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5-4 11:08:29 =Knuckles= the server has no screen or keyboard or anything Fieldzy. It can't load games like a pc. that weather thing is usually over ridden by the percentages underneath the cloud setting
5-4 5:55:43 =FIELDZY= You can set it to rain.overcast midnight and the server always starts as if it is miday and sunny.
5-4 5:54:07 =FIELDZY= Ok what has to happen is start the server in single player then set the condition then restart the server. Problem is it won't start in single player mod I just tried it. So now I have no idea how to fix it.
4-4 9:23:54 GBarnier Have you tried turning it off and on again? :D
4-4 9:04:43 =UleeDeway= Not for the time of day. Sorry. I only know how to set it in the server settings, but if it is not working like it should, I have no idears. :S
4-4 8:36:57 =FIELDZY= Anyone know how to fix rf2 server?
4-4 8:00:30 =UleeDeway= Ryu is dragon in Japanese, versus your Roo, so the logo is a cross between a dragon and a kangaroo. I still have not seen the beast in the flesh, so I can't do a test ride for you. You can check out some slower videos on Instagram. Ryuger Bikes.
4-4 5:15:36 GBarnier Nice, was that a Kangaroo in the logo? Want to see it running without the limiter O.O
3-4 12:02:51 =UleeDeway= Ryuger Bikes are the future!!! «link»
It is owned by th same guy that owns Nengun where I work. We have been working on the bike in the video for nearly 3 years. Now it is starting to get recognized!!! Almost famous. ;)
3-4 8:30:34 =FIELDZY= Hi I don't know why but the rf2 server does not replicate the right time of day for some reason. I set it to 5.30 am and it is still midday sun. I checked this off line and it show a morning time slot for sure. So anyone that can shed some light on this.
1-4 1:01:32 Bill Kilowatts Had a bit of fun over at SRA last night F1 '86 that was a bit different
31-3 1:05:37 =UleeDeway= Thanks FIELDZY. Was just thinking I need to do that. 8)
31-3 0:41:56 =FIELDZY= GT3 Portugal round 3 server is up.
30-3 6:03:23 =Knuckles= they seem to be ok
30-3 6:02:38 =Knuckles= they were all in the domination server
30-3 5:49:54 =FIELDZY= Do we know these guys using teamspeak everyday?
30-3 1:46:12 =FIELDZY= Dashman delete your json file let the game make a new one. Then do the integrity check. That should fix your problem someone from the 397 forum had the same thing that u have going on.
29-3 21:06:26 =paps= «link»
29-3 5:42:11 =Adsta= Reiza Pack out now !
29-3 3:14:58 =UleeDeway= Just one more sleep until Round 2!!! How many cars can we get on the grid!!!
24-3 6:11:18 =paps= *doublethumbsup emoji* :P
24-3 6:08:35 =FIELDZY= Replays in downloads Paps
24-3 6:08:22 =paps= cheers mate, *thumbsup emoji* :P
24-3 6:06:43 =FIELDZY= I get replay now 4 u
24-3 3:18:46 =paps= Is there a server replay available?
23-3 8:06:27 =paps= O.O
23-3 8:05:02 =UleeDeway= the suspense ...
23-3 6:55:18 =paps= testingtesting.
23-3 5:52:29 =paps= ...........
23-3 5:48:24 =paps= I'm working on it!!!! 8)
23-3 3:12:41 =UleeDeway= WTF. Unacceptable Paps. At least Bill has a good temptation!!! :P
23-3 1:19:32 Bill Kilowatts gonna miss tonight, not happy, but I've been told I have to eat steak and drink beer, what ever to do? The pressure is immense ......
23-3 0:24:05 =Adsta= You might be wiping those tears away GB! ;)
22-3 22:45:16 GBarnier :_(
22-3 22:12:43 =paps= I doubt i'll make it tonight, my net is still to slow for racing,..Good luck and have fun, ;)
22-3 11:03:32 =UleeDeway= Thanks =FIELDZY=. Just got home and was about to update it until I saw your wonderful message :D
22-3 8:37:20 =FIELDZY= I will update rf2 but someone else will need to restart arma
22-3 6:28:41 =FIELDZY= I haven't done it for while so I will leave it up to someone else. be on later tonight for some practise.
22-3 6:01:30 =paps= Probably..
22-3 5:18:42 =FIELDZY= ok I've updated my cars can't get on server as no car select is showing. does the server need updating
22-3 3:15:51 =Adsta= Your in the big time now Ulee, gotta keep you on your toes. :P
22-3 0:50:29 =UleeDeway= Again. The day be for the series starts too. :O
21-3 21:00:57 =Adsta= All GT3/E cars have had small updates.
19-3 7:30:07 =paps= Thats awesome Fieldz, looking forward to seeing you back on track man. :)
19-3 7:07:35 =FIELDZY= Just done a couple of laps yeh ha
18-3 5:22:36 =paps= All good buddy, whenevr you have time.
18-3 5:20:50 =FIELDZY= I have some pedals arriving tomorrow. Paps I'll drop the other ones back this week.
17-3 10:07:30 =paps= :P
17-3 9:22:10 =Adsta= You must be French Canadian! :D
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