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30-6 8:43:10 =FIELDZY= Dashman we want to FaceTime u now I need a email address todo it
29-6 12:34:01 Daza R I P Docky ..
29-6 6:57:14 =paps= ULEE - PLEASE READ THIS!! - «link»
29-6 1:02:05 =paps= Ulee can you please call me or text me on messenger when you get a chance buddy?
28-6 13:51:37 =kunkie= exile is fixed. looks like i forgot to save the tadst settings last night
28-6 12:21:36 =kunkie= cheers dash, I am currently doing the fun job of a BAS statement, will have a squiz after that. O.O
28-6 8:37:37 =Dashman= FYI Kunkie, the exile server keeps disconnecting like last night...?
28-6 7:22:39 =VLGroupA= I'll be on TS tonight to discuss a possible members meeting for this weekend guys, please jump on if you can, as i'll be jumping in the car and heading up there tomorrow morning
28-6 6:08:13 =Rat= Docky was a character for sure, from his 'Check ya map' to 'Docky down, Docky down!' He made me laugh everytime we battled or raced...RIP mate.
27-6 10:35:26 Ulee Deway Very sad news. Definitely one of the best guys to spend hours and hours of gaming online with. He will be missed but not forgotten.
27-6 9:25:25 pigpen RIP Docky
27-6 8:11:44 steveo sorry to hear this :(
27-6 5:30:22 =paps= *no words* :(
27-6 5:27:32 =FIELDZY= R.I.P Docky
27-6 4:27:08 =Spacko= Sad news R.I.P Docky we will remember you mate:_(
27-6 4:02:41 =Dashman= maybe have a chat with Chill and Fieldzy about it Ulee. Is it maybe just the .rfcmp race file thats not downloading automatically like the one on the hardcore site? Your usually pretty good with this stuff...;)
27-6 3:56:15 Ulee Deway I hate this shit!!! I'll start all over again tonight and if that doesn't work ....
26-6 9:08:11 =FIELDZY= I have resubscribed to the mod and track still can't get in to ORA SERVER?
26-6 7:37:12 =paps= :P
26-6 7:35:00 =Dashman= ...and you didnt even need to unsubscribe i recon...oppps:|
26-6 7:26:50 =paps= I.m still downloading the enduraces mod after unsubing and resubscribing lastnight :|
26-6 6:00:38 =Dashman= HAHA...good thing you clarified that one Ulee :P Just FYI, server is still telling me 'package not available'. Good old RF2...O.O
25-6 14:00:33 Ulee Deway I mean of the joining ORA server type. :)
25-6 13:59:48 Ulee Deway Let me know if you still have issues.
25-6 11:17:06 =paps= Hey Ulee..we are all getting a 'package not available' ERROR trying to get into your ORA rF2 server.
24-6 11:00:19 =Dashman= Heya Kunkie. If your around mate, jump on...
24-6 3:14:03 =FIELDZY= GTE Server is up now.
24-6 3:13:20 =FIELDZY= Replays from last night don't work that's because rfactor updated something on steam before the server could. That the only thing I could think it was. As the mod not installed is the message you get when trying to play the replay.
23-6 22:42:26 =FIELDZY= Sorry I am doing the server so someone could start the arma one again please.
23-6 22:15:51 =FIELDZY= The server needs to go online as Gte 2018 needs updating or something. Becauce when you connect you can not select a car. I would do it but last time I stsrted the arma server wrong. Thanks
23-6 8:23:29 Ulee Deway Sorry guys, not going to make it again. Working still.
23-6 4:43:07 =FIELDZY= Second server for rFactor2 ?
21-6 7:27:48 =paps= :P
21-6 7:23:48 =paps= Pewpewpew..
21-6 7:23:41 =paps= Vroomvroom..
20-6 8:02:43 =FIELDZY= GTE 2018 server up tonight for some testing.
20-6 8:01:40 =FIELDZY= All good I updated the server n restarted arma but someone that know more arma please check.
20-6 7:29:20 =FIELDZY= The server needs an update or something because when I set a gte server up you can't choose a car. It loads the last car you select from single player only.?
17-6 6:31:29 =Adsta= Paps totally blew it when he should have easily beaten me out of the pits but I couldn't believe it. I'm banging on the pit limiter and he pulls away from me still in pit lane. I couldn't resist asking him why he is speeding in pit lane. :O :D
17-6 6:27:20 =Adsta= No Rum O.O Are you off your chops? There is irrefutable evidence of everyone but me being shit out of luck.
17-6 5:47:05 =paps= My replays from lastnight are broken...anyone else having the same problem?
17-6 0:39:03 Ulee Deway Well done ADSTA!!! Maybe this is something to take note of. No Rum ... Good Run!!!
16-6 14:28:50 =Adsta= That's OK Ulee. I had no rum anyway. :_( Winning race 2 was no consolation for no rum. An empty victory you may say. :|
16-6 8:11:50 =Chill= yes
16-6 2:23:34 =FIELDZY= Can we run two rf2 servers ?
16-6 0:02:29 Ulee Deway Sorry guys, but can't make it tonight. I did purchase the Endurance Pack though!!!
15-6 8:13:09 =FIELDZY= here is the link to pre order «link»
15-6 8:11:59 =FIELDZY= Yes I have pay for them already they will download auto tomorrow when I log in.
15-6 7:30:24 =paps= when do we get the rest of the cars?
15-6 7:28:38 =paps= Is that for the whole package?
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