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17-7 3:49:37 =UleeDeway= Thanks =FILEDZY=. Still going to attempt one myself too though, as I want to start doing these again ... I thinks. O.O
17-7 1:52:06 =Fieldzy= Guys I have done your GTE skins check out in porsche cup post. Cheers
16-7 11:05:55 Blaktop And IU'll get minew done next week when my new video card arrives for my other computer, damn thing died when I was halfway through the skin and crashed the computer. Can't complain, it was 8 years old...hehe.
16-7 6:00:28 =Fieldzy= Yeh good I’ll so everyone skin should be ready for next week race.
16-7 3:01:36 =UleeDeway= @ =FIELDZY= If you haven't got time to do mine, that's fine. Been meeaning to force myself to remember how to do the darn things anyways.
15-7 9:30:06 =Lildave= Cheers buddy:)
15-7 8:38:35 =Fieldzy= Pic in gte post
15-7 8:38:22 =Fieldzy= Dave I fixed your Aston skin I will get it to u tomorrow
14-7 3:13:23 Bill Kilowatts back at work again see you all in a few weeks
13-7 11:02:06 =Fieldzy= Porsche Cup Round 6 server is up.
13-7 7:31:45 =Lildave= You need the Newcastle track from steam and the FVR Superslugs.
13-7 7:16:15 Jules Unscheduled
13-7 6:26:27 =Lildave= adhoc?
13-7 5:41:54 Jules Anyone fancy an adhoc get together later? I've set up a "Newcastle - JW" with a couple of tracks and car types. I'll be on from about 1745 Newcastle time.
12-7 8:10:10 =Fieldzy= Fixed thanks GB
12-7 7:10:00 GBarnier Server needs fixing, has extra Porsche car selections.
12-7 4:28:23 =Fieldzy= Race day across the ocean we have been given exemptions to race. See you all there:P
11-7 8:35:52 =UleeDeway= Hell Ya. I will be there in a few minutes.
11-7 5:43:45 GBarnier I’ll try and be there .... bang bang!
11-7 0:49:13 =UleeDeway= Shootin Shit Saturday!!!
10-7 9:18:25 =Fieldzy= Guys I can’t race tonight sorry.
10-7 4:37:47 =Fieldzy= Friday 30 lap GTE @ Laguna Sega 8,00 pm start.
7-7 10:45:39 =Fieldzy= all good it is just the game fog gone
7-7 9:15:07 =UleeDeway= It is possible FIELDZY, but you may actually be able to turn it off on your system or increase the view distance of something. I am not sure how to adjust in on the server, but if we can get Dashman or Kunkie to help, I am sure they know how. :D
7-7 9:04:05 =paps= And get a Thermal scope bro!!!.. 8)
7-7 9:03:18 =paps= Squint more!!..
7-7 7:28:23 =Fieldzy= It's the game settings when i go up the hill it is great but to go down to target is fucked. can't see the enemy they just shoot you. Can we have this fog removed ?
7-7 7:21:14 =paps= Squint your eyes a little!! O.O
7-7 7:17:41 =Fieldzy= Hey guys i was in the arma server can't see more then 20 metre because of a white fog. My settings are auto detect but can't play because can't see. any suggestion?
6-7 9:44:32 =Fieldzy= Guys Porsche Cup track change for next round read forum please. Cheers
6-7 7:40:16 =Fieldzy= Points fixed
6-7 4:46:30 =Fieldzy= Yes was a great amount of fun and great racing.
6-7 0:51:58 =paps= Good fun last night boys, I had 3 crappy races but still really enjoyed it!! :P
5-7 12:11:43 =Fieldzy= Yes I know I’ll fix points tomorrow double up on image
5-7 7:09:06 =UleeDeway= Good work FIELDZY
5-7 7:03:19 =Fieldzy= Yes I just fixed that.
5-7 6:00:39 Jules Hi Fieldzy, doesn't look like the Radical is in the HOG 3 Hidden Valley for this evening?
5-7 4:16:56 =Fieldzy= Sorry server 1 is the problem
5-7 4:15:11 =Fieldzy= Server is now up. Server 3 has a problem so VW at Spa server is not running till we can fix ok.
5-7 2:22:01 Bill Kilowatts server is not up for tonight's race
4-7 11:00:40 =UleeDeway= PM sent GB
4-7 1:13:20 =UleeDeway= They should be up and running. But not sure how to get them working on Game Tracker over there.
3-7 23:57:41 =Fieldzy= Ulee server not running i can't remember how to start them.
3-7 23:24:26 =UleeDeway= Shootin Shit Saturday night tonight maybe guys!?!?!? We can always just jump on the servers that are hopefully still up and running. 6:30pm
3-7 23:22:23 =UleeDeway= way to go dave :P
3-7 21:53:33 =Fieldzy= good one dave
3-7 13:50:06 =HellspA= chers lil meant to pm so public cant see chat? i could be wrong tho...
3-7 13:23:07 =Lildave= i think
3-7 13:20:44 =Lildave= v8rumble
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