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26-5 7:06:26 KoiL If you're kicking around early Sunday I'm hosting a GT Revival over at xFactor Starting a 6PM. Q @ 7PM. Hope to see you there.
26-5 7:04:58 KoiL Hi guys, thanks for the laps last night,
21-4 3:49:12 KoiL Hi guys, I see you have the GT Revival up. When are you running it? I'd love to join. I'm hosting the same over at xFactor each Sunday. Qualifying at 7PM.
23-3 3:53:33 =Fieldzy= Servers are up and running.
17-2 7:45:26 =paps= Btcc @Oran Park tonight. 7pm QLD time..see discord link below.
2-2 22:09:16 =paps= TONIGHT = Round 1, of the 2024 WTF series on AMS2, for all rF2 & AMS2 series details and more, join us on Discord- «link»
28-1 1:27:56 =paps= @KoiL - HARDCORE DISCORD- «link»
27-1 10:41:51 KoiL Next weekend I hope to be finished early :-)
27-1 10:35:48 KoiL Got the BTCC running. Keen 4 Laps :-)
5-1 3:19:00 =paps= Thanks mate.
5-1 3:14:35 =Fieldzy= «link»
5-1 3:14:25 =Fieldzy= No they are working now. tcc, btcc and m2
5-1 3:12:05 =Fieldzy= Live timing should be working by tomorrow.
29-12 11:02:49 =VLGroupA= Well then. new year is approaching very fast. I wish all +hardcore memebr a happy holidays and we will return in the new year for somew next level fun.
25-12 9:16:36 -=[FDG]=-Goanna Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, hope you all have a good and safe one.
22-12 22:29:32 =paps= Hardcore discord link below vvv
22-12 22:28:59 =paps= «link»
22-12 22:28:53 =paps= Great news Fieldz
21-12 20:29:41 =Fieldzy= Hi guys. I have moved into my new place. I should be back up and running in new year still sorting out my new location. Anyway just like to wish everyone a happy xmas to you and your families.
15-10 0:26:35 =UleeDeway= RACE DAY!!!
13-10 3:36:16 =UleeDeway= WTF race this Sunday 15th October.
7-10 23:29:57 =paps= Yeah saw this, great news...can't wait to see you back on track in the new year bro :D
7-10 4:53:21 =Fieldzy= «link»
7-10 4:52:30 =Fieldzy= Wow new rf2 online server are live. I’ll have to wait till next year. Rig is completely disassembled.
4-10 1:30:21 =paps= HARDCORE discord link below Blaktop
4-10 1:29:16 =paps= «link»
2-10 23:33:39 GBarnier Hey Blaktop, we have been trialling/using Discord. I see that you have joined and sent friend requests. If you jump onto the Lobby voice channel when you’re around, I or someone will jump in and give you the tour.
1-10 4:46:22 Blaktop What are you all using for communication these days. I can't find any info on what/where racing is happening. Tried to go on the server, don't have the cars/tracks, can't find where to get them....I'm lost... :D
22-9 23:55:17 =UleeDeway= WTF Racing in AMS2 this Sunday. Classic stock cars at classic Kylami.
12-9 7:58:52 GBarnier Steam sales back again :P
12-9 7:58:01 GBarnier I agree, commentary was fun. And, thanks for setting up race-view. Thanks Fieldzy, great to hear you back on the track.
10-9 21:10:00 =paps= Also a big thanks to Fieldz for driving the rF2 server and providing the LIVE commentary last night, was great fun mate.
10-9 10:26:31 =paps= Great turn out tonight, awesome track for side by side racing.
10-9 5:15:24 =UleeDeway= Thanks =Fieldzy= :)
10-9 2:57:54 =paps= Thanks mate.
10-9 2:34:25 =Fieldzy= All good I fix the problem
10-9 2:32:17 =Fieldzy= Is someone on the server ?
10-9 2:31:44 =Fieldzy= Live timing link «link»
8-9 23:01:55 =Fieldzy= I’m selling because I’m moving. I’ll be buying all new gear when I get settled.
8-9 13:46:00 =Lildave= =Fieldzy=, dont sell your stuff, there is other places to race/truck drive/fly that dont change and keep it simple. Mate, Hardcore aint the end of your sim career, quite the opposite. Call me.
6-9 3:40:15 =UleeDeway= What the what!?!?!?
4-9 7:41:25 =paps= *see
4-9 4:13:59 =paps= Good deal Fieldz, I take it we're not going to you on track anytime soon hey?
4-9 2:02:02 =Fieldzy= My SIM RIG FOR SALE BARGAIN FOR ANYONE «link»
30-8 10:11:35 =paps= =HARDCORE= Discord link - «link»
26-8 23:57:27 =paps= Woot :P
26-8 23:09:55 =UleeDeway= RACE DAY!!!
25-8 18:25:15 =Lildave= .
24-8 3:32:50 =paps= Yes...the rnd7 car track combo is awesome.
23-8 22:10:24 =UleeDeway= We will be rerunning round 7 this weekend. Round 8 will be moved to 24 September and round 9 will likely be dropped for logistical reasons.
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