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7-2 4:51:11 =paps= Sounds like a great Idea Ulee, anyone else keen for a race?> :P
7-2 3:22:30 =UleeDeway= Are we racing this weekend or what!?!?!?
7-2 2:50:50 =paps= How much?
7-2 1:34:18 Bill Kilowatts looks like Arma 3 and extas are on sale this week
3-2 6:48:27 =UleeDeway= What a finish to the race!!!
2-2 22:25:14 =FIELDZY= Don't worry I have fixed it.
2-2 11:19:29 =FIELDZY= Hi all. Could someone upload the rf2 gt3 templates to our download section please. Having trouble with my main pc at the moment. Thanks
2-2 8:31:54 =Knuckles= latest gt3 cars on crystal palace for hotlap comp
2-2 8:20:28 =Knuckles= updating gt3 now
2-2 8:08:22 =UleeDeway= Sorry, can't make it to night. Ulee's Taxi Service has been called in to duty.
2-2 4:24:45 =paps= YES, \Thats it Spacko..
2-2 3:33:10 =Spacko= is the new GT3 cars called GT3 Challengers pack
2-2 2:08:41 =paps= Is anyone interested in doing a few laps tonight?
2-2 2:07:45 =paps= Nice one Bill,,
2-2 0:19:46 Bill Kilowatts another update happened this morning got straight into the Clio server lets see how we go :D
1-2 10:34:43 =paps= JUstchecked the Clio server Bill ..looks like it's working fine, can't get in the GT3 server yet though, not sure whats up there have all cars and track but, no joy... Working on it now. :)
1-2 9:06:38 =paps= Dunno what the go with the Clio server Bill, but you should have all the original GT3 cars plus the new pack of cars that includes the Aston.. thats 10 cars in total. ...but yeah I'm hearing ya there buddy, these rF servers are hard work sometimes. :(
1-2 8:40:10 Bill Kilowatts hmmm got into the Clio server and now it crashes after the latest monthly update, I only got 5 gt3 cars in the latest package I must have missed a link *sigh* some days it's too hard
31-1 10:17:29 =Knuckles= crystal palace has the 10 new gt3 cars and the track
31-1 9:17:09 =paps= Not quite sure Bill, hopefully Knuckles might be able to enlighten us.
31-1 8:48:26 Bill Kilowatts and what else is on the Crystal Palace GT3 server? got the track from steam
31-1 8:11:52 Bill Kilowatts my mistake :P its loading
31-1 8:07:34 Bill Kilowatts not yet tried unsub and delete etc, there are a few servers doing the same thing, I'm wondering if they did a quicky fix on the update and I got it later and now the build doesn't match??
30-1 20:30:48 =paps= Did you end up getting into th Clio cup Server yet Bill?
28-1 5:42:14 =Knuckles= in other news...frames for arma on a single screen are through the roof
28-1 5:41:42 =Knuckles= anybody got a 27" they're not using?
28-1 5:41:05 =Knuckles= one of my perfectly matched 27" monitors has shit itself
28-1 3:19:20 =Knuckles= all servers fixed
27-1 2:11:20 pigpen Hi could you restar domination please it's been stuck on 1 ao for days it wont progess to the next mission... cheers Pigpen
26-1 9:37:58 =paps= Jump on TS if your still having dramas Bill.
26-1 1:40:38 =paps= Woohoo.
26-1 0:33:53 =UleeDeway= RACE DAY!!! :D
25-1 1:08:31 =paps= I'LL check with knuckles ,. maybe something has changed Bill.
25-1 1:01:42 Bill Kilowatts Hmm in red "Package not available" I've done something wrong:(
25-1 0:33:28 Bill Kilowatts cheers gents I got the update, and the track and mod should be the same, see how we go :)
24-1 20:01:04 =paps= yeah same...I'd have to check with knucks, but i'm pretty sure it's only Brands on the server at the moment too.
24-1 12:36:35 =UleeDeway= I was on the server last night no problem.
24-1 10:22:40 =paps= Sorry for the slow reply Bill//...Are getting a missing packages error? If you have the Brands Hatch that you used last time you raced with us you should be fine...
24-1 5:50:49 Bill Kilowatts Did anyone else get the packages thing on the Clio server?
18-1 21:22:56 =paps= Nah... awesome track in AC but
18-1 12:57:38 =UleeDeway= Anyone tried Bridgehampton for RF2 yet?
18-1 8:41:47 =paps= Boooo,, :|
18-1 3:43:32 =UleeDeway= Waiting for the weekend!!! ;)
18-1 0:29:11 =paps= No one to play ARMA with..
17-1 12:12:20 =UleeDeway= What's the matter Mr.Paps?
17-1 11:17:16 =paps= :(
14-1 6:33:49 =paps= «link»
14-1 6:32:23 =BK= Cheers :D
14-1 1:32:59 =paps= Thanks mate.
13-1 12:01:05 =Kunkie= exile fixed, cba had updated.
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