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7-6 7:45:16 =Fieldzy= The other server has Trans AM TA2 on Townsville 2023 track
7-6 7:44:15 =Fieldzy= Old school server has Road Alanta and 1968-1972 Trans Am. Fustang, AMC Javelin, Dodge Challenger, 68 Camaro, Cuda and Pontiac Firebird. These have been updated by Storm Gang Sim.
7-6 7:41:36 =Fieldzy= GT4 Server has Alpine and Donington GP on it.
7-6 7:40:54 =Fieldzy= Yes great racing Sunday.
4-6 22:35:19 =paps= Awesome racing last night boys.
27-5 1:53:12 =Fieldzy= Thanks
26-5 22:30:54 =paps= Thanks Ulee.
26-5 14:35:33 =UleeDeway= Yes, when the AMS2 server gets restarted, it seems to like defaulting back to Brands. I have fixed it up for Sunday's race now.
26-5 8:30:07 =Fieldzy= AMS2 server has Brands Hatch on it.
25-5 6:51:45 =paps= Woot :P
24-5 11:06:00 =UleeDeway= Round 5 Details
Sunday, 28 May 2023
GT1 at Hockenheim 1988 (DLC)
Start Time: Quali Starts at 7:00pm
Race Length: 1.2 hours (75 minutes)
1x Mandatory Pit Stop for Fuel and Tires
22-5 1:23:12 =Fieldzy= Great racing last night. Thanks everyome for the turnout.
18-5 4:19:00 =paps= thanks mate.
18-5 3:06:08 =Fieldzy= All server are working fine with update. I have entered each one gone to track all's good.
17-5 22:20:34 =paps= There’s been a rF2 hotfix update overnight, wouldn’t recommend updating servers at this point, been a few reports of server’s crashing
16-5 6:30:36 =paps= So might be the Alpines again this weekend..
16-5 6:29:12 =paps= The Supra however is still stuffed..justt tried it!!
16-5 6:28:24 =paps= Oops sorry ..I was yelling :P
16-5 6:27:57 =paps= pORSCHE SOUNDS ARE FINE.
16-5 5:14:47 =Fieldzy= P[orsche GT4 sound problem fix. Turn up the legacy settings. Car sound good when you do this.
16-5 4:20:16 =Fieldzy= Hi all sever being updated now. All will be back up and running soon.
15-5 22:01:41 =paps= @Blaktop did you get things sorted mate?
15-5 21:38:11 -=[FDG]=-Goanna Thanks Paps
15-5 21:29:26 =paps= @Koil @Goanna «link»
15-5 8:26:23 -=[FDG]=-Goanna @Koil, when ya find it matey, send me a link please, buggered if I can find it. Discord apparently only searches “community” servers, can’t even find FDG’S one and I created it lol
15-5 7:29:18 =paps= @Koil Yes mate, If you already have Discord we're easy enough to find.
15-5 4:13:22 KoiL Ok Cheers'. Shall I just search Discord for HARDCORE?
15-5 4:13:03 Blaktop Full reinstall required....not happy
15-5 4:03:34 =UleeDeway= @KoiL We were actually using Discord last night for the first time on a race night.
15-5 3:54:45 =UleeDeway= @Blaktop Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded a few days ago and had no issues ... yet at least. ;)
15-5 3:16:47 KoiL Hi guy's, tried to join you all last night but I didn't save the TS password. Can someone post it please or I.M me? Also there was a car missing, but couldn't find it which was weird.
15-5 2:40:26 Blaktop Be cautious at the cars download site. I just downloaded them a copped a virus in Chrome....cleaning it up now....I hope
14-5 3:31:40 =paps= Thanks Ulee :D
14-5 2:03:15 =UleeDeway= RF2 Old School Server is currently set up with these cars and track:
12-5 1:07:38 =UleeDeway= Friday, Friday, Friday!!!
10-5 11:37:37 =UleeDeway= RF2 this week
Sunday 14th May, 2023
GT4 Porsche @ Road Atlanta 2022
7-5 2:37:08 =UleeDeway= That was meant for last night, but if that still works for everyone tonight, then great.
7-5 2:21:45 =paps= easy as.
6-5 8:23:35 =UleeDeway= Discord for coms tonight, unless someone is not ready for that. :)
5-5 23:55:48 =paps= :P
5-5 13:20:40 =UleeDeway= Shooting Sh!t Saturday
WTF Racing Sunday!!!
5-5 0:01:06 =UleeDeway= oohh I can only imagine the sunburns that would cause.
4-5 6:57:58 GBarnier Quick reminder that this Saturday is World Naked Gardening Day, don your boots and gloves and get out there O.O
4-5 5:41:18 =paps= Hell yes..
4-5 0:08:19 =UleeDeway= Round 4 Details
Sunday, 7 May 2023
Copa Classic FL at Interlagos 1976
Start Time: Quali Starts at 7:00pm
Race Length: 1.0 hours (60 minutes)
1x Mandatory Pit Stop
There could be some wet weather as well. Just saying.
1-5 12:21:52 =UleeDeway= AMS2 Server is ready for this Sunday's race too.
1-5 11:17:45 =UleeDeway= All three RF2 servers are back up and running.
1-5 10:41:20 =UleeDeway= Thanks Knucks
1-5 8:26:51 =paps= YES./...Thamks Knucks
1-5 1:23:27 =Knuckles= ARMA 3 server fixed as well :)
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