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27-6 9:22:12 =UleeDeway= I have seen that handbrake mod, and I may try it.
27-6 9:21:18 =UleeDeway= Two more of them and you'll be set!!! ;)
27-6 8:31:08 =Knuckles= very nice
27-6 7:29:05 =FIELDZY= NICE
27-6 7:16:15 =paps= :D
27-6 7:15:41 =paps= Just got given a second hand monitor from the son.. «link»
27-6 4:04:55 =paps= just wrap'em around the stick around the back of the shifter base [use a few] and map 4th gear as a handbrake!!
27-6 4:03:11 =paps= Do you have a handbrake Ulee??..if not, get some rubber bands and use it such! :P
27-6 3:04:26 =UleeDeway= Got my SHH Shifter a couple of days ago and did a stage in DR2. So much better than the old G27 shifter, that is now just a button box.
27-6 0:36:08 Bill Kilowatts nice, good price as well :D :D
26-6 20:18:05 =FIELDZY= I run these monitors and use 2 adapter for display port and 1 hdmi no problem.
26-6 16:19:40 Bill Kilowatts depends what I can scratch up over the next few weeks Kunkie, .... the rtx 2060 looks good Fieldzy, the monitor needs display port for the card though for a multi set up
26-6 8:46:02 =Kunkie= hey Bill, i own an IT company and can give you some ideas, what budget do you have in mind?
26-6 8:43:00 =FIELDZY= Bill take a look at these suggestion: MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming Z 6G Graphics Card. triple monitor setup: BenQ 24.5in FHD LED Monitor (GL2580HM)
26-6 2:10:43 Bill Kilowatts need a couple of suggestions gents..... GPU's and monitors, need to be a little bit practicle on the $$$ it's doing my head in
23-6 7:42:44 Bill Kilowatts Having a break tonight gents been at work all day totally shagged
22-6 0:25:22 =paps= Nice..
21-6 11:05:44 =Knuckles= weapon sway disabled on arma
21-6 10:32:01 =UleeDeway= i have one too and they are great.
21-6 4:03:16 =paps= It's an old DSD box Bill.
20-6 15:10:48 Bill Kilowatts pics shortly :) where did you get your button box Papsy?
20-6 11:04:14 =UleeDeway= My new shifter is on the way from SHH Shifter. Not going to get here until next week though.
20-6 8:13:39 =UleeDeway= Yeah, always love seeing what others come up with. I am trying to work a good desk and rig in one solution for myself at the moment.
19-6 8:46:19 =paps= Post some pics Bill.. :P
19-6 8:09:10 =paps= Nice one Bill.
19-6 3:19:00 Bill Kilowatts ok we've got the welder out and the rig is in progress, as a welder I make a great grinder :D
18-6 9:15:54 GBarnier Looks awesome
17-6 14:38:41 =UleeDeway= This is almost as good good as a Papaosa Productions video «link»
17-6 3:30:51 =UleeDeway= Le Mans is out for RF2 as well.
17-6 3:30:13 =UleeDeway= I think I decided on a car!!! In record time I might add. Time enough to maybe make up a skin too. :D
16-6 11:17:20 KoiLslick Wow the 3# server will see some action from me 4 sure O.O Great mod.
16-6 6:24:36 =FIELDZY= We will provide download links this week for all tracks.
16-6 5:39:56 GBarnier Yep, worked for me last night :)
16-6 2:47:28 =UleeDeway= just join the server and it will download the others.
16-6 2:47:04 =UleeDeway= They are auto downloads I believe, at least the ones that are currently on the server were last night.
16-6 2:44:53 Bill Kilowatts linkys for tracks not on steam please, download link has timed out a few times :(
15-6 8:31:25 =Knuckles= trying to get the live racers widget working again
15-6 7:53:09 =Knuckles= server is up fieldzy, you want any other tracks or just barbs?
15-6 0:32:41 =paps= Nice one Fieldzy.
15-6 0:13:05 =FIELDZY= Hi all I will have a server up tonight with the gt3 on Barbagello for some feedback. It will be a private server the password is our normal one. I'll be on ts when I start the server.
10-6 6:19:55 =paps= lol@GB
9-6 7:06:24 =Knuckles= DONE FIELDZY
9-6 5:53:58 GBarnier After chatting with Ulee last night, I got inspired and thought I would practice some off-line chopper flying. Take-off's - perfect. Flying - great. Shooting - some improvement needed. Landing - I think I'm wanted for war crimes … at least I left no witnesses/survivors :S
9-6 0:38:22 =FIELDZY= Knuckle can you change the tyre wear for Datsun to 7x please. They don't wear down well the guys going to fix in an update.
9-6 0:36:37 =FIELDZY= Well I just happen to see that we have our server back and running. Good lesson I have learnt in the future I can now run a backup server if needed.
9-6 0:21:30 =FIELDZY= Hi all I have a server up through steam. =Hardcore Datsun= password v8rumble. So we can have a fun run tonight till our real server gets fixed.
8-6 21:22:43 GBarnier Well done guys, great work
8-6 14:27:55 =UleeDeway= Thanks for the hardcore work getting the servers back up and running guys. Done in record time!!!
8-6 9:28:36 =Knuckles= fair bit of work to go yet
8-6 9:27:20 =Knuckles= ts up
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