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5:10-- Blaktop: Sorry, wrong one those were the Cup cars, these are the GT4 ones. «link»
3:15-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks for the reminder Blaktop :D
0:59-- Blaktop: Never mind, found them I hope. «link»
0:53-- Blaktop: Is there a template available for the Alpine.....cant seem to find it in the Templates folder
11:14-- =Fieldzy=: The game will go to 1123 with the old ui they are fixing it so all Should be good soon.
11:10-- GBarnier: I’m with you Blacktop. The UI is just a means to get into the game and should be easy to use and not an impediment, I’d rather we see time/money being spent on improving the game.
9:52-- Blaktop: Yup, I have no problem with that.My problem is I hate the new UI with a passion and it seems if you want to use the old UI you are stuck with 1122, it won't work with 1123 and, I assume, any future updates....:_(
7:05-- GBarnier: Yes, our server is 1122 so you will need to be using the old UI. We were discussing last night.
3:26-- Blaktop: It seems you can't use the old UI and update to 1123, I switched to the new UI and it updated immediately. Then I went back to the old UI and it downgraded to 1122 again
7:56-- =Fieldzy=: Steam will auto the update just some servers haven't been updated ours has.
7:21-- =paps=: I'm confused..
5:50-- =Fieldzy=: Build 1122 is current was turned back from 1123 on FRIDAY by 397
3:33-- =paps=: hmm..ok. i'll try again later.
3:28-- Blaktop: Mine is 1122 and I can get in the server ok
2:55-- =paps=: how do I force it to update? when it says it's up to date already??:S
2:54-- =paps=: My rF2 build is 1122 at the moment, the server is 1123.
1:30-- =UleeDeway=: Welcome to Japan :D
1:30-- =UleeDeway=: 日本へようこそ
22:58-- =Fieldzy=: Lexus SC430 gt500 «link»
22:57-- =Fieldzy=: «link»
22:57-- =Fieldzy=: Server 3 has GT500 new release here are links «link»
3:34-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks Fieldzy
2:49-- =paps=: Thanks Fieldz, so hoping to be good to go for the first WTF round nek weekend. :P
22:38-- =Fieldzy=: Server been updated.
1:03-- =UleeDeway=: I think I did 1/2 a lap before falling of the side in to a hole in time and space.
12:33-- Blaktop: 40 minute lap time at Targa Florio....hehe.....60 something km lap
10:29-- =UleeDeway=: The Alpine GT4 cars are great!
6:25-- =UleeDeway=: Nice!!!
22:07-- =Fieldzy=: New server up with Alpine GT4 LINK «link»
23:05-- =UleeDeway=: What are we testing this weekend?
5:43-- =UleeDeway=: Nice work Fieldzy!!!
4:55-- =Fieldzy=: Server at Silverstone has bmw c2, datsun, porsche cup, radical 2017. The Doningtin server has audi gt3. See u all tonight
9:18-- =UleeDeway=: just having a bite to eat and I will be there
8:24-- =Fieldzy=: I'LL put the figure 8 server up for hits and giggles
8:23-- =Fieldzy=: I'll be on about 1 hour 7,30
7:18-- GBarnier: I’ll try and be there tonight

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