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25-9 8:56:13 =Fieldzy= I’ll be there tonight might be a little late but will be there.
25-9 8:01:40 =paps= Not much braking in the Mini..
25-9 6:59:16 =UleeDeway= Still recovering from the last ones. But should be OK.
25-9 6:12:57 =paps= you up for another race tonight Ulee? ;)
24-9 8:15:16 =UleeDeway= you may also need this Lada «link»
24-9 6:00:18 =paps= yeah got all that.,
24-9 5:37:42 =UleeDeway= All the other cars, other than the mini are in the workshop with links in the forum «link»
24-9 5:30:01 =paps= i think i have the lotus
24-9 5:29:16 =paps= rdgr
24-9 5:26:18 =UleeDeway= Lotus, Lada and Caterham in that order tonight. But yes the Mini is on the server for tonight as well.
24-9 5:24:28 =UleeDeway= «link»
24-9 5:23:26 =UleeDeway= oh yeah
24-9 5:22:34 =paps= I searched again and can't workout where to find it...Why the hell do they make official rF2 content so fucking hard to find on steam??
24-9 5:19:53 =paps= I think I still need it to get in the server but!!...ffs
24-9 5:16:33 =UleeDeway= Nope
24-9 5:05:04 =paps= Do we need the Mini tonight?
24-9 0:54:56 =UleeDeway= Race Day
23-9 13:15:14 =UleeDeway= Saturday and Sunday
23-9 13:15:02 =UleeDeway= Goodwood tomorrow!!!
23-9 6:07:28 GBarnier :D
23-9 0:10:47 =UleeDeway= Glad to see you keeping on top of the news GB.
22-9 12:13:25 GBarnier «link»
22-9 1:30:20 GBarnier «link»
21-9 22:02:19 =paps= I'll ask mate.
21-9 3:01:23 Mule Hey guys, any chance we can talk Knuckles into putting the Arma3 sever back up? :D
20-9 23:48:37 =paps= Okay okay... I'll sort it out today.
20-9 12:45:15 =UleeDeway= Well, you have had a month to sort that out. :P The Mini is the only one you need for this weekend.
20-9 8:43:30 =paps= Mini Cooper.
20-9 8:43:02 =paps= I still have to buy some cars to get in..
20-9 8:32:25 =paps= Double Trouble :P
20-9 3:05:54 =UleeDeway= Saturday and Sunday Evenings!!!
19-9 11:05:56 =UleeDeway= WTF Goodwood Weekend coming up in just a few days!!!
18-9 8:53:06 =paps= jumpin on now Fieldz
18-9 8:33:44 =Fieldzy= Been away house hunting last couple weekends. Anyone racing tonight?
18-9 4:41:29 =UleeDeway= be there soon
18-9 4:40:33 GBarnier on now
18-9 4:07:42 =paps= let me know when youre jumping on GB.
16-9 0:54:37 =Fieldzy= Server is being update now be bck online asap.
15-9 9:34:24 =UleeDeway= We will let you drive the AT this time only GB.
15-9 9:33:54 =UleeDeway= You mean after all these years =paps= it has been your wife that has been driving for you? And you tried to get her to drive for you with a broken ankle too? Shame on you. :)
15-9 8:30:46 GBarnier Have you heard two finished with excuses justifying your absenteeism’s? …. …. ….. …. Oh, and by the way, my right hand is bandaged up so out of action (unless I can maybe drive auto) :_(
15-9 6:32:28 =paps= Well I have an excuse this time..Wifey broke her ankle last Friday, so I was pretty well AWOL all weekend, and am still on slave duties as we speak :S
15-9 6:29:47 =paps= Hmmm...yes,
15-9 2:23:16 =UleeDeway= We can discuss you disgruntlement during tomorrow's drive, assuming you show up this time. :D
14-9 8:53:11 =paps= Slack effort Ulee...and what is normal for you anyways? you workin all the time bro! O.O
13-9 23:24:24 =UleeDeway= Sorry, I meant to post something but got distracted. I think I will be back to normal schedule now though.
13-9 9:02:05 =paps= Ulee..
13-9 9:01:47 =paps= what about tonight???
11-9 8:46:52 =UleeDeway= Can't make it tonight guys. Sorry.
10-9 2:59:39 =paps= Sweet..cheers Fieldz. :)
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