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7:04-- =paps=: nice one Blacky, good news
5:02-- Blaktop: Shifting problem solved, bought a G25 in excellent condition apart from 2 broken clamps for $150, 15 mins to swap ther clamps over from my old wheel and we're in business. Didn't realise how loose and sloppy my old one was getting (had it for 15 years)....:D:D
7:46-- Bill Kilowatts: hmmm new one 8)
3:17-- =Fieldzy=: GT3
11:11-- Bill Kilowatts: which fezza for Friday night Fieldzy?
6:31-- =Fieldzy=: Laguna seca new download link «link»
6:02-- =Fieldzy=: Server is being updated all we be back online soon.
5:41-- GBarnier: @Ulee - Replied
4:02-- =UleeDeway=: @GB - PM sent
9:48-- =Fieldzy=: There will be a night race coming up for Series 2 .
8:27-- =Fieldzy=: Round 4 server is up. 1 track this week for both cars.
6:39-- =paps=: cheers
6:24-- =Fieldzy=: All fixed storm must have set them off.
5:59-- =paps=: Are our rF2 servers down?
4:56-- Bill Kilowatts: Wreckfest is on sale random chaos and mayhem every now and then
22:17-- =paps=: SPA24hr LIVE - «link»
7:57-- Bill Kilowatts: :D :D thanks Fieldzy
4:37-- =Fieldzy=: Dash panel app is what you want. Race pas no longer available they cancelled their app membership in August this year.
4:05-- Bill Kilowatts: thanks GB .... I don't do apple ... never mind
2:50-- GBarnier: ‘RacePad’ I think Bill
2:45-- Bill Kilowatts: what was the app for live track maps and stuff please Fieldzy?finally got my own tablet :D
0:55-- =paps=: Goodwood on again this weekend. «link»
9:32-- Blaktop: I'm at work, I'll be there for Sunday night though
9:10-- =UleeDeway=: Don't wait for me, but I will try and get on later.
6:33-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll be on about 7.30 pm qld time.
3:30-- =UleeDeway=: What time tonight? If I get home in time, I will try and jump in.
0:20-- Bill Kilowatts: working tonight but changing jobs might be up for it next week :)
7:31-- =Fieldzy=: Servers have been updated. I have a Ferrari GT3 server setup for Aussie tracks I will run a Friday race night to see how it goes.
22:28-- =paps=: Thanks Frieldz, :)
10:04-- =Fieldzy=: Paps your skin is in rfactor ts file browser. call superpaps just unzip to rfactor file. PS DELETE your old skin from your player settings porsche gte folder first.
9:56-- =Fieldzy=: Guys I have put up a Isle Of Man server with only the Ferrari gte mod. Have fun.
23:42-- Bill Kilowatts: so anyway Bathurst finished, got a quick practice session in with the bots, all good... then the phone rings... The missus servo has had a car run over a pump, oh dear, so off we go. Always next week I guess
6:16-- GBarnier: 158 laps of qualifying for a 3 lap race
5:45-- Bill Kilowatts: good stop by Waters crew but I think SVG might have it
2:22-- =Fieldzy=: «link»
2:09-- =paps=: «link»

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