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0:56-- =Dashman=: and of course you have done a verify of arma on steam, Pigpen? The first thing I always do, Nothing like a quick verify.
0:02-- pigpen: Thanks Aztec will try it
0:01-- Aztec_NZ: Loadouts are encrypted in your profile, I dont think you can export them from it... all previous loadouts made with arsenal should show in the loadout now but not ones made with Gear select..you can load from another player and edit and save. red dot showing on arma expansion i get also but still get in.. you could try removing your mods to desktop and trying getting in.. beargrillz had to do this on my server once as they wouldn't unload properly.. and hello everyone
11:15-- pigpen: tried server agqain same deal. i did notice in the expansion at the bottom righthand side it shows arma 3 Karts, marksman helicopters apex but next to arma 3 it has a red dot the same when i go to the server name it also shows a red dot next to it. I tried another server and got in but it was in spanish or greek
11:05-- =beargrillz=: just pick a player loadout when they are in server
7:59-- =Chill=: apparently you can export them as a config file...
7:57-- =Chill=: searched for mine fieldzy but i'm still not sure where they are stored
7:16-- =FIELDZY=: Hi all, Could someone kindly upload a arma3 load out to arma ts for me please.
12:47-- =Chill=: Not sure what the problem would be there mate...is it only our server doing it to you?
9:02-- pigpen: tried to get on with the password but it alomost loads and goes no further stops just short when downloading
8:57-- pigpen: cool i have read the posts cheers thanks
8:55-- pigpen: no not a trick question it wouldload almost then stop...now I see a password is needed can i get it ?
8:54-- pigpen: Hi Cill
6:42-- =Rat=: yep Ill be on as well
6:32-- =FIELDZY=: I'll be there.
5:02-- =DOCKY=: Be good if we could get a good turn out for the AGM Sunday night. There's a few thing's we need to look at
7:49-- =Chill=: is this a trick question pigpen? has something led you to believe it is broken?
2:11-- pigpen: Is arma server broken?
8:33-- =Chill=: yep
9:44-- =DOCKY=: That's good map on arma Knucs . Can we start a fresh one on a Friday night and lock it until Monday ,
8:57-- =DOCKY=: Bugger Dash!!
8:32-- =Dashman=: sorry im not on at the moment fellas. I think its the power supply :/ she no go...working the problem....
8:44-- pigpen: Couple of knobs on arma server Phil & joshua spawning aircraft and blowing them up could you kick them please
6:22-- SmellySkidmark: Ok the TCRs are fixed, the Serria works online, check this post «link»
4:35-- =Chill=: Hearts and minds on server for something different in arma
7:35-- pigpen: Could we have the server restarted please, dying on halo jumps
8:13-- =DOCKY=: Righto Ian , it's docky_64@hotmail.com
4:48-- =OzzyRacer=: Docky send me a email. Can't work out how to message
7:05-- =Rat=: ya never know who may have a copy still on their hard drive!
6:37-- =Chill=: 0 I think mate.
7:47-- =Rat=: can I ask how many members still use Rf1?
5:27-- =Chill=: rubbering up Mid Ohio in readiness for tonight...check
5:26-- =Chill=: raised screen and seat height in sim to correct geometry...check
5:26-- =Chill=: New load cell in pedals...check
5:20-- =Chill=: Dunno why the viewer isn't working. I've reported it
5:15-- =Chill=: sounds good to me, ts is fine

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