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17-3 7:59:34 =UleeDeway= Finally worked it out, and using the regions to get the finishes I wanted. Two more cars to do now, because I can't decide. :S
17-3 6:37:46 =paps= It's all French to me!! O.O
17-3 6:05:57 =FIELDZY= Just use the template and delete the regional layers . Unless you are using a current car dds then thats way a layer is underneath
17-3 4:09:35 =UleeDeway= It is picking up the region dds from the other car. Figured that part out at least.
17-3 3:32:42 =UleeDeway= It worked but is really shinny and I can see the other skin below. Looks terrible.
17-3 2:48:39 =FIELDZY= Ulee just paint like you did before you don’t need the regional dds its there for soecial effect. Just save as an altyourname. dds skins still work
17-3 0:25:28 =UleeDeway= They lost me in the first minute!!! I will have to sit down and study it though. I guess my 5 minutes skins are a thing of the past though. :D
16-3 19:01:53 =Adsta= I did it Ulee. It's easy. Don't worry about Alpha layer. Follow their guide when doing the Regions.
16-3 13:27:07 =UleeDeway= Studio 397 have made skinning to difficult now. All this Alpha Layer crap, and different regions. Id o not understand it, and can't be bothered to learn. At least not now.
16-3 12:15:02 GBarnier :D
16-3 11:25:39 =UleeDeway= Narrowed it down to three cars .... maybe!!!
16-3 8:19:12 =Knuckles= just get it working Fieldzy, it's like you're not even trying
16-3 7:48:21 =paps= Looking forward to tonight, downloading tracks now.
16-3 5:04:41 =paps= thats a shame Fieldz,, :( fingersX you can make round 1 nwxt Saturday.
16-3 3:40:23 =UleeDeway= If you want to come visit, we have a spare set in the office. :D
16-3 3:35:09 =FIELDZY= I'll get a cheap set from fanactec next week till my new one arrive after April
16-3 3:34:01 =FIELDZY= Sorry guys Paps help for pedals was great but I can't get them working on my system. Thanks for you help Paps
16-3 1:36:11 =UleeDeway= Yep, for some reason these cars are getting all of us for that very reason. We are getting used to it though, and that would have been the first suggestion ... again. :)
15-3 22:42:09 =FIELDZY= Sorry all fixed forgot to unsubscribe and resubscribe all the cars for them to update.
15-3 22:25:40 =FIELDZY= ok download all the other tracks from the other post that listed all tracks. Installed all still can't get in. Links for all track might help to ensure the right tracks are what we are installing.
15-3 22:09:20 =FIELDZY= Can't get on server have both tracks as per forum?
15-3 7:33:20 =paps= Bloody hell Ulee...can't take him anywhere!! 0.o
15-3 7:05:04 =UleeDeway= Don't think I did it, but if I did, I don't know what I did. :S
15-3 7:01:18 =UleeDeway= TS too I guess
15-3 6:58:23 =UleeDeway= Looks like the server rebooted itself. May need to get the ARMA Servers going again.
14-3 7:09:35 =paps= :)
14-3 7:03:14 =FIELDZY= Paps your the man see you all on track Saturday
14-3 6:57:39 =paps= The Bodner adapter makes it a stand alone peripheral no need to conect through the old Gseries wheels
14-3 6:56:35 =FIELDZY= Can I borrow till my new ones turnup?
14-3 6:55:53 =FIELDZY= So they will run on my pc
14-3 6:55:24 =paps= I have the adapter
14-3 6:54:55 =paps= yeah
14-3 6:54:36 =FIELDZY= So I need the leo thing to work
14-3 6:53:24 =paps= Only G25/7 pedals [with Leo bodner adapter]
14-3 6:41:27 =FIELDZY= Any one got a set of pedals I can borrow til after easter i'll pay the shipping if need be.
13-3 7:37:55 =paps= «link»
12-3 6:28:02 =paps= Nice one big fella, the new GT3 season will start weekend after next... maybe we'll see you yeah? :D
11-3 9:58:56 GBarnier :D
11-3 9:42:19 =FIELDZY= Hi all won't be long till I'm back racing not lost just yet.
10-3 11:08:16 =UleeDeway= yes we are
10-3 9:56:07 =Dashman= "grumpyoldmen"
9-3 21:36:32 =Adsta= ;)
9-3 11:51:17 Bill Kilowatts Thanks Adsta all sorted
9-3 7:19:30 =paps= The 3 steam links Ulee posted earlier are the only track on server, those and the 2 GT3 car pack is all you need buddy. ;)
9-3 7:14:55 =paps= s,ok zabdvort not on server bro.
9-3 7:04:33 Bill Kilowatts last time I tried it.. a couple of weeks ago Zandvort was broken, atm have a package error
9-3 7:02:49 =paps= «link»
8-3 8:24:30 =BK= Cheers kunkie... you can go back to your death bed now
8-3 8:18:10 =paps= THanks buddy, hope your feeling better soon. ;)
8-3 8:12:51 =Kunkie= Servers up to date again, Ive been crook as a dog the last 3 or 4 days so sorry for not getting on to it sooner :-*
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