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5-3 12:24:50 =UleeDeway= No it is not :(
5-3 9:35:45 =Fieldzy= All good ulee
5-3 8:58:54 =UleeDeway= Sorry guys, can't make it tonight. Have a good one.
5-3 7:12:02 GBarnier I’m a little more sceptical that this would be a good thing.
5-3 7:09:57 GBarnier «link»
5-3 3:33:45 =Fieldzy= Race day gents first round of many.
5-3 3:21:41 =Bill Kilowatts= I went with a g923 as I've been invited to do some ACC enduros and it seems like a good fit for my level and value and the old g25 lasted 12 years :)
5-3 0:01:05 =UleeDeway= hopefully they can hire more people to speed things up a bit
4-3 10:16:12 =Fieldzy= Basically RF2 has given the rights to use their tyre and physic to make other games by motorsports games. So they have had a large income boost from Motorsports games as they are a pubic listed company in America.
4-3 7:41:57 =paps= Time will tell.!!
4-3 3:29:02 =UleeDeway= that is big news and maybe good news
4-3 0:45:00 =paps= Breaking NEWS.
4-3 0:44:34 =paps= «link»
3-3 8:54:53 =paps= a THRUSTMASTER T300RS is only about 450-500...pretty good upgrade from a Logitec G series wheel, In saying that I have destroyed 2 of them and my G series madmax wheel still works..I have learnt to my FFB down in the past 12months though!..:P
2-3 23:08:57 =UleeDeway= @Bill: Keep saving
@Fieldzy: was always looking for a mod like this for a LeMons race. :)
2-3 17:20:58 =Bill Kilowatts= ok gents, looking at updating the wheel, got about $450ish to spend, what do we all suggest?
2-3 10:08:02 =Fieldzy= MX5 MOD «link»
2-3 10:00:20 =paps= rdgr
2-3 9:24:37 =Fieldzy= Okay gents my bad forgot with the new ui can't swap cars so forget the first shoutbox comments.
2-3 9:19:55 =Fieldzy= Okay gents first race format posted please check and get some practise in as you need to be able to drive both cars each night.
28-2 12:16:28 =UleeDeway= Thanks Fieldzy. Just got home from work.
28-2 7:17:11 =Fieldzy= Nick9320 mods on server
28-2 7:01:26 =paps= yeah i might jump in as well Fieldz.
28-2 6:04:05 GBarnier Maybe some test servers for the different prototype mods ????
28-2 5:06:12 =Fieldzy= I’ll be on tonight for some laps at Mid Ohio
28-2 4:49:16 GBarnier :(
28-2 2:36:34 =Fieldzy= Tried your suggesting GB didn't work. I think I have to do a fresh install of rf2 on the server to fix the problem.
27-2 4:41:47 =Fieldzy= Guys it will be GTE at Bathurst okay
27-2 4:19:13 =paps= Okay ????
27-2 4:18:16 =Fieldzy= But if someone doesn’t have them we will run GTE ok
27-2 4:17:34 =Fieldzy= Now we are running GTE weekly I thought good to run GT3 that’s all.
27-2 4:04:52 =Fieldzy= I thought GT3 because more choice and bop is good
27-2 3:44:12 =paps= «link» :P
27-2 1:34:02 =paps= whats your call Fieldz? the GT3s because the parity is closer?
27-2 0:30:18 =UleeDeway= No time for testing, working all day, so I'll just show up and drive whatever is decided.
26-2 22:11:48 =Fieldzy= Race day Bathurst GT3/GTE what's it going to be. 2 server up both setup for Bathurst . Get some laps in on both.
26-2 9:24:01 =paps= so wants going on?..practice for the bathurst enduro tonight?
26-2 8:56:24 =paps= I probably should have read the original post properly before commenting ..lol
26-2 7:41:38 =paps= rking?
26-2 7:27:18 =paps= Are the other servers wo
26-2 3:27:39 =Bill Kilowatts= and that is why people are going off rf2 .... trying to be something else and making it too hard
26-2 3:06:29 =UleeDeway= I up for racing anything. But I will leave the decision in your capable hands. :D
25-2 8:35:14 =Fieldzy= F33king pissing me off rf2 at the moment.
25-2 8:25:50 =Fieldzy= insufficient video memory detected - 512mb minimumrequired
25-2 8:24:45 =Fieldzy= +path=".." +workshopsync "
25-2 7:43:58 =Fieldzy= forums have not been able
25-2 7:43:27 =Fieldzy= Can't get server 1 which is the launcher for rf2 working with the new ui. 512 memory not enough ? and path steamsynwork error any one able to help forum has been able to.
25-2 6:13:33 =Fieldzy= I’ve done some testing doing more tomorrow. Gt3 slower than the GTE but the GT3 are really close the corvette isn’t running away now.
25-2 4:52:44 =Bill Kilowatts= did anyone else test the configuration of the updated gt3/gte cars? I feel like they altered a lot more than BOP
25-2 4:51:08 =Bill Kilowatts= life happens Blacky.
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