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12:20-- =UleeDeway=: =Kunkie= said he was going to put up another ARMA server for us to play on. He lied!!! Let's try something different again, but no zombies. I hate zombies. :D
3:02-- =paps=: yeah mate, to busy enjoying my long weekend to be bothered with practice.
7:27-- =UleeDeway=: Where did you get to last night Mr. Paps!?!? You certainly were there for the practice race.
7:48-- =paps=: haha...sounds simple when you say it fast.>>>>> :P
7:44-- =FIELDZY=: Boldaussie in your display settings tick the download custom skins that is why your having the problem with us. Because you said there was no Aston file in your player/setting.
1:03-- GBarnier: Ditto
12:22-- =UleeDeway=: Sounds good to me!!!
11:24-- =paps=: I think we should stick with sebring because thats the next round,..aaand it's an enduro round so!!!.. more practice is good, YEAH?? :)
10:53-- Bill Kilowatts: I posted in a couple of other forums to see if we could get a few more, already advertised Sebring, I'll change it if you like
8:31-- =FIELDZY=: I will able to do Saturday night. What do you think about running Hidden valley gt3 short races?. Just had a test on it runs great with the GT3
5:50-- =paps=: Sounds like plan Bill...lets roll with that!! :P
5:01-- Bill Kilowatts: Saturday 7.30 get quali going and go from there :D
1:31-- Bill Kilowatts: Thanks Fieldzy
7:36-- =FIELDZY=: I put Sebring up but that version is heavy on frames Starting grid with only 10 cars below 60fps. The other sebring I have 20 cars 89fps. So guys see how you go with your systems add some AI see how you go.
16:19-- Bill Kilowatts: Sunday night would work better for me Ulee, I could throw out a couple of invites to a couple of racing forums to boost numbers
3:13-- =UleeDeway=: I will be around this weekend I think, so I would be up for it if we can get a few guys in. Or even a test race for the Enduro (the next series race).
2:17-- Bill Kilowatts: How about Group C mod @ Istanbul Park, single 1 hour race?
10:19-- GBarnier: Happy belated birthday Ulee
9:11-- =UleeDeway=: Shush now!!! Nothing to see here.
9:08-- Bill Kilowatts: Did I just see that Ulee turned 49 yesterday?? Belated birthday greetings old man :D
1:20-- Bill Kilowatts: So I'm stuck at home next weekend unless I can sort beer and steak again, any thoughts for a one off
23:14-- =paps=: Thanks Fieldzy.
11:23-- =FIELDZY=: Replays in download Dubai 2019
7:56-- =paps=: You need to have the day off on racedays Ulee :P
6:20-- =UleeDeway=: Even got my Salt and Vinegar chips waiting for me.
6:18-- =UleeDeway=: Still not sure I can make it guys. Will give it a try again when I get home. But not hopeful at this point. :_(
4:20-- =Adsta=: Do, do, do the funky gibbon! :D
4:16-- =FIELDZY=: Race day you monkeys
2:48-- GBarnier: Happy belated birthday Fieldzy
9:37-- =FIELDZY=: Thanks guys
9:09-- =Adsta=: Oh to be 21 again! :P
6:01-- =Spacko=: Happy Birthday =FIELDZY= hope you get spoilt mate
1:22-- GBarnier: Yup
21:31-- =Adsta=: Dirt Rally 2 on sale, 25% off. I think still too dear. From what I've read there is not much improvement from DR1.
7:35-- =paps=: :D
7:30-- =paps=: YOU Freakin Legend..:D

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"HOG is a community oriented online gaming team that provides online organised simulation racing using the rFactor 2 platform.  Hosting servers for both rFactor 2 and ARMA military simulators, Hardcore Online Gaming works hard to provide the best in custom content for our members. Whether you're into casual or serious simulation racing for trophies and prizes, or casual military simulation, with a great atmosphere on Teamspeak for both, then you've come to the right place."

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