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0:02-- =wITTSENd=: And Marcel Offerman of Studio 397 «link»
0:01-- =wITTSENd=: «link»
0:01-- =wITTSENd=: Interview with Tom Wheatley of IsI about Studio 397 handover
8:50-- pigpen: Hi Could omeonplease restart the arma server it won't load gets to about 98% and just hangs, thanks
7:31-- steveo: mx5 cup at Donington last round all welcome
13:15-- =paps=: In this chat anywayz.. :P
13:14-- =paps=: Thats a ++ for ISI
13:13-- =paps=: 2 excited people in one chatbox....
0:46-- =FIELDZY=: that is exciting news dx11 and more for rf2
23:40-- =wITTSENd=: That's exciting!
21:28-- =paps=: «link»
7:08-- =DOCKY=: Don't listen to old Grumpy pants there Knucs . Woo hoo
6:49-- =Dashman=: OMG...u so gotta grow up! Gaylord! O.O
5:41-- =Chill=: YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
5:40-- =Chill=: shout it out
5:40-- =Chill=: Yeeeeaaaahhhh it's fuckin' race night
19:42-- Adsta: I'll have to start reading from the beginning when he comes back to finish his engrossing tale. 8)
19:37-- Adsta: Paps, why did you have to interrupt Fieldzy
3:20-- =paps=: I think you got it covered there Fieldz...lol
8:09-- =Dashman=: did someone say....SHOT...?!:S
8:01-- =paps=: pewpew...
8:01-- =paps=: yeah man..be there soon.
7:58-- =beargrillz=: whos up for a shot:-*
7:02-- --JOE--: JFF: BTCC Round 8: Monte Carlo
Tonight — Qual 8pm
13:18-- =DOCKY=: So...... no good Dave?
9:10-- =paps=: anyone else popin a few heads tonight? :P
23:48-- pigpen: You beauty...All fixed thanks to Chill...
13:38-- =Lildave=: Ok, been to long away from racing, will get in the rig and have a crack. tried to join Historics server........"missing 9 components. get pen and paper out and start UPDATING or finding said components. Time is 7:15 pm. Got all but two by 8:oopm. Eve matra is installed in game and runs in single player, but still says I'm missing it??? Ok leave that for now and go looking for ISI Brabbam BT44? Time is now 11;30...........All i wanted to do is get on line and have a run. You know what, I am dead serious. My rig is for sale. There are photos of it in the forums. It is not built for BIG guys. will separate motherboard or any of it screens etc. Make me an offer. Will modify and weld in whats needed to suit your gear for a few beers. ATM g25 or g27 will go straight in. Need the money to put my REAL car back on the road anyway. Least I don"t have to update the fucking thing for hours before I can drive it.
4:50-- Aztec_NZ: check that you dont have the arma 3 launcher open, its classed as running if it is.
2:36-- pigpen: I have tried to do a verify but it says Arma 3 is running even though it's not... Why would it have a red dot next to arma 3 when i try to get on in the server ... the other expansions haven't got the red dot.
0:56-- =Dashman=: and of course you have done a verify of arma on steam, Pigpen? The first thing I always do, Nothing like a quick verify.
0:02-- pigpen: Thanks Aztec will try it
0:01-- Aztec_NZ: Loadouts are encrypted in your profile, I dont think you can export them from it... all previous loadouts made with arsenal should show in the loadout now but not ones made with Gear select..you can load from another player and edit and save. red dot showing on arma expansion i get also but still get in.. you could try removing your mods to desktop and trying getting in.. beargrillz had to do this on my server once as they wouldn't unload properly.. and hello everyone
11:15-- pigpen: tried server agqain same deal. i did notice in the expansion at the bottom righthand side it shows arma 3 Karts, marksman helicopters apex but next to arma 3 it has a red dot the same when i go to the server name it also shows a red dot next to it. I tried another server and got in but it was in spanish or greek
11:05-- =beargrillz=: just pick a player loadout when they are in server
7:59-- =Chill=: apparently you can export them as a config file...

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