power troubles here
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