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3-7 13:16:17 =HellspA= pm me lol
3-7 13:09:54 =HellspA= been awhile folks whats the ts3 password?
3-7 10:01:38 =UleeDeway= I'm still at work, so won't be able to make it as usual.
3-7 7:27:36 =Fieldzy= GTE race night at Zandvoort 8.00pm sharp.
2-7 8:26:37 =UleeDeway= What's Kunkie up to these days? We may need some help with the ARMA servers.
1-7 12:06:29 =UleeDeway= Hey Dashman!!! Glad to hear from ya. Thinking about getting Satturday nights going again, if we can get a few guys in to the ARMA server.
1-7 12:00:14 =Lildave= =Dashman=, If I can make a come back, so can you. Been way to long to not talk with my friends. And shit lets be honest, heaps better than sex.
1-7 11:38:14 =Dashman= hmmm...well with the way China is ramping shit up, Might be time to get back into arma and practice up! Knucks has got the right idea with Hardcore Blasters. Its all getting outta hand!
1-7 10:41:54 =Fieldzy= sorry no ts till Knuckle looks at tomorrow
1-7 9:53:56 =Fieldzy= Just updating server so should fix it.
1-7 9:30:25 =Fieldzy= Sorry can't start ts don't know what is wrong.
1-7 9:12:34 =Fieldzy= YEH
1-7 9:09:14 =UleeDeway= Happy Canada Day!!! :D
1-7 8:46:27 =Fieldzy= I’ll check be on in 15
1-7 8:28:38 =Lildave= Is TS down?
30-6 8:18:27 =paps= Dunno about Dash, doesn't seem to be around much anymore..maybe he's found somewhere/one better to be around these days? :(
30-6 3:45:31 =UleeDeway= Where is =Dashman= again?
30-6 2:04:53 =UleeDeway= We noticed. ;)
29-6 21:52:54 =paps= That would be nice. however with my current work load I find it hard to stay awake past 7pm.. O.O
29-6 3:46:38 =UleeDeway= Is it worth giving shooting shit Saturdays another shot? Or should we try something else?
29-6 3:16:40 =UleeDeway= You stupid old bugger!!! :P
29-6 0:39:13 =Fieldzy= Lol
28-6 20:54:25 =paps= Shit sorry guys,.. well and truly fell off the perch last night. Was looking forward to racing at the Goldy too.. :|
28-6 9:54:21 =Fieldzy= paps we are waiting
28-6 0:04:04 =paps= Yes!
27-6 12:57:59 =UleeDeway= Anyone else missing our ARMA nights?
27-6 5:25:28 =Fieldzy= That’s always a done deal
27-6 1:22:04 Bill Kilowatts only if you share set ups Fieldzy :D :D
26-6 23:14:18 =Fieldzy= Don't forget Porsche Cup at Gold Coast this Sunday. Get on server for practice.
26-6 11:06:57 =UleeDeway= restarted the ARMA server just now.
26-6 7:09:13 =Fieldzy= Race tonight 8.00 pm start
26-6 7:03:58 =Fieldzy= RF2 server updated.
26-6 6:15:27 =Fieldzy= I'm doing rf2 now.
26-6 3:12:19 =UleeDeway= I can restart it, but not for a few hours.
26-6 1:45:53 ActionIsHisReward Hi there, is there an admin that can reset the Arma mission, there is a glitch on one of the camps and so cant proceed. thanks
25-6 22:25:22 =Fieldzy= Guys update is out for gte but we wil still run the aston tonight I’ll update server when i get home tonight
25-6 7:12:10 =paps= Yeah good idea Fieldz, I need some fresh content..so probably need a new video or 2, give me a couple of days and i'll get something together. ;)
25-6 3:38:29 =FIELDZY= Hey Paps do you think we should update our website video only if you can n have the time. Just thought it could do with a fresh look. What’s your thoughts.
25-6 3:35:44 =FIELDZY= There is an bop for gte coming soon so until then we will do one make car races
25-6 2:13:20 Bill Kilowatts So if I stick an Aston badge on the truck does that qualify??? :P
25-6 1:47:50 =FIELDZY= This Friday night race will be in the Aston gte. So all drivers need to be in it. Cheers from your Race Director.
21-6 23:07:52 =UleeDeway= You'll love the next ones then FIELDZY ;)
21-6 19:43:34 =FIELDZY= Great effort to all that raced last night. I’m hopeless with fast cars but that’s just how it goes.
21-6 8:01:06 =UleeDeway= Last time everyone was late because of the early start time.
21-6 7:23:55 Blaktop So is qualifying 7.00 or 7.30. It says one thing in the series post and another in Ulee's round post.
21-6 7:17:12 Blaktop There you go Bill.... :) «link»
21-6 4:20:10 Bill Kilowatts sorry Ulee I meant the Porker cup and support series I have the radicals and tracks but not the base Porsche mod
21-6 4:16:18 =paps= don't think the Porsche is on the GTE server Bill. - «link»
21-6 3:51:22 Bill Kilowatts which Porker do I need for the GTE cup?
20-6 9:25:42 =UleeDeway= I&ll be there in 10 minutes
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