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29-11 7:16:00 =UleeDeway= It it on its way now!!!
29-11 4:33:34 Bill Kilowatts um yeah practice :S
29-11 3:40:59 =paps= I need to practice.. O.O
29-11 3:38:40 =paps= No MONSTER300 server? :(
29-11 1:21:26 =paps= rrrRRRACEDAy!! :D
25-11 3:40:32 =UleeDeway= 2021 WTF Series Details are in the forums now. Be sure to check 'em out. It is going to be a lot of fun and should let everyone know who the best endurance racer is here at =HARDCORE=. :)
24-11 23:07:25 Blaktop I'll be at work this weekend so no Monster for me... :(
24-11 20:13:40 =paps= Hell yeah.
24-11 10:10:43 =UleeDeway= Better be ready for the Monster this weekend!!! :P
24-11 4:27:58 =paps= Yeah my pc was having a melt down, got it going again now but so can't wait to get this new one up and running before this thing packs it in..
23-11 22:41:24 Bill Kilowatts oh dear, sorry chaps had a small family crisis to attend to
22-11 3:55:52 =paps= woot!!
21-11 22:27:06 =Fieldzy= Race day see you all tonight.
21-11 7:16:32 =Fieldzy= I have it on hog server will put it up with GT3 tonight for those that have purchased it.
21-11 5:45:09 =UleeDeway= Studio 397 have released their version of Spa!!!
21-11 4:16:26 =UleeDeway= Can't make it for the race this weekend. Daughter's hockey game. Good luck.
19-11 9:06:50 =Fieldzy= All updated
19-11 8:38:12 =Fieldzy= Server being updated now.
18-11 10:41:33 Bill Kilowatts ok think I got that right
18-11 9:21:27 =Fieldzy= Hi guys could you all do me a favour . Could you all delete in your user/player/settings/ bmwc2 and gte aston martin folders. Delete any skins and folders with my name and the rcd files. Just don't delete any skins of your own. Much appreciated.
17-11 4:54:55 =paps= Cheers Fieldz.
16-11 6:52:44 =Fieldzy= Round 6 server is up short track for BMW long track GTE
15-11 6:34:08 Blaktop I'll be there... :)
15-11 2:01:07 =Fieldzy= Race day re run from last week.
15-11 0:30:12 =paps= Jacks Ridge live stream - «link»
12-11 8:16:41 =Fieldzy= I’ll jump on tonight for some practice. I also heard Knuck was doing some practice yesterday!
12-11 0:58:34 =UleeDeway= @GB sent ya a PM
11-11 22:44:31 Bill Kilowatts got the day off might be up for a bit of practice tonight :D
9-11 8:08:07 =paps= :)
8-11 11:06:35 =Fieldzy= All good rerun next week,
8-11 10:27:34 =UleeDeway= Sorry guys. Got stuck in traffic. Just walked in the door.
7-11 3:30:47 Blaktop Nah it's all good Fieldzy, just stick to the normal schedule. Thanks for the consideration though... :)
7-11 0:27:20 Bill Kilowatts yes mate Sunday this week, sorry I missed you last night, I was trying to scoff some dinner and you were gone when I got on :(
6-11 20:10:55 =Fieldzy= Bill you can race Sunday not Saturday?
6-11 9:17:13 Bill Kilowatts not this week, I like to pretend I have a life sometimes... then reality sets in :S
6-11 8:12:44 =Fieldzy= Bill can't make it Saturday ? I don.t mine running Saturday so Blakie gets some racing in but we will need to run on Sunday as points round.
6-11 7:15:16 =paps= Lets hope Easty notices the chatbox and knows we're going to run On saturday night this weekend!!
4-11 9:22:28 GBarnier I’m ok for Saturday
4-11 1:17:37 =Fieldzy= Just thought I put it out there to see if it was possible.
3-11 23:53:20 Blaktop Only do it if it doesn't put anyone else out Fieldzy, I'd love to race but not at the expense of anyone else.
3-11 23:31:36 =paps= I'm good for Saturday as well. :)
3-11 12:07:11 =UleeDeway= Saturday sounds fine to me.
3-11 10:42:04 Bill Kilowatts I'll be at the pub/club not every week but this week is booked
3-11 9:33:53 =Fieldzy= Guys due we want to run this week on Saturday night? might help a few of our members. Just a thought.
3-11 9:02:55 Blaktop Sadly I'm going to miss the next round as well, got a couple of extra days at work....starting Sunday.... :(
3-11 8:18:11 =Fieldzy= same here. i have deleted all skins so it should be fine from now on.
3-11 7:26:59 =paps= haha.. My BMW is all white in server replay!?? GTEz are all good in both!?? :P
3-11 1:35:26 =paps= Legend, thanks mate.
3-11 1:00:38 =Fieldzy= PAPS i have put Thurxton server replays in rf2 ts file browser.
29-10 7:04:19 =paps= nice one Blacky, good news
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