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31-12 2:22:28 =UleeDeway= You needz to buyz it!!! «link»
31-12 0:21:42 =paps= Or do you need to go looking for it?
31-12 0:21:14 =paps= Will it have just automatically downloaded it?
30-12 11:20:39 =Fieldzy= Xmas eve
30-12 7:24:23 =paps= When did they release this?
30-12 5:34:56 =Fieldzy= Silverstone server you need the new endurance pack dlc that has the new corvette
27-12 4:51:01 =UleeDeway= Sounds like a plan
27-12 4:22:27 =Fieldzy= Racing from about 6.30 pm qld time
27-12 4:05:27 =Fieldzy= track daytona «link»
27-12 4:04:47 =Fieldzy= «link»
27-12 4:04:33 =Fieldzy= stockcar rFactor 2> Workshop > Studio 397's Workshop
27-12 3:52:36 =paps= Don't have that. :P
27-12 3:46:26 =Fieldzy= Daytona racing tonight
27-12 3:40:07 =paps= but I was in the GTE server..
27-12 3:39:29 =paps= Yep!
27-12 3:35:15 =Fieldzy= so when you exit tthe server it didn't crash to desktop and you had the launcher showing
27-12 3:18:56 =paps= The new UI isn't that bad either... easy enough to use, and no slower than the old one.. 3/5
27-12 3:15:41 =paps= no problems here Fieldz.
27-12 1:48:32 =Fieldzy= Can anyone try an load into rf2 server then exit and tell me if you crash to desktop please
27-12 1:21:21 =paps= Sounds good Ulee..Might even fire up the new pc again later today, it's been a couple of weeks since I've been able to sit with out my foot elevated....so friggin boring :_(
27-12 1:11:53 =UleeDeway= I tried the new ARMA update last night and it was good fun. About 5 others were online, so thought I would join in.

Then tried out the new RF2 UI, and it seemed very slow, but not as bad as some lead you to believe. The old one was terrible, and so is the new one. So I wouldn't say it was much worse.
26-12 4:43:05 =paps= Thanks Knuckles.
26-12 4:32:07 =UleeDeway= Now your talking!!!
26-12 4:25:57 =Knuckles= Arma Server updated to latest version of domination on Malden and Tanoa
26-12 2:44:34 Bill Kilowatts sure, but when no one is around.....
26-12 2:28:10 =UleeDeway= Daytona practice or ARMA sounds more appealing to me. ;)
26-12 1:39:37 Bill Kilowatts So if you get bored over the break.. if you have one... I have been randomly running the Mak-Corp FW26 F1 car around various tracks. On the render of Mount Panorama I have got down to just over 1:35 for a timed lap 12 seconds faster than Jenson Button... beat that :D
25-12 3:18:09 =UleeDeway= Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe and good holidays ... if you get any. ;)
24-12 22:18:59 GBarnier Merry Christmas racers
24-12 22:17:55 =paps= Merry Christmas boys, :P
24-12 5:48:20 GBarnier :O . :D
24-12 3:51:21 =UleeDeway= No idea in your funny money ;) I know I said "on sale", but I did mean For Sale, so we can have the privilege to buy even more of their amazing products. :D
24-12 3:26:02 GBarnier Also saw these “ RCCO eX ZERO 2021” have just been released?
24-12 3:23:08 GBarnier On sale? How much is it normally?
24-12 3:20:53 =UleeDeway= It is out and on sale «link»
23-12 7:30:13 =Fieldzy= Merry xmas to all I'll be away for a few days so good health and happiness to you and your families.
23-12 7:29:07 =Fieldzy= Guys new build is shit. You need to be on the new ui to race on server as with the old ui the race button doesn't light up ? Game crashes when you exit the server.
23-12 3:27:30 =UleeDeway= yeah yeah, do it
23-12 3:27:03 =Adsta= I should go see Paps and poke his foot, then we'll hear some bitching. BAM
23-12 3:26:55 =UleeDeway= Looks like there is a new car pack being released tomorrow too. "Endurance Pack 2 DLC, adding three pretty fantastic new cars in the form of the Cadillac DPi-V.R, the LMP2 specification Ligier JS P217 and the brand new GTE Chevrolet Corvette C8.R".
23-12 3:26:15 =Adsta= Ulee, you should know that I'm always up for some xmas bitching, you bitch. :P 1st world problems and rum, what a mix.
23-12 3:12:52 =paps= BAM!!!..
23-12 3:02:43 =UleeDeway= You only have to use it if you bother to show up for a race, so stop your bitching. :P
23-12 3:02:01 =UleeDeway= lol
22-12 16:35:58 =Adsta= It seems Santa's elves have a little secret for us though and earned themselves a few rums. The old UI is still available in the beta list. ;)
22-12 16:30:14 =Adsta= Wow, we got a rF2 update chrissy present. The new UI is the update :_( Santa sucks :(
22-12 7:15:35 GBarnier O.O
22-12 6:54:58 =UleeDeway= If you want to try a serious sim out, try Zwift. Kills me every time. :D
22-12 6:48:43 =UleeDeway= O.O
22-12 4:22:18 GBarnier It might be ‘shit your pants’ time, Alien:Isolation is the free give away today at Epic.
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