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8:43-- =paps=: No.
8:29-- ZED: Has anyone found out why some can't get the Lakeside track to load and others can?
6:45-- steveo: NISMO GTR @ASRNZ Tonight bring your baseball cap and get ready for some blow off action :D
1:10-- glynn: excellent laps last night ol chaps much fun was had . good day
7:28-- =Rat=: will there be shots fired later tonight?
8:14-- =Chill=: woots
8:41-- =Zero=: Finally got my PC Set up up here in QLD! :D
8:36-- =paps=: :P
7:36-- ORA-Ulee Deway: Maybe some more shooting tonight???
7:35-- ORA-Ulee Deway: Good shooting last night guys, but now I see Pigpen is in there again!!! or is that still? ;)
13:06-- Adsta: Adelaide has very nice trees that are a nice round shape! :P
6:21-- =Chill=: new barbs
6:17-- =Chill=: new oulton park looks the biz too
6:14-- =Chill=: the new monza has awesome frame rates too which is great because it's always been a bastard
6:14-- =Chill=: updating GT spec server to include porsche camaro corvette and ferrari on the new tracks and some old favourites
6:13-- =Chill=: new barbs
6:12-- =Chill=: new monza
6:12-- =Chill=: new adelaide
6:12-- =Chill=: some great new content for rf2 lately.
9:25-- =paps=: :P
9:25-- =paps=: ....pewpewpew??
10:48-- =paps=: Yeah baby!! :D
10:48-- =paps=: It gets better?
8:01-- =Chill=: they've added an upgrade to the porsche which let's you have an electronic kicker for the downshifts so i've allowed autoclutch so the corvette can have a kicker too
7:40-- =Chill=: updating server
7:39-- =Chill=: Flat 6 2.0 out on steam
6:15-- SmellySkidmark: Building the 'Night Drift' custom Supercars spec Holden Commodore drift car «link»
4:40-- steveo: NISMO GTR tonight at asrnz all welcome
9:17-- =Rat=: heeyyy go Pigpen and Jarqus...pew pew pew!
9:14-- =Rat=: will ARMA be going, or a late one after playing with balls is over?
20:20-- =FIELDZY=: Formula Ford in rf2 downloads. Might have a Sunday night fun run in them.
19:46-- =FIELDZY=: Formula Ford for rf2 «link»
0:02-- =wITTSENd=: And Marcel Offerman of Studio 397 «link»
0:01-- =wITTSENd=: «link»
0:01-- =wITTSENd=: Interview with Tom Wheatley of IsI about Studio 397 handover
8:50-- pigpen: Hi Could omeonplease restart the arma server it won't load gets to about 98% and just hangs, thanks

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"HOG is a community oriented online gaming team that provides online organized sim racing and shooting.  We host and supply servers for both rFactor and Assetto Corsa sim racing, and ARMA military simulators.  Hardcore Online Gaming provides the best in custom content for our members.  We create custom mods and tracks for rFactor 1 and rFactor 2.  We create custom maps and scenarios for Arma 3.  We create an enjoyable atmosphere to get the most out of your hobby.  If you're into casual or serious simulation racing for trophies and prizes, or military simulation, then you've come to the right place.  Our quality servers are quite capable of running "door handle to door handle" with members from all over the world.  =HARDCORE= is the one stop shop for gamers, from rookies to pros."

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