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20-10 20:23:49 =FIELDZY= Just got back in server and no mirrors on celica wtf.
20-10 20:11:24 =FIELDZY= Adsta hud crashing game
20-10 8:54:23 =Dashman= ladies and ladies!! news flash! news flash!! I have mirrors working in the 4 banggers at morgan park. If some others would like to join to see if its been fixed all round...f**king get only. We sposed to be racing arnt we!!! :P :D
20-10 4:08:05 Bill Kilowatts linky for the Gte please I still haven't got that yet
19-10 21:34:59 =FIELDZY= So we running the Apex mod tonight or Gte mod ?
18-10 7:11:28 =FIELDZY= I just tested an update and the Bentley is fixed. Don't know when the official update comes out but it will be soon.
18-10 3:52:16 =FIELDZY= Yes i have an update to test tonight. Keep u informed.
18-10 1:55:53 Bill Kilowatts Did you get a response from the mod developers FIELDZY?
16-10 11:50:53 =FIELDZY= Don't worry I have found a work around. But if you use the Bentley don't change the rear tyres to medium it kicks you out.
16-10 8:57:18 =FIELDZY= I need someone to go onto the apex mod server in a Bentley. Than make a setup, save it and assign it. Go and do some laps. Then go into garage and just change the tyre type and see if you get kicked out of the server. Thanks
16-10 7:13:17 =paps= :P
16-10 6:59:06 =BK= present for you Paps at 058106 - 4752
15-10 8:08:19 =Knuckles= as soon as they fix the mirrors bill
15-10 2:46:10 =FIELDZY= Done a complete new install of rf2.
14-10 14:07:22 Bill Kilowatts are we continuing with the bangers next week?
14-10 11:21:23 =FIELDZY= It is the track just changed the server to next track and no problems. I have 2 Watkins and can't unsubscribe to the bad one it keeps installing. wtf
14-10 8:14:34 =paps= I'm Ready now dash, jumpin on TS in 5min
14-10 7:47:09 =Dashman= heya papa. Porsche ready for tryout when ya want it :D
13-10 7:38:13 Ulee Deway Sorry can't make it tonight guys.
13-10 6:40:43 =Adsta= Got the Amphicar ready for tonight. 8)
13-10 2:14:56 =paps= Oh! ok...Cheers Ulee.
13-10 2:06:53 Ulee Deway Make sure you register for this Paps. Haven't seen your name up at their list yet. ;)
12-10 8:57:02 =paps= I already got Dash to do my skin. ;)
12-10 8:54:18 =paps= There in rFactor TS..
12-10 8:38:21 =FIELDZY= Paps I need your logo could you put in ts for me please
11-10 6:31:51 =paps= need to catchup on ts bro
11-10 6:31:04 =paps= Whatchudrivin? :P
11-10 6:26:39 =FIELDZY= Yes
11-10 6:04:35 =paps= are you going to have a crack at this KSR joint series thing Fieldz?
7-10 8:10:56 =paps= yeah man.. how good was Lowndesy..
7-10 6:16:50 =FIELDZY= The Lowndes machine yeh
7-10 6:15:19 =FIELDZY= The Low
7-10 0:11:56 =paps= Happy Bathurst Day!! :D
7-10 0:11:34 =paps= YeHaw.. lets GO GO GO.
6-10 2:23:30 Bill Kilowatts :O :O:O
4-10 9:56:36 =FIELDZY= they are only at 98%
4-10 8:19:08 =paps= Bloody hell.. how F@cKiN quick are they!
4-10 8:13:19 =FIELDZY= Sorry that was me just having fun.
4-10 7:27:21 =paps= «link»
4-10 6:57:18 =paps= Those Times~~ O.O
4-10 6:56:22 =paps= Why?
4-10 6:56:03 =paps= AI on our rF2 servers... Really!!
1-10 6:43:42 Bill Kilowatts board can't take it, will pop a 2 gig in for the time being get me out of trouble, time for an update
30-9 16:54:04 =Adsta= just make sure motherboard has a PCIe 3.0 x 16 slot for GPU not just a 2.0. How many monitors and what resolution are using or planning to use?
30-9 9:55:19 Bill Kilowatts yeah been looking at a 4 gig gpu just got to confirm the board can take it :D
30-9 9:41:50 =Adsta= Yep, 60hz is the least of your worries. 1gb card, probably ok for rF1.
30-9 8:13:38 =Knuckles= 60hz is fine bill, if you've only got 1 gig of graphics memory i'd be looking for a new card. depends on what the rest of your system has too though
30-9 5:33:13 Bill Kilowatts Tech question gents, refresh rate versus response time?
30-9 4:22:14 Bill Kilowatts I think the screen and the GPU are the main causes Adsta, 60hz doesn't really cut it anymore and 1 gig graphics falls a bit short of the mark
30-9 2:42:06 =Adsta= Well that could depend on how many other things your pc is trying to do while rF is running. What CPU, GPU, Ram etc have you got.
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