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4-1 7:45:19 =paps= :P
4-1 7:45:05 =paps= The current I'd suspect...hmm
4-1 7:44:15 nipzon wow nice vid as always paps
4-1 7:43:37 nipzon nope still coming up with an error. What version of power pack do i need installed paps?
4-1 7:37:40 =BK= thanks Paps... was enjoying the other map too.
4-1 7:18:48 =paps= sweet .. «link»
4-1 7:17:12 nipzon will try the tracks see if I have them all
4-1 7:16:12 nipzon thx paps, got them and they're up to date to ver 1.99
4-1 7:15:00 =paps= links for all the tracks are in that thread as well nipz. ;)
4-1 7:13:21 =paps= The Official Studio397 GT3 Power pack. first link in thread - «link»
4-1 7:07:51 nipzon Hey guys, which cars do I need for thePower Pack SE server?
4-1 6:43:52 =paps= That Kunckie was muckin aound with the ACE server lastnight BK...he must'a broke it!!...*shakes fist at kunckie*
4-1 5:36:36 =FIELDZY= Laguna , donington and brand hatch from our downloads
4-1 5:35:24 =FIELDZY= Link in the post «link»
4-1 5:34:43 =FIELDZY= Links for all the tracks. There are 2 from our download that you need to install from the rf2 lancher.
4-1 5:23:18 =BK= Have all mods loaded so not sure of what the issue may be. Any ideas? Cheers BK
4-1 5:22:35 =BK= getting an error message on liberation ACE server - addon 'ace_compat-fhs-afrf3' requires addon 'rhs-c-weapons'
1-1 9:11:15 Obbzy Aussie Legends @ Eastern Creek (Brabham Circuit) tonight (HQ, E49, XA & XY GT/HO) if anyone wants some racing fun...
1-1 8:21:51 =paps= Merry Christmas JOE.
1-1 6:47:16 --JOE-- Happy new year all
31-12 7:53:55 =paps= Nice one VL, great to hear mate.
30-12 21:06:33 =FIELDZY= Sounds good
30-12 20:48:56 =Chill= woohoo
30-12 14:27:35 =VLGroupA= New PC etc etc, and actual internets, all up and running, and downloading all the gear again.. ere' i come!
30-12 14:25:14 =VLGroupA= Allo allo allo, what ave' we ere'?
28-12 23:21:30 SmellySkidmark Monday nite racing returns to xfactor Class 2 Aussie Legends @ SMP Brabham Circuit. If ya not too hungover 1/1/2018 :D
28-12 7:08:28 =Chill= roger
28-12 3:58:22 pigpen Hi Chill could you restart domination sounds like ai stuck in rocks and can not finish section cheers pigpen
27-12 12:11:23 =Chill= i haven't changed anything on my fresh install so maybe i had a workshop ui on before. in game hud is totally different from the originalthough
27-12 10:41:37 =Adsta= A couple of people have made new HUDs but I call bullshit on your "new ui"! :P
27-12 7:15:53 =Chill= can't believe the difference from a fresh install compared to the 4 years of beta i've been dragging from computer to computer
27-12 7:05:05 =Chill= New ui as well and heaps of new HUD telemetry
27-12 7:04:29 =Chill= I just uninstalled Rf actor then deleted the folder out of steam, reinstalled and gained 40 frames on the default graphics which are mostly on full or high
24-12 22:44:51 =Spacko= MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and a happy new year as well
24-12 21:51:46 =Chill= Happy Christmas everybody!!!
23-12 7:36:53 =Chill= fatigue removed from Malden Liberation server
23-12 6:32:21 =Chill= for the next 10 years
23-12 1:26:17 =Adsta= Nah Chill, it's really Beta v2 :S
22-12 21:29:15 =FIELDZY= I would like to wish all a happy and safe xmas and new year. I will be on tonight so look forward to a chat and drink. Fieldzy
22-12 21:22:58 =Chill= updating server as we speak
22-12 21:22:40 =Chill= sweet mother of mercy, it's out of beta
22-12 18:49:17 =Spacko= «link»
22-12 8:24:59 =BK= aha... that may explain the close sessions on the other server as well.
22-12 7:50:50 =paps= Don't think the server has been updated yet BK
22-12 6:49:50 =BK= I am getting a signature mismatch with the ACE 3.11.0 mod... any ideas to fix this
21-12 20:17:45 =paps= It's Raining - «link» :)
20-12 12:01:06 =Chill= Liberation Malden updated
19-12 10:12:12 =Chill= found a fix for the annoying return to desktop issue i've been having «link»
19-12 4:56:57 =paps= hmmm.. salt'n'vinnies and beer, my Fave!..well, actually anything AND BEER is my favorite to be honest hehehe.. :P
18-12 7:21:53 =Chill= salt 'n' vinnies on hand?....check
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