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21-9 20:04:40 =paps= Thanks mate.
21-9 9:23:37 =Fieldzy= «link»
21-9 9:23:18 =Fieldzy= New Bentley gt3 coming this week.https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/rfactor-2-2020-bentley-continental-gt3-arrives-wednesday.190949/
21-9 9:22:15 =Fieldzy= GB AND PAPS IN TS rfactor file browser download the folder with your name. Unzip to your user/player/settings. gb your skin is car 1 and Paps yours is car 4.
21-9 3:25:52 Jules found it, thanks
21-9 3:23:18 Jules I cannot seem to find the BMW C2, any ideas?
19-9 9:59:48 Blaktop Can't make it tomorrow night, I'm back at work. Have fun
19-9 9:33:54 =Fieldzy= Test track has 2 layouts. The short w will race the BMW C2 and the long track we will race the GTE.
19-9 9:32:37 =UleeDeway= Where has that Dashman gone again? He showed up last Saturday night for some ARMA and now he is AWOL again. ;)
19-9 0:03:03 =Fieldzy= All drivers to read the upcoming race series post please.
18-9 10:06:43 =Fieldzy= This Sunday test race 7.30 pm est.
17-9 2:22:34 Blaktop Fixed....different team/driver names fixed it....:D
17-9 0:04:10 Blaktop Cheers. I think the problem is trying to have two skins, the BMW and the Aston each with their own folder/listing. I guess they need to have different team/driver names. Still trying to work it out. With the last series I just used alt skins for an existing car. I'll try diferent team/driver names and see what happens.
16-9 22:50:01 =Fieldzy= Done that. I think that live racers is the problem.
16-9 13:45:49 Blaktop Fielszy, you might have to delete my skins from the server. Liveracers said I di a 1.29.xx in the BMW which we all know is wrong.....especially me as I was driving the Aston....:)
15-9 6:14:44 Blaktop Had a rare phone call from my daughter, had to take it, and when I came back....you were gone....:)
14-9 12:45:25 =UleeDeway= You didn't miss much. I was all alone for a while, then Blaktop came for a visit, and then left me again. ;)
13-9 9:03:44 GBarnier I’m not going to make it tonight either.
13-9 8:08:31 =paps= might miss tonights practice. :(
12-9 9:14:01 =paps= The all seeing Ulee?? O.O
12-9 2:19:31 =UleeDeway= How did the Thursday night race go Paps? ;)
11-9 21:52:53 =paps= Noice.
11-9 12:35:40 =UleeDeway= A bit newer than that, but you get the idear
11-9 12:35:13 =UleeDeway= «link»
11-9 9:08:16 =paps= aaand,... what is it Ulee?
11-9 7:49:59 =UleeDeway= I decided on a car already even. I saw a photo of a race car recently and decided to replicate it as best I could.
11-9 4:02:31 =UleeDeway= There better be ;)
Probably testing and maybe some short races. There is always ARMA 3 on Saturdays as well!!!
11-9 3:02:05 Bill Kilowatts anything on for the weekend?
7-9 7:57:38 GBarnier Glad to hear Ulee.
7-9 1:55:52 =Fieldzy= yes good news ulee
7-9 0:52:55 =paps= Good news Ulee.
7-9 0:43:44 =UleeDeway= We survived!!! Bit messy, but so far have not found any damage.
6-9 5:05:51 =Fieldzy= Testing tonight I’ll be on about 19.00 est
6-9 1:56:05 =UleeDeway= Hopefully some test races!!!
6-9 1:32:12 =paps= whats on for tonight guys?
4-9 23:10:03 GBarnier Looks like you’re still in the firing line Ulee.
4-9 19:32:22 =Fieldzy= Server been updated to latest build.
4-9 7:55:02 =paps= :O
4-9 7:44:12 =UleeDeway= Big Typhoon heading our way on Sunday. Better not mess with my test night or I will be pissed «link» .
4-9 5:39:09 =paps= All good now cheers Fieldz.
4-9 1:33:41 =UleeDeway= Thanks =Fieldzy=
3-9 22:00:03 =Fieldzy= Just update gte test server as there was an update.
3-9 21:59:27 =Fieldzy= I got in resub to vw fixed it
3-9 21:09:46 =paps= I haven't even been able to get into the Test server yet? I think I might have got the right track now, but it still says PNA!! :|
3-9 13:01:52 =UleeDeway= I joined no problem. Must be something on your end, or at least that is all I can think of.
3-9 8:18:41 =Fieldzy= Ulee can you look at the vw server when you can as i might have done something wrong. I can't get in package not available.
31-8 7:29:38 =Fieldzy= Test server up with GTE and BMWC2
30-8 3:46:15 =paps= :D
30-8 2:50:40 =Fieldzy= Final round Porsche Cup tonight look forward to this round at the famous Mt Panorama.
29-8 11:04:39 =UleeDeway= @=Knuckles= When you get a chance, can you please update the ARMA Server #2 to the current version. Thanks.
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